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Daniel N. Arshack

Criminal defense Attorney at New York, NY

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Licensed for 39 years

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Practice areas
  1. Criminal defense
    Over the course of 25 years we have successfully represented individuals and businesses in financial crimes, securities fraud litigation, Medicaid fraud, money laundering, arms dealing, foreign corrupt practices violations, RICO cases, embezzlement, extradition, business loss, homicide, sex crimes, assorted violent crimes, conspiracy, narcotics offenses and domestic crimes.

    41 years, 5,000 cases

  2. White collar crime
    Over the course of 25 years we have successfully represented individuals and businesses in financial crimes, securities fraud litigation, Medicaid fraud, money laundering, arms dealing, foreign corrupt practices violations, RICO cases, embezzlement, extradition, business loss, homicide, sex crimes, assorted violent crimes, conspiracy, narcotics offenses and domestic crimes.

    41 years, 100 cases

  3. Federal crime

  4. International law

    30 years, 50 cases


Whether you have come under investigation or actually been charged with a crime, you need to act rapidly to protect yourself, your family, your business and your assets. Having strong, aggressive and creative defense counsel involved at the earliest moment of your case significantly shifts the odds in your favor.


Client's Choice 2018,2015
Client's Choice
2018 2015
Licensed for 39 years
State NY
Status Currently Registered
Acquired 1989
Updated 11/28/2022
State PA
Status Retired
Acquired 1986
Updated 02/26/2023
State DC
Status Administratively Suspended - Non-Payment of Dues
Acquired 1983
Updated 06/08/2022

We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

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Arshack, Hajek & Lehrman
1790 Broadway
Suite 710
New York, NY, 10019-1412


5.0 / 5.0
  17 customer reviews
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Client's Choice 2018
Client's Choice
Daniel received a significant number of 4+ stars in 2018
Posted by Tim | December 18, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Excellent Representation
I consider Dan Arshack more than just my attorney, but my friend. I was in a very difficult position when I was arrested and Dan calmed me down and walked me through what turned out to be a very complex and intimidating case. His briefs and motions to the court were meticulously prepared and delivered. I was very impressed by his legal acumen. I am a physician, so had much to lose. I consulted with a number of lawyers before I chose Dan. He has a very calming presence and knows how to talk to judges and opposing attorneys. His staff was very professional also. I hope I never need his criminal-law services again, but I would highly recommend him to anyone that does.
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Posted by Christopher | February 21, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Daniel Arshack is the best!
Dan is a clear headed and a no nonsense attorney. I was lucky to have been referred to him as everything he did was explained to me clearly and he certainly is the best person who could have represented me. I could not have asked for anything better. He is clear, honest and trustworthy and always has your interests at heart. He is absolutely immaculate and what a memory! He remembers and does everything without any fuss.
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Posted by Devyani Khobragade | February 19, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Review for Dan
Dan has a knack of making you comfortable the minute you see his friendly and personable self. He helped me through an issue involving a clash between domestic laws of two countries and differences of interpretation of international law, especially Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular relations. His kind, reassuring yet confident manner impressed me at the beginning. He was thorough with his legal knowledge, always had a clear strategy and communicated it clearly to all stake holders involved. He had great skill for public dissemination of our position and dealt with international media on my behalf. His primary interest was my welfare and he was decisive and aggressive when it came to protecting it, despite pressure from various quarters. He was also available at any hour to talk to me or consult others, considering we were in the midst of an international issue. Dan was very resourceful and he had access to the best of experts in every field. I was thoroughly satisfied with his legal counsel and his defence of my case and would whole heartedly and confidently recommend him.
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Posted by Dosung | January 16, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Superb Service & Representation!
I am very happy to have chosen Mr. Arshack to represent my son on his criminal charges. My son was involved in an incident where two groups of teenagers got entangled with violence, resulting my son being stabbed with a knife. Since my son was the victim and he stated to detectives that he didn't want to press charges, we didn't think too seriously about the case until we received the cross complaints letter with 2 felony and 1 misdemeanor charges against my son. After the initial consultation with Mr. Arshack, we knew we were with good hands: the Best Hands. Mr. Arshack, with his much experience and knowledge, gave us the much needed assurance that things will be fine which my wife needed dearly during that time of despair and uncertainty. Mr. Arshack dived into action on building my son's case; contacting the DA, speaking with lawyers involved, setting up to have out family interviewed by consultant at non-profit organization which work to have young kids out of jail.... In less than a month before my son's court date, Mr. Arshack was able to completely resolve my son's case. All the charges dropped, no criminal record whatsoever, no restitution, no community service. Mr. Arshack understood and totally related with me dealing with teenage boy issues. I cannot thank him enough in saving my son's life, helping our family move forward, and having my son started on therapy session to keep out of future trouble. I highly recommend him should you ever need a criminal representation.
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Posted by Den-LeRoy Kangalee | January 13, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Dan Arshack Saved My Life!
There's no hyperbole intended here, Daniel N. Arshack is an excellent attorney and he helped me when I was not only at my lowest but embroiled in a legal situation that was not only humiliating but overwhelming and difficult to manage. Dan immediately leaped to my defense, helped me to understand the ramifications of my actions and even showed sensitivity to a personal matter and illness that influenced my case. I have never dealt with lawyers nor the criminal justice system before and Dan held my hand every step of the way and put things in clear concise terms, booring holes through all the legalese that is created to make people feel frightened or confused. He is great to work with and is fair and has a tremendous interest in the people he represents.
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Posted by anna | January 10, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Anna Laurini case
Daniel N. Arshack's , help me a great deal with my case, he appeared in court for me and the case was solved with no charges at all, I'm very happy and I high recommend Mr Arshack's
Posted by Samuel | March 15, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Dan Arshack will defend your life! NYC's best lawyer!
I was wrongfully accused of a criminal charge and facing misdemeanor charges. As a foreigner working in NYC, this would have had huge implications on my career and US work visa if I had been found guilty. I interviewed many lawyers prior to Dan and was unsure who to appoint. The moment Dan called me back I knew he was level headed and the right person to defend me. He took time to listen to my story and showed care and attention. I thought my career was on the line and what was the result? 100% dismissed and cleared of all charges. Please use Dan Arshack if you want an honest & truthful person to defend your life. HE IS THE VERY BEST!!
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Posted by Kristoph | December 11, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Dan Arshack is brilliant
Dan Arshack was recommended by a mutual friend. The short of it is that I was in a major soup facing felony charges in a case where the court does not take matters lightly. Mr. Arshack is courteous, professional and has a no-nonsense attitude. Throughout the process (still in progress), he has always kept me informed on the goings on and his brilliant efforts have led to a situation where the major worries and consequences are likely to evaporate. His advice has been crucial along the way and his guidance on what to expect in each situation has been spot on. This was entirely due to the innovative and “out of the box” approach that Mr. Arshack takes and his unique style is effective and sound. He is a veteran of the New York system and knows how to “play the tape to the end” for every turn, and provides clarity for the possible outcomes. I am certainly glad to have him representing me. I could not have asked for anyone better during this testing time in my life. I highly recommend him, and feel fortunate to have found him.
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Posted by Suzanne | December 7, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Review of Daniel Arshack
My husband and I hired Mr. Arshack to handle a criminal case and a settlement. Dan successfully had the criminal charges dismissed. He also negotiated a cash settlement for us. Dan is caring and professional. He was always available re cell for our questions and concerns. We highly recommend him.
Posted by anonymous | December 6, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
The Art of Being an Attorney
Daniel Arshack shines as an attorney. From day one that I hired him, he stood by my side in all aspects, counselling me very carefully, step by step, in my very complicated case. His communication with me was daily, supporting me emotionally as well. His thinking process is very unique, and simultaneously very effective as he achieved certain feats in my case that were never even heard of before. His plan of action was so successful that he "rewrote" certain modalities and trends especially with the OPMC in Albany. His recent publication in a very prominent law review journal was pertinent to my case, in terms of re-analyzing the law, to my favor. Above all, Mr. Arshack is a human being of strong character and personality, who will make you feel secure and cared for as his client. I recommend him without any reservations.
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Posted by Chris | December 5, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
A lawyer that cares about his clients best interest
When your lawyer tells you "It is not in your best interest to go to trail", even though by going to trail he makes a lot more $$$$. Now that is a lawyer you can trust. That alone would be reason enough to recommend him to anyone. When it is your well being on the line and your lawyer puts it before his bank account, that is a individual that is true to their profession. You can count on getting the best possible representation from someone like that. This is what Dan Arshack did for me. I truly be leave that Mr. Arshack did his very best, considering the situation I was in. I would recommend him to anyone.
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Posted by Tim | November 17, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Dan Arshack really came through for me
I was arrested very unexpectedly after an felony-level accusation by a girlfriend. My world was turned upside-down. I am an M.D. so had much to lose. I retained Dan after a recommendation by a trusted friend. I interviewed a number of lawyers, but I knew when I met Dan that he was the man. Mine was a very difficult case. It got bumped up to the Federal level. Dan was always there by my side, and navigated expertly through very complicated legal waters. I always felt like I had a real professional by my side. His briefs and motions to the Court were very professionally done. I was facing 5 years prison time. I did not get off totally, but considering what I was up against, I was very fortunate to get only probation. I would recommend Dan Arshack to any friend I know that was in trouble and really needed a good lawyer.
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Posted by jorge and brian | April 29, 2014
a super lawyer
Dan Ashack , is all of the above , a super star in court . He helped me and my friend Brian in a criminal case. he miraculously got Brian's case thrown out . my case was a more complicated it involved corruption in all angles from police, private investigators, the judge and prior lawyer . I was under so much pressure I caught a serious case of vertigo . and the out come was great . Daniel Arshack really release that pressure and helped me get my life together , thank you Dan . .from Jorge and Brian...
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Posted by Jeannie | July 30, 2011
Dan's the Man!
Prior to working with Dan, I had only dealt with inept attorneys. Ones that didn't show up in court, ones that did truly heinous things, etc. But Dan... Dan is not only incredibly kind, respectful, patient and gets results but he may just be the last HONEST and PROFESSIONAL attorney in the state. I feel bad that I had given him a hard time but I never realized that there were actual good attorneys left that care. My charges were dismissed. I will never be able to apologize enough for giving him a hard time nor thank him enough.
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Posted by Brian | October 6, 2010
Sealed Case
Everyone makes mistakes, even college educated suburbanites. It just so happened that my one and only mistake resulted in my indictment on 4 Class B Felonies, all drug related. I knew when I got ROR'd after my arrest I had been blessed with an extremely talented attorney. Mr. Arshack was able to negotiate drug treatment as an alternative to incareration with a D.A. that wanted nothing more than to make an example of me by taking me to trial and slamming me with 3-5. As it stood when I signed my guilty plea to enter treatment, I was to be left with a C felony on my record when the case closed. Granted I did my part in treatment and getting my life back together, but had no idea that Mr. Arshack would be able to get my case sealed in its entirety. Not only did Mr Arshack advise me on my legal situation, but pointed me in the direction of a therapist that I meet with regularly. I owe Mr. Arshack a great deal, my life and my familial relations are back and better then they ever were. I strongly recommend Mr. Arshack
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Posted by anonymous | December 12, 2008
The best lawyer I could have ever asked for
I am a 62 year old man, never arrested before and was accused of assaulting a woman that I had lived with on and off for 8 years. I was arrested and charged with assult. Although I could have pled to a violation, we chose to go to trial to protect my good name. Dan was the best. First, Dan took the time to understand my case. He had a total grasp of the details and was able to present them in a clear understandable way. The net result. NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. I can’t give him a higher recommendation and I would trust him with my life.
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Posted by anonymous | February 21, 2008
Dan took the time to listen to me. He understood what I was going through. His sensitivity permitted him to humanize me to the prosecutor. He got my case dismissed and saved my career. I went through several lawyers before I finally found Dan. He was truly interested in hearing what I had to say. I never felt rushed. He attention to detail was staggering. Dan was not the least expensive by far, but he didn't make any promises which he could not deliver on.
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AVVO RATING 10.0 (Superb)

Work Experience

  • Senior Managing Partner
  • Arshack, Hajek & Lehrman
  • 2000 - Present
  • Attorney in Charge
  • The Bronx Defenders
  • 1996 - 1999
  • Partner
  • Hoffman & Arshack
  • 1993 - 1996


  • Columbia College of Physicans and Surgeons
  • 1995
  • Antioch School of Law
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 1983
  • Brandeis University
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • 1978
  • University of Stockholm
  • 1977
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Legal Cases

  • U.S. v. Business Leader
  • dismissed
  • U.S. v. Doctor
  • Dismissed
  • New York v. Nurse
  • dismissed
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  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Board member
  • 2015 - Present
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Co-Chair - International Committee
  • 2006 - Present
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Member
  • 1999 - Present
  • New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • President
  • 2007 - 2008
  • International Criminal Bar
  • Council Member
  • 2006 - 2011
  • International Criminal Defense Attorneys Association
  • Board Member
  • 2004 - 2011
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Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Honors and Awards

  • Presidential Commendation
  • New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • 2006
  • AV Rating
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • 2005
  • Presidential Commendation
  • New York State Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • 2005


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Speaking Engagements

  • International Criminal Practice
  • Foriegn Corrupt Practices Act
  • 2008
  • Intensive Trial Advocacy Program
  • Opening Arguments, Closing Arguments and Cross-Examination- 4 years
  • 2008
  • Cardozo School of Law
  • Trial Advocacy -- Adjunct Professor - 3 Years
  • 2008
  • Ethics for Lawyers
  • Ethics
  • 2007
  • International Criminal Attorney Training
  • Trial Advocacy
  • 2006
  • Training for Lawyers in the International Criminal Tribunals
  • Trial Skills
  • 2005
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Attorney endorsements

Received (3)
Given (2)
Endorse Daniel
Criminal defense Attorney | May 07
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"Dan is a tough, aggressive attorney who zealously defends his clients' interests. He is a highly capable and creative lawyer. I strongly recommend him."
Criminal defense Attorney | Jun 20
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"Daniel Arshack is a tireless advocate who is consistently intent on advancing his client's interests. Dan brings enormous energy and thought to his work. He also finds time to devote to improving the profession, both here and overseas. Anyone would be lucky to have Dan as a lawyer in any sort of criminal case."
Criminal defense Attorney | Jul 10
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"Dan is an exceptional attorney. He truly struggles to find a way to best serve his clients, employing great thought and creativity to achieve the best possible results. Despite having been in the game a long time, he remains unjaded and a believer that with hard work, skill and perseverence, justice can be accomplished. I recommend Daniel without reservation."
Criminal defense
Criminal defense
New York Criminal defense Lawyer Daniel N. Arshack
Daniel N. Arshack
Criminal defense Attorney
New York, NY
Licensed for 39 years
Free Consultation
Virtual consultation available