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Cindy L. Sanchez

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  • So happy Cindy was my divorce lawyer...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pascale

    Cindy took over my divorce case from my former lawyer and she quickly learned all the details of the case. My divorce was not amicable or simple. We owned several properties together and our finances were very complicated. Cindy's knowledge, professionalism and efficiency kept my ex and I focused on the negotiations. She skillfully mediated difficult, touchy topics and she kept the process moving. She is well-versed in handling divorces and clearly explained my options each step of the way. My ex didn't have a lawyer so Cindy had to deal with him directly, as he was pro se (representing himself). She's great with people and summed up my situation with him pretty quickly. She dealt with him perfectly. We were able to sign a fair agreement that I was happy with and we avoid a costly trial. I am incredibly grateful to Cindy for her advice, understanding and diligence, especially for being persistent with the judge's office in getting the divorce paperwork filed.

    I am divorced. I am happy. I am thankful to Cindy for helping me through a difficult period in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a competent, effective divorce lawyer. She gets the job done.

  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by HQ, New York

    Cindy Sanchez has been my lawyer since 2005. She was referred to me through a legal plan I had at my job. I hired Cindy to help me obtain a shared physical and legal custody of my children. My case was fairly complicated since my children's mother took them to another state with the intention of relocating to that state just before the beginning of the school year. My children were supposed to go back to school in September 2005 in New York City. However, their mother enrolled them in a school in another state, 700 miles away from New York City. Cindy was able to convince the judge to schedule a court hearing early in September 2005. This was extremely important because the longer my children stayed in the school out-of-state, the smaller the chance that the judge would order to bring my children back in their school in New York was. Cindy was extremely helpful to ensure that my children's mother could be served with the order to appear in court. My children's mother was very difficult to find. I first try the local police to serve her but it did not work. Cindy advised me to hire a local professional to do the serving. In a matter of minutes, she was able to identify this professional. It was critical to do the serving during the appropriate time window. Otherwise, the court date would have been postponed to October 2005. As I mentioned before, this would have tremendously reduced the chance of having my children back in their school in New York for the year 2005-2006. During the court hearing in September 2005, the judge ordered that my children had to return to their school in New York. I was relieved by this decision. I can say that without the expertise and responsiveness of Cindy, my children would not have returned to New York.

    Cindy was resourceful, insightful, and supportive at every stage of the divorce process. She helped me obtain a shared physical and legal custody of my children. She has also successfully helped me with a few custody issues since the divorce. Cindy is a very intelligent and knowlegdeable lawyer who has the ability to listen to the client and fully understand his/her needs, concerns, and fears. I have also appreciated her very pleasant and balanced personality. I highly recommend Cindy.