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John L Koenig

John Koenig’s reviews

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  • Always resonsive in thorough in a variety of transactions.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jay

    We first met John Koenig in 2005 when we decided to sell our business that had been in the family for 40 years to a public company. He did a tremendous job of helping us understand what needed to be done to satisfy all of the objectives of different family members, some who continued to work for the new company and some who resigned or retired.

    In 2008 my brother and I left that pubic company and turned to John to help us acquire a small private company, again with great efficiency and success. We are currently working with John on a very large prospective client that has presented us with a rather complicated contract.

    As we have grown this company and see another generation coming into the business we will turn to John again to make sure that we are structured properly to protect the next generation and have an orderly transfer of ownership.

  • Sale of small business

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim


    John L. Koenig represented us in the sale of a small manufacturing company. He was very knowledgeable in all areas of the sale, including taxation, local regulatory compliance, labor relations, estates and trusts. He was available weekends and evenings to fine tune every sentence and negotiate every detail which arose. Most importantly, he is an attorney who went out of his way to solve problems as a deal closer to make the transaction happen.

    I would strongly recommend his services and his pleasing and personable way of dealing with people and diffusing potential problems.

    James, Framingham Garden Originals

  • endorsement of John Koenig

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    I originally hired John in the early 1990's to perform all required corporate legal activity for a manufacturing S coprporation I owned with 2 other partners. I had been using a large Boston law and was satisfied with the partner, however most of my work was delegated to more junior members of the firm. The results were inconsistent and very expensive.
    I therefore decided to search for a smaller firm where the primary legal contact would also handle most of the work. John and his firm were recommended to me and after an initial meeting and review of other references I engaged John for my corporate legal work.
    His involvement with the S corporation was excellent and I felt as if he provided the broad expertise that the Boston based partner supplied, but on a full time basis at a signifiicantly lower cost. His involvement with this corporation concluded with the sale of the primary assets of the s crporation as well as an industrial building owned by a partnership and leased to our S corporation. John assisted with the sale of the S corp, and the formation of another S corporation I founded to accept some of the remaining assets and IP. I retained John for all legal activities up to and including the sale of that corporation.
    John was extremely though with all the required legal issues, and always provided valuable council for the business aspects as well. John also is a skilled negotiator with other lawyers as well as the business people. I feel very comfortable when John is representing my interests.
    John ably supported this new s corporation through its sale several years ago.
    He now provides me with legal support during negotiations with customers regarding T&Cs and other considerations for long term contracts for $7 figure custom equipment sold primarily to very large corporations. This requires a broad skill set , to arrive at an acceptable contract with large inhouse legal departments who are not inclined to modify existing one sided boiler plate language.
    Over the years I've engaged John for a wide range of legal contracts, compliance and transactions. i've always been pleased with John's involvement and would high recommend him to anyone without reservation.

  • Provided excellent advice on acquisition

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daryl

    I used John for advice and document review when looking at a potential acquisition of a competitor. In addition I took a course John gave for small business owners to understand and prepare for the acqusition process. So in addition to providing me with excellent legal (and business!) advice John also walked me through the process so I knew what to expect and when. His approach was very much showing me how things are done so I could understand and also so I could do as much self-service as I would like to do -- which I much appreciated. Some attorney's tend to hoard their knowledge. John took the opposite approach. I will use John again for the next acquisition I pursue

  • Reliable for over 20 years

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    My small business has worked with John for over two decades. He has handled a wide variety of legal issues for us, including leases, business agreements, contracts and providing general legal guidance and advice as the situations required. John has always been eminently reliable, works very expeditiously, communicates very well and, most importantly for a small business, considers the practical implications of legal situations. In other words, John works in the REAL world. His billing is reasonable and fair. He provides detailed invoices which is not something always forthcoming from every attorney. Plus he's happy to discuss questions concerning work done and related charges. I am please to recommend John unqualifiedly whenever I'm asked to provide a legal reference.