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Dorothy G Bunce

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  • How can my wages keep getting garnished after i had paid and received a letter stating that?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    There are usually three parties other than you involved in wage garnishment. First, there is your employer and its payroll department. Did you provide your payroll department with the documents showing that this debt was paid? Second, there are local law enforcement officials who deliver the garnishment paperwork and receive the funds being taken. Again, did you notify them and provide the documents that this debt was paid? Third, and finally, there are the creditor's legal representatives. You did communicate with them. However, the problem you describe is usually due to failure to communicate with every one of the three parties involved with the garnishment. Hope this perspective helps!

  • I'm looking to hire a bankruptcy paralegal to prepare the paperwork for filing. Can you be of assistance?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    You might be looking for Craig's List or Offer Up. Avvo isn't a hiring site for people looking for someone sleazy to perform work for which they are unqualified. Hope this perspective helps.

  • Should I counter claim a lawsuit against me?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    There are many things you "can" do, but if what you do isn't based on any legal justification, you could be required to pay a lot more in legal fees playing this game. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Do I have to file bankruptcy for my business to get off CAIVRS list ?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    Nope, bankruptcy won't get anyone off of the CAIVRS list. If you were placed on CAIVRS in error, your US representative in Congress might be able to help you. However, this is one of the unfortunate risks you take when obtaining a government-guaranteed loan. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Chapter 13 / Bankruptcy ? Can a mortgage servicer refuse post-petition payments while I’m in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    Mortgage servicers can always refuse partial payments. However, suppose your loan is delinquent, and the mortgage company refuses a full payment because you aren't repaying the entire arrearages. In that case, your attorney must resolve this problem by communicating with the mortgage servicer's attorney.

    This problem occurs from time to time when the people in the collection department haven't processed the information about your Chapter 13 and sent it over to the bankruptcy department. Eventually, this problem will resolve itself. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Can I sue my parents for taking money out of my bank account, that isn't theirs?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    Humm, banks aren't going to turn over money to Mommy and Daddy because they say so. If they did, it could affect their ability to be licensed by your state government. My best guess is that either or both are named on your account. But begin by having a conversation with a banker. Then, make an appointment, as bankers are no longer available on a walk-in basis. Hope this perspective helps!

  • I was contacted by a supposed debt collector requesting a settlement agreement before filing a judgement .

    Dorothy’s Answer

    You don't know what you don't know. Check the court records for an old lawsuit you never heard about. This might be nothing, but it might be important. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Why bankruptcy court is lying?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    The bankruptcy court doesn't lie, but creditors and debt collectors often lie. However, it is more likely that the original creditor never noticed that the debt was in bankruptcy, so the collector was not aware of it either.

    Lawyers often say never to attribute a lie to something that can be explained by ignorance or simple stupidity.

    This problem has an easy solution. Mail the collector a copy of the discharge and Schedule F. Circle the name of the creditor the collector is attempting to collect.

    Hope this perspective helps!

  • What is covered in bankruptcy?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    Ho boy, have you been misinformed! Proceeding without actually hiring a lawyer to resolve this problem could be the most expensive mistake of your life (other than marrying the wrong person).

    See, two parties owe your HOA, you and the real estate. Sure, YOU can discharge this debt in a bankruptcy, but the real estate still owes the HOA. As a result, in most states, the HOA can foreclose on your property even though you no longer owe the debt because they are enforcing their right to take the property.

    If this property no longer interests you, you can proceed at your own risk. Otherwise, you need the best bankruptcy lawyer you can find to obtain a solution. Hope this perspective helps!

  • How do I know if a wage garnishment is legitimate ? It’s from valley financing?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    Without seeing the document, it is impossible to say whether it is legitimate. A wage garnishment order will always be either through the court or as a result of an agreement you signed. Hope this perspective helps!