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Reginald Asiedu’s reviews

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  • Bad Experience

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mercedes

    During the consultation he was nice and knowledgeable I paid him his fee and we proceeded from there. However, once he received his 1500$ he was no longer that nice and knowledgeable it's as if he was busy and running on 2 hours of sleep. So one day his secretary called me and informed me that my soon to be ex-husband was not served and had relocated I asked his secretary where is the paperwork at? She was unable to answer the question so Reginald some how got on the phone and I asked him the same thing. He responded what are you talking about so I had to get more specific is the paperwork with you or is it still with the sheriff. Reginald answered it's in Pennsylvania. 2nd incident I called to check if the paperwork was delivered to my soon to be ex-husband and his secretary replied I told you it was but you didn't seem to understand me.I replied, okay, I don't do the back and forth and I don't mean to be a female dog about things but I need to understand if he was already served or not. Being that the question was not able to be answered by phone I had to go there personally to get things straight. I got there Reginald claimed I cursed his secretary out and I was acting like a person from the street and went as far to say that the $1500 I spent is nothing and he has people paying him 15k and 20k to retain him. He's the type of person that once he gets his money don't ask him questions or follow up on your case and that to me is bad business . Also, if you are not spending 15k or better your money is not worth much so you will not get the same respect or feedback that a person spending that amount would .


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    My case was a tough case.
    When many saw challenges and impossibilities and said no, this lawyer saw possibilities and solutions and said yes.
    There were many road blocks and stop signs along the way, but this lawyer persevered and found a way to get to the next destination.
    He never gave up and he gave me wonderful support and hope every step of the way.
    Through his wisdom, skill, knowledge and experience, I received a good sum of money from my ex.
    This lawyer turned a tough case into a very positive outcome.
    Thank you lawyer Reggie Asiedu.
    My decision to hire you was one of the best decisions I ever made.


    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Reginald Asiedu, Esq recently represented me in a contested and complicated divorce case.
    My ex-spouse and my ex-spouse’s attorney were extremely difficult. They challenged and contested every issue in the case, but my attorney battled them even harder and was always a couple of steps ahead of them.
    In the end, I kept the house, kept all of my bank accounts, kept my IRA account, and kept my pension. In addition, the court also awarded me a significant amount of money which my ex-spouse has to pay to me.

    My ex-spouse is not happy.

    My ex-spouse’s attorney is not happy.


    Lawyer Reginald Asiedu is the best. He fought for me. He is easy to talk to. He returned my calls promptly, and answered all my questions in a manner which is simple and easy to understand.

    He did a fantastic job for me in my tough divorce case.

    Great Lawyer!



    5.0 stars

    Posted by Georgia

    I am forever grateful to Attorney Reginald Asiedu, and I give him 5 stars out of 5 stars.

    Attorney Reginald Asiedu fought for me and got me my share of my mother’s estate after my brother and his attorney committed fraud and took all of the assets, including 2 houses.

    When my mother died, his attorney helped him to file fraudulent papers in court to say that he was my mother’s only child, and therefore entitled to everything. The court did not realize the lies and the fraud, so the court appointed my brother as the administrator of my mother’s estate, and he took my mother’s 2 houses and other assets.

    A long time later I found out about the fraud by my brother and his attorney, but many lawyers who I contacted initially were not willing to represent me to go after my brother and his attorney. I became frustrated and distressed.

    Later on, a friend referred me to Attorney Reginald Asiedu who promptly agreed to represent me, and he wasted no time in starting my lawsuit.

    Through his skill, persistence and tenacity, Attorney Reggie, which is what I called him, exposed their fraud to the court, successfully had my brother removed by the court as the administrator of my mother’s estate, and he obtained my share of my mother’s estate for me.

    Attorney Reggie is awesome, and I am lucky I was referred to him.

    Just as someone recommended him highly to me, I also highly recommend Attorney Reginald Asiedu to anyone who needs a good and caring attorney for a probate or estate case.

    If you need an attorney to fight for you, then he is your man.

    Grateful and very satisfied