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Jennifer S. Lippmann

Divorce and separation Attorney at West Islip, NY

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also known as Powers Law, P.C.

Virtual consultation available
Virtual consultation available
  • Licensed for 25 years
    State NY
    Acquired 1999
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  1. Divorce and separation

  2. Child custody
    Child Custody and Child Visitation

  3. Child abuse
    Child Abuse and Child Neglect

  4. Child support

  5. Domestic violence
    Orders of Protection


Jennifer S. Lippmann has been practicing on Long Island since 1999.  After gaining valuable experience with a prominent matrimonial firm and The Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County, Inc., she joined a small, boutique Firm in Deer Park.  In the arenas of family and matrimonial law, our Firm recognizes the emotional and financial tolls litigation can take on an individual, especially when children are involved. That is why we always present all possibiltiies to our clients, including out of court settlement options.  However, having years of courtroom experience, we are always ready to litigate a case to protect our clients' rights to the fullest extent.  


Powers Law, P.C.


4.8 / 5.0
  15 customer reviews
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Posted by Joseph | December 15, 2021
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
A well rounded, knowledgeable Attorney who is Positive and concerned about your specific needs
We hired Jennifer after releasing our prior attorney who had only complicated and tactically lost us a large amount of precious time. Jennifer immediately took action, readdressed all of our concerns, filed all appropriate legal request upon the court, as well as communicated effectively with all concerned parties. We can only say we received above and beyond care for our difficult situation, she fought for our cause, and brought us the outcome we strongly desired and can't thank her enough......
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Posted by anonymous | November 30, 2021
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
A women who helps close a chapter in your life with opening your eyes to new ones
I believe a higher power directed me into the hands of Jennifer Lippmann as I was a naive, innocent 30 year old woman who had never seen a courtroom or even knew their were people aka lawyers that could not only “win” your case but essential to getting your life back on track. I was so naive that a lawyer was a lawyer…. If I had done nothing wrong and had nothing to hide , I shouldn’t have to search high and low for a way out of my short lived, highly volatile marriage. Thank god the first lawyer I called who I found via Google search bar by entering “lawyers near me” didn’t just see dollar signs or a new case, she heard my voice, listened to my story and honestly told me she she wasn’t the type of lawyer my situation needed, and kindly referred me to Powers Law specifically Jennifer Lippmann. I was a little confused but grateful for any guidance. The day I called Powers Law was when I decided to also Google 2020 cheating apps and downloaded about 6, finding my husband by his cell phone number on every one. I’d known for months something was different and wrong but couldn’t get an answer. After I messaged him on one, he came home from work early, entered our apartment, grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt and left without a word. I was working remotely and we had a 6 month old son. I remember being so confused because I didn’t even flip out like I should have. I actually said their is obviously your unhappy with, let’s try therapy but he told me I was a “mentally ill, drug addict” and he never wanted me to begin with. I remember I transferred like $400 of our money into a savings account because he had previously kept his paycheck from our account when we’d get into an argument knowing I’d have no choice but to forgive him when we had no money. He told me I stole money from him and I would be penalized when the time came. I called the number of the lawyer i was referred to and I’ll never forget getting a man (John Powers) who spoke to me for 30 minutes reassuring me I absolutely did not steal money, it was our own account and I remember him saying “if he is already pulling this crap, I assure you that you have called the right place” and informed me on important decisions i should immediately make for my safety and my childs & arranged an appointment with Jen a few days later. Ironically that weekend after I met her , I had to call 911 over a domestic incident and before i was even a client John has called me back as did Jen who specified how important it was that I take my child and myself and I go to my parents (which I naively thought was illegal) because of the threats and fears my husband had filled my head with. Once I had this team on my side, my life slowly turned around and in the beginning it felt like my life would never be okay again. Their were accusations of my husband leaving our child in an unattended car for an unsafe period of time, women sneaking into our apartment while I was in the hospital after a car accident, almost a dozen verbal and domestic incidents and even a CPS investigation. I remember feeling so helpless at one point, I just wanted to give him what he wanted to stop the torture but that would mean my son and that was not an option. Jen has been a powerhouse of strength, smarts and just human morality within such a tumultuous series of events. Today, although my case isn’t over I can tell you my husband has zero control over my life when a year ago he controlled the whole thing. She has put safety measures into place and been the voice i didnt have for myself, but grew when my son was born. She knows every answer to every question the judge asks and it’s exactly how I would respond. She doesn’t just people please me through my case but is honest and fair and i am never surprised with any outcome because of this. I made a choice to marry a man who lived a whole life I never knew existed until I had to. At a time where trust was the most confusing word in the dictionary, I hired Jen & relearned it
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Posted by Melissa M. | July 23, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Excellent lawyer who does excellent work!
I hired Ms. Lippmann to represent me in a CPS case where I was wrongfully indicated. I went for a consultation and immediately retained her. As I explained my case, she actually listened to me (which was not the case with other lawyers I had previously experienced) She listened to my whole story and was very honest and upfront about what my situation and what my possibilities were, good AND bad. She very thoroughly and without delay read through my case files and researched every aspect of my case, inside and out. She was highly knowledgeable about CPS cases and understood my situation of being in an abusive relationship. Ms. Lippmann was diligent with my case. She communicated efficiently and made me feel confident that my case was in good hands. Through her electronic portal I was able to transmit documents easily and efficiently. She kept in contact with me and always returned my calls promptly. I am extremely happy to say that my case was dismissed even BEFORE my court date! After many months of stress and worry she lifted the weight off my shoulders. I am incredibly grateful for her and couldn’t be happier with my choice to retain her. Money well spent and her work was worth every penny! She is absolutely an excellent lawyer and I highly recommend Ms. Lippmann for representation.
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Posted by anonymous | March 16, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Excellent Lawyer
We hired Ms. Lippman to represent our daughter in family court. A temporary restraining order had been filed against our daughter and she needed representation to dispute the charge. Not only was Jennifer extremely professional and knowledgeable, she helped our daughter with a situation she was faced with in a diligent and compassionate manner. Ms. Lippman and our daughter talked prior to the court date. She reviewed everything with our daughter and was well prepared. The case was dismissed that day and we are all extremely grateful. She is absolutely a lawyer we would recommend highly.
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Posted by anonymous | October 17, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Andrea F. - Divorce / Separation Client
Ms. Lippman was hired to represent me in my divorce proceedings. Ms. Lippman was very professional, courteous and highly knowledgeable. Ms. Lippman was always communicating with me in between court dates and made me feel confident she had mine and my children's best interest during proceedings for a successful outcome. I would highly recommend retaining her.
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Posted by Paul | May 29, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
My Highest Recommendation
It’s hard to overestimate the role Jennifer Lippmann played in helping me to get my life back on track. Mine was a difficult divorce from an abusive, controlling spouse. Though I was at a great disadvantage in every way measurable, Jennifer worked tirelessly to exploit every angle and extract for me the best possible outcome. With her relaxed, confident bearing, formidable intellect and commanding physical presence, she took the lead in directing the course of every court appearance. Communication with her was always easy as well. At all times she kept me well informed and was prompt in responding to my questions with patience, accuracy, and above all, compassion. Her very professional and efficient staff were a pleasure to work with also. Jennifer Lippmann gets my highest recommendation.
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Posted by anonymous | April 3, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
An absolutely phenomenal attorney, Jennifer Lippman is intelligent, quick-thinking, assertive and motivated. She is persuasive with the Court and reasonable with her clients. Jen is a thorough communicator and commands respect in the courtroom without being dramatic. I am involved in a heavily contentious divorce and my case was in the Court system for over 3 years before Jen began representing me. She very thoroughly and without delay read through my case files and researched every aspect of my case, inside and out, and knows my case now even better than I do. Jen is very well organized and keeps on top of my case, truly making me feel as if I'm the only client she is representing. While in Court, her thorough knowledge of my case allows Jen to speak exactly what is on my mind so I never feel like I'm not being heard. She makes sure my concerns are articulated to the Court and seeks timely and fair resolution to all issues that arise. She keeps in touch and returns calls PROMPTLY. Extremely easy to talk to, a great and effective listener, and very understanding. I have been in the Court system for years and have seen, heard, and been through it all. Jennifer Lippman has accomplished more for me in the last year than the high profile law firm I had previously retained accomplished in almost 4 years. I am finally at ease knowing there is an end to my divorce in sight, thanks to Jen's hard work, extensive knowledge, and expertise. I would VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jennifer Lippman. Do not make the mistake of using someone else. You will not be disappointed.
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Posted by Natasha | November 4, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
In May 2016 I petitioned the courts for custody of my daughter and son. My custody had been taken away some time ago due to alcohol and drug abuse. A long the way Ms.Lippmann has been my representation. Miles from seeing the light Ms.Lippmann showed up for me all the times through. Through the bad , the messy, and the beauty. It is with great pleasure and gratitude to say on August 30 I was granted full custody of my children. There is no other I would have had stand beside me. Ms.Lippmann is upfront, straightforward and tough. A woman I strongly admire in the world. My life has completely changed because of this woman standing beside me. There was a time in my life where I thought I'd never have custody of my children again. She ...~~ Jennifer Lippmann ~~ the one that made that happen. I will be forever grateful ~~~~ I highly recommend Ms.Lippmann for representation. Ms.Lippmanns secretary Ann was but one of the best in returning my calls and or relaying messages with returned responses. As well as making me aware of upcoming court dates and or adjournments. She is on point and gracious in her works. Powers law is a powerful team of people that get things done.......
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Posted by Jessica | October 14, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
John Powers and Jennifer Lipman
I have been in court since June 17th I originally was there do to accusations from CPS. When I went to court it was a totally different situation I was given 3 breathalyzer test and they all came out 0.0 and I was told I was an alcoholic and I do not drink at all. Then when I entered the courtroom I had a court appointed attorney which I got probably the worst attorney you could get some people get lucky. After going into court they then wanted to test my urine for drugs I don't do drugs either I did this during the break for lunch I was told everything is fine and I left. After I got home and took care of lunch for my children I called CPS because I have nothing to hide Suddenly I was being told that I had dirty urine and to get back down to call ASAP. They told me to bring my children which I did my attorney never called and no one said anything to me and I know who I am and I know I do not do drugs and alcohol long story short when I came out my kids will go on CPS told my children Miss Jody Thompson that I left them and I didn't love them. I have been back and forth a quart and if the judge thought that I was doing drugs she should have told me to go to a program well I went on my own and what do you know clean. I went to the hospital I had blood work clean no drugs in my system. The amount of drugs and what they've claimed I have done is out of control that a horse would pass out. I was told by the person from outpatient that CPS and my court appointed attorney that I am being set up. They never covered my urine and put tape on top to make sure that it was sealed never had my name on the cup I did my research and that is the proper way and the way that it supposed to be done. Since I have been putting tape on top of my urine and looking at it myself it's now coming out clean the court system and the lab that they are using definitely should be brought up on charges and they should be paying for what they have done to people in a legal manner. I then called powers Law Firm and I was working with Miss Jennifer Lipman I immediately hired her because of her background my knowledge obviously Word of Mouth of her and her partner. That was the best decision I ever made when I went into court today absolutely 360 degree change I was able to see my kids again talk to them no restrictions everything that you could ask for and then some with one time of having Jennifer Lipman by my side. I cannot say anything but that was my best decision by hiring Miss Lipman, I know see the light I know that everything is going to be just fine because I hired the best attorney I recommend anybody that is in a situation and family court to give power Law Firm a coil and hire them because they get everything done properly and no questions have to be asked you say something once and it is heard very clearly. Once again the best decision I ever made.
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Posted by Bruce | August 12, 2015
She made the process almost bearable!
After sitting down for a consultation with Jennifer, I was expecting competent legal advice and a strong advocate throughout the legal process. But from the moment I retained her, she exceeded my expectations by taking the time to listen, learn what outcomes were most important to me, and share her experience, insights and knowledge of the SC family court system to come up with a strategy and plan that was responsive to my needs as well as the legal realities of the situation. She helped me decide which battles to fight and which would just waste my time, emotional energy and financial resources. The end result is that the matter was resolved with a lot less time, cost, stress and compromise than what I would have expected in even the best case scenario. Of course I can't forget to mention that her staff was also extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive!
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Posted by Natasha | May 20, 2015
Forever Grateful
I am writing in regards to, sincere gratitude~~ Ms.Lippman had represented me in a V=Docket case of custody pertaining to my children in 2013. At that time in my life I was not in a very good place. I had been struggling with addiction and could not seem to understand with all my efforts how I could continued to end up right back where I started. Since signing the v=docket custody papers in 2013 I still had faith that one day it would come to be that I would be able to apply for my custody. However my recovery had to come first. It is with great pleasure to share I live in a 12 Step program of recovery and do not need to be ashamed of that anymore. I have worked on my shame and guilt that comes along with addiction. I turn my will over to God on a daily basis. So the day came... the day of filing my petitions.. Upon filing my petitions in 2015 Ms.Lippmann was appointed to represent me. I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative of her time, dedication and efforts.. I have since then been granted unsupervised visits.. Although I am powerless of the overall outcome of the custody I am very grateful to have Ms.Lippmann stand beside me through this process. Ms.Lippmann possesses herself to be reliable, responsible & dedicated, to all areas of what is needed for representation... I will be forever grateful to her for her time in defending me to be reunited with my children...
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Posted by anonymous | April 17, 2015
Ms Lippmann represented me on a child support matter in which the court was seeking jail time. She was very upfront on the positive and negative regarding my case. Even as my attorney and it was my fault I was behind, she shared with me a positive life lesson on how it important to be responsible for my child's needs, not only was she my attorney she always cared for the well-being of my child in which she never met. I recommend her highly because she trust worthy and she will represent you 100%. You want someone that knows the laws that her!!!!
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Posted by Ellen | September 29, 2012
Jennifer Lippmann- Excellent trial lawyer
Jennifer S.Lippman is an excellent trial attornery. She spends many hours in the court room and I was able to benefit from her experience. I was the respondent to a child support hearing where the petitioner was requesting unreasnoble demands. Jennifers's knowledge of the law, case law and her dilligence in the court room resulted in a decision that I felt was fair. There are many careless attorney's that allow the system to impose unjust decisions, Jennifer Lippmann is not one of them. I'm grateful for her dilligence and highly recommend her.
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Posted by Jacqueline | August 22, 2011
Jennifer is dedicated, trustworthy and smart
I found Jennifer when I was desperate. I had struggled in a difficult case nearly 8 years. She was an angel sent to me.She kept we well informed, gave me excellent advice and pulled no punches. Wether I wanted to hear it or not she told me the facts. She did not drag the case out as so many other lawyers may to boost their wages. She gave me the best advice even if it did not cause her monitary gain. She has a trustworthy and kind way about her, and she did not charge outragous fees. I am proud to advocate for her services. Jennifer is an outstanding lawyer.
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Posted by anonymous | February 27, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Very nice, but better options out there
We hired Ms. Lippman within the past few years. She came recommended by someone, which sounded refreshing after other bad lawyers. We dropped the $5k after the consult for the retainer. I figured we would get back whatever isn't used, since that is how it has worked in the past. Money upfront to ensure funds, get back what's not used. First day to court she was late by 30+ minutes. No progress made, really... I felt like I wasn't being fought for. We ended up doing all paperwork out of court. She ended up sending me a draft of a court order for custody and I modified it myself, as it didn't include various fundamentals we had requested. Back and forth we went a few times. Getting a call back or an email back took way too long at times. I would leave several messages before she would email me back. At the end of it all, she went to court once, drafted a court order and did some emails. I find it downright criminal that someone gets to keep money for work not done. To my knowledge, we never received any billing information, either. I would personally suggest looking elsewhere.
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Response from Jennifer Lippmann March 16, 2018
This review is plainly not true. Our Firm enters into a Retainer Agreement with each client clearly stating our fee schedule and billing procedures. Our office uses a software program that allows every client to view both present and prior invoices, access work product, and communicate with us directly. This post does not set forth accurate fees charged by our Firm for the work claimed to have been done. As of today, my office has not received any complaints regarding billing and/or work product from prior clients we represented on custody and/or visitation matters. We encourage every client to review each aspect of a proposed custody/visitation agreement before it is signed and submitted to the Court. Fortunately for this anonymous client, only one court appearance was necessary to come to what must have been a favorable agreement. We are proud of our work and even more proud of our ethical standards. When the reviewer can't remember receiving billing information and is posting inaccurate fees, I must question whether this review is even real or made by an opposing party.
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Child custody Attorney | Feb 15
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"I have worked and observed Ms. Lippman in several family law and custody matters and find her to be an exceptional advocate. In addition to the fact that she has superior knowledge and experience, she is kind, patient, and quite devoted to her clients. Superior advocate."
Family Attorney | Mar 22
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I have worked with Jennifer on several matters. She is professional, skilled and compassionate with her clients. Jennifer is well-respected in the legal community and I often send referrals, all of which have been extremely satisfied with her representation. I would highly recommend Jennifer."
Family Attorney | Mar 13
Relationship: Supervised lawyer
"I have known Ms. Lippmann professionally for over 15 years. Jennifer possesses the rare combination of technical legal skills and compassion with clients. She knows what the client wants and consistently makes sure to get the results the client needs, which is not always an easy balance. Jennifer is also well known and liked throughout the Family Court System, which helps instill confidence in our clients. I highly endorse Ms. Lippmann for all aspects of Divorce, Family and Custody Law"
Family Attorney | Mar 09
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"I endorse this lawyer. Professional, prompt, caring and awesome."

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West Islip Divorce and separation Lawyer Jennifer S. Lippmann
Jennifer S. Lippmann
Divorce and separation Attorney
West Islip, NY
Licensed for 25 years
Virtual consultation available