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  • Get help against NYPD

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew B.

    My name is Andrew B., while I was growing up all I ever did was be harassed and violated physically by the officers of the NYPD. I recall one day which is documented in my criminal history. I went and told my mother that I was assaulted by the police and she was not really educated due to health problems, so she states to me you shouldn’t have your behind in them streets. From that point on I figured that the NYPD can do whatever they want to do. I didn’t know where to go to for help because they say Moms' know best, so if she doesn’t know who am I suppose to go to for help. That was 1991.

    I was arrested in 2003 and I was accused of a crime of possession which nothing was recovered. I was choked and maced by NYPD’s finest during my arrest. I spoke to my attorney that I had for the case about what happened to me and that’s when I was introduced to these great attorneys for civil rights violation cases named Andrew Stoll and Leo Glickman. Once I spoke to them I felt a sense of comfort because these were people that let you know that all the things that are done to you aren’t always right and if you feel that your rights are violated you should speak about it.

    It’s now 2009 and I am finally awake from being asleep all these years. If I would have never been introduced to these attorneys that are great at what they stand for, I would still think it was alright for me to be stopped and frisked and not feel violated as a man. Leo and Andrew have gave me strength to overcome the fear of being afraid to speak up, because the people that are violating your rights will make you feel like they are not violating your rights as if they are just doing their job or just because they are in a position of power they make you feel hopeless. Andrew and Leo will make you feel the sense of comfortableness; you won’t feel helpless anymore because they are here to help you. They’re only just a call away.

    Has anyone violated your civil rights? Stoll, Glickman & Bellina are the attorneys for the job. Don’t wait until it’s too late to speak out! Get HELP!