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Dorothy G Bunce

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  • What to do when Hospital will not work with VA?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    No hospital is required to accept insurance coverage from any particular third-party insurance, including the VA. You should have resolved this issue before obtaining services from the institution. However, an attorney with experience in this field can often settle medical debts at a deep discount. Hope this perspective helps!

  • What should I do about a warrant in debt? I spoke to the creditors on numerous ocassion about why couldn't pay the money now

    Dorothy’s Answer

    "Can't afford to pay" and "don't have the money" aren't legal defenses to repaying a debt. Creditors aren't your Mommy; they entered into a business relationship, not a personal one with you.

    Practically, without an income, the creditor might be in a better position to accept voluntary payments when you can pay them. Unfortunately, many debtors lie to their creditors to avoid paying, so the patience of any particular may have worn out. To save money on settling a debt, one usually must be able to offer a one-time lump sum payment. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Can I sue my friend formaking me loose my home ?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    The courts are open to everyone, and you can always sue. But more importantly, what are your chances of collecting if you get a judgment against a flaky friend? Getting the judgment is easy compared to collecting. Flakes are almost always good for nothing. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Can I get my child support arrears forgiven ?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    Just because a parent agrees to forgive a debt for child support, it may not be within their power to do so. For example, if the parent received public benefits, the government may have the equivalent of a lien against the child support obligation. Also, an agreement to forgive a child support debt may be found to be unconscionable or coerced. As a result, a court could determine that such an agreement was invalid.

    Meet with a local family law attorney for specific advice. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Can my workers compensation and retirement benefits be garnished in a bankruptcy ? and how much??

    Dorothy’s Answer

    Many states have laws that provide an exemption for worker's compensation AND retirement benefits. Most of the time, these exemptions are very generous. But I do not know what state exemption laws you can receive. Further, you can step into a landmine if you foolishly comingle these two resources.

    Please look at my legal guide titled Comingling Catastrophe at Hope this perspective helps!

  • What is the best way to file for bankruptcy- chapter 7 or 13?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    I just got off the phone with a lady who told me her information like you did. The information she thought she had to disclose, like the information you provided, was useless in helping me advise her on how to proceed. Humorously, I told her, "Shut up already!" I'm happy she found my response funny and agreed to let me ask the questions.

    That's what you need to do. Use the Find a Lawyer search tool at the top of this page, schedule an appointment for a consultation, and let the lawyer ask the questions. You will never learn anything by babbling. OK, rant over. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Creditor keeps calling me at MIDNIGHT?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not cover collection activities by the original creditor. However, if a third-party collection company is handling this debt, you may be able to seek monetary damages. Contact an attorney who handles FDCP cases. I believe attorney Keren Gesund is licensed in LA, even though she now resides in Las Vegas. Ms Gesund is an expert in this field. Hope this perspective helps!

  • How do I file a lein on a rv 5th wheel ?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    Since the Credit Union is financing the 5th Wheel, they likely possess the title and already have a lien. It is unlikely that this RV is worth more than the Credit Union's lien, so your question supposes that there will be some benefit to you to have a second lien. Usually, a 2nd lien isn't possible on personal property, but the law varies from state to state. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Do I have a chance on winning a case where I was sued ?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    Unfortunately, the volunteer attorneys on Avvo aren't fortunetellers. We can't predict the outcome of a court case; we have only heard your side of this story, and we would need to evaluate how credible your evidence is. Hope this perspective helps!

  • Can I settle a lower price for HOA lawyer fees?

    Dorothy’s Answer

    This is the type of matter a debt settlement could resolve. However, you cannot force a creditor to reduce the amount you owe for legal fees. An HOA debt always leaves you very little leverage to negotiate. Hope this perspective helps!