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Daniel Michael Killelea

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  • Proactive, Honest, Extremely Knowledgeable and Accessible

    5.0 stars

    Posted by G

    As another reviewer stated, Dan is exactly what you would hope and pray for when you find yourself in need of an attorney. We availed ourselves of Dan's help and guidance earlier this year (2013) when our 23 year old son had a lapse in good judgment and found himself in both a bad accident and facing DUI charges on top of all of the motor vehicle infractions. What compounded our dilemma is neither we nor our son is a resident of New York and thus were totally out of our element with respect as to what to do and how to wade thru the NY court system. I managed to find Dan’s and his partner Mike Mohun website and liked what I read there. When I called I spoke with Dan’s partner and he immediately made me feel comfortable with my decision and assured me that one of them would be present at the arraignment. This was all on very short notice as I called on a Monday, the arraignment was two days later on Wed.
    Dan showed up at the arraignment, talked to our son a bit, and then went in front of the judge and unfortunately there were some snafus from the county’s side and the hearing was rescheduled. Following the initial meeting Dan stayed in contact with our son and worked to resolve the matter to a much better resolution. He carefully laid out what was facing our son, what the possible outcomes were and what he hoped to achieve and potential pitfalls. In short Dan did not gild the lily nor did he paint a picture of hopelessness.
    While it took a little longer to resolve than we were hoping for (all due to the delays from the state) in the end Dan managed to literally give our son his life back with a resolution that was exceptionally fortuitous in light of all he was he was facing. I do not want to go into details as to the final resolution as each case is different and it would be extremely unfair to Dan to expect every case to end in the same manner. Suffice it to say, if you find yourself in need of an excellent defense attorney, I don’t feel you could do any better than placing your trust in Dan Killelea, he is extremely knowledgeable, proactive, honest and most importantly available when you need to talk to him.

  • Life Changing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Harrison

    I had a very unique case that required a very knowledgeable and alert lawyer who knew how to handle a life changing charge. When I was first charged, I contacted numerous lawyers who all promised the same thing without properly acquiring all the facts.
    When I had contacted Dan, there was a connection and a human touch unlike anyone I had previously communicated with. When we spoke, Dan was honest which made me feel that he was in it for more than just the business. The further the case unraveled the more serious the outcome became and the harder he fought. During the whole process Dan heard my opinions and worked with me at every turn. Without his great attention to detail I would have had a life changing outcome. With his help I was able to keep my lively hood and continue to drive. I was very fortunate with my outcome and know this cannot always be the case but without his representation I can guarantee my outcome would have been different.

    Throughout one of the hardest experiences of my life Mr. Killela was there at every turn answering questions and coaching me through it. He made this whole experience much easier and would recommend him to anyone that needs help. I won’t be making the same mistake again but if there are any legal troubles in my future he is no doubt my first call.

    Thank you Mr. Killelea

  • Sincere, Caring, Professional and Thorough.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Dan is all that you would hope and pray that someone would be when they have your future in their hands. I had an unusual case, one that required belief in me, attention to detail, knowledge and persistence. I met with two other Attorney's before I retained Dan. They both were leading me towards what would have been the quick and easy resolution. That in turn would have ruined my future for many years to come. Dan, listened, investigated and fought hard on my behalf. He kept me informed throughout the process and stayed positive. Ultimately, we won my case. It was a long tough chapter of my life. I believe that most Attorney's would have eventually directed me to plea a deal regardless of the injustice. Dan stayed the course and never wavered. I owe him a great deal of Thanks. The special circumstances of my case meant very little to most people and left me with a very slim chance.
    I recommend Dan strongly and know that if your in a bad place and need an Attorney in your corner he is an Excellent Choice!!!