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  • Wendy Bishop
    Open for business

    Open for business

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    NY Ticket Defenders
    123-12 82nd Avenue, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 392 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    We have been practicing law for a combined over 224 years.  We are tough and won't stop till we get the best possible results for our clients. We are  responsive and transparent. We won't take a case unless we first evaluate and provide options.  ...

    Practice area
    50% Speeding and traffic ticket, 50% Criminal defense

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    30 minutes

    NY, Active since 1998

  • Victor Fusco
    Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C.
    80-02 Kew Gardens Rd Ste 300, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Victor Fusco, Esq., is one of the founding members of Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C., established in 1978. The main focus of the firm’s practice is in the representation of injured and disabled wage earners in claims for Social Security Disabili...
  • David Martin
    Law Offices of David L. Martin, Esq PC
    125-10 Queens Blvd.,, Suite 15, Kew Gardens, NY
    4.5 stars 14 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.8  
    David L. Martin, Esq.​ has more than 33 years of experience in handling divorce and family law cases, with an excellent track record of winning cases. Attorneys David L. Martin and Madelyne Mostiller, Esq. can answer any of your questions about ou...
  • Dustin Bowman
    Anderson, Bowman & Zalewski PLLC
    80-02 Kew Gardens Road, Suite 600, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 17 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.1  
    Review: “Mr. Bowman has handled cases from my office over the last six years. During that time, Mr. Bowman has worked on more than 50 cases for me. Mr. Bowman keeps me informed about what are the realistic expectations on a giv...
  • Navpreet Gill
    Shiryak Bowman Anderson Gill & Kadochnikov, LLP
    80-02 Kew Gardens Road Suite 600, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 12 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.7  
    Review: “We can't express enough gratitude to this team of lawyers for resolving the case against the township in NJ in our favor. We were in a very unique situation involving our family and the township. The township of our...
  • Scott Limmer
    Queens Office
    80-02 Kew Gardens Road, Suite 300, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 47 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    For over two decades, my passion has been defending the rights of my clients. My goal with every single client is to help them move forward with their lives as quickly as possible with the best possible outcome. My practice focuses on the areas o...
  • Scott Bookstein
    125-10 Queens Blvd Ste 323, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 27 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Retain a former prosecutor who know the terrain, knows the players and knows the law. Providing top notch representation when not only your reputation, but freedom is at stake. 
  • Carla Barone
    Cohen Forman Barone, LLP
    125-10 Queens Blvd, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 4 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.7  
    Carla Barone leads the matrimonial and family law practice at Cohen Forman Barone, LLP, and has worked in prestigious matrimonial law firms in New York City and Connecticut, most recently for Raoul Felder & Partners. Carla joined Cohen Forman Baro...
  • Nestor Diaz
    Law Office of Nestor H. Diaz
    12510 Queens Blvd Ste 5, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 24 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.8  
    Review: “Nestor is not your average councilor he actually calls or messages you back and that uncomfortabity of one feeling like your case is not as important as the next client is gone. He’s good at his job because he takes the t...
  • Jaime Bello-Casais
    Jaime M. Bello, Esq.
    125-16 Queens Blvd., Kew Gardens, NY
    4.5 stars 15 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.3  
    Review: “I count myself very lucky to have found and hired Attorney Jaime Bello. He is an experienced, knowledgeable, honest, resourceful and personable lawyer . He was hired for a very serious felony case for my son and worked ...
  • Ronald Nir
    12510 Queens Boulevard, Suite 15, Kew Gardens, NY
    4.5 stars 7 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.9  
    I am an attorney practicing for over 30 years concentrating on Criminal Defense.  I am familiar with all aspects of New York's Penal and Criminal Procedure Laws.  I am also familiar with Family Law, Real Estate Transactions, Contract Law and Civil...
  • Richard Rosenthal
    120-82 Queens Blvd, Kew Gardens, NY
    4.0 stars 9 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 10  
      Richard Bruce Rosenthal, Esq. - Columbia College 1975, Brooklyn Law 1978, Admitted NYS, EDNY, SDNY, NDNY, CDIL, NDOH, WDWI, DCO, NDIN & DCT General Litigation Practice with a concentration in Animal Rights. Criminal Defense, Matrimonial and Fami...
  • David Cohen
    Cohen Forman Barone, LLP
    125-10 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 49 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.4  
    Heading the criminal defense division of Cohen Forman Barone, Attorney David Cohen offers over two decades of proven legal skill to his practice. He has successfully negotiated for the rights of his clients against law enforcement, helping them to...
  • Joshua Katz
    Law Office of Joshua R. Katz, P.C.
    125-10 Queens Blvd, Suite 311, Kew Gardens, NY
    4.0 stars 19 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.6  
    Experienced matrimonial attorney specializing in complex, high-wealth divorces and acrimonious custody litigation.  I pride myself in being compassionate with my clients, yet being a highly skilled negotiator and professional litigator against the...
  • Matthew Sosnik
    The Law Office of Matthew A. Sosnik
    12510 Queens Blvd Ste 15, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 18 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 6.5  
    Review: “matthew adam is a amazing attorney i highly recommend him , very efficient . great customer service and professional . i’m very satisfied with his services . thank you . ”

    Practice area
    100% Personal injury


    NY, Active since 1990

  • Alex Arandia
    5.0 stars 18 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.4  
    At ARANDIA LAW FIRM we are dedicated in helping families, individuals, and businesses to navigate United States Immigration Law. We can help you to adjust your status, obtain work permit, cancel your order of deportation and much more.
  • Steven Zalewski
    12510 Queens Blvd., Suite 218, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 2 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.2  
    I am like all of you , a family man, hard working and concerned about our country. Every day i see good hard working americans strrugle to pay there bills. these are not fancy cars and excessive items but rather simple things like car payments , t...
  • Elan Layliev
    Layliev Law, P.C.
    125-10 Queens Blvd. Suite 311, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 14 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.6  
    Our office represents clients with a unique approach thinking inside and outside the box.  Each client has benefited from our combined experience in business and law. Your success is my success.  Over the years, I have been able to provide clients...
  • Luke Scardigno
    Law Office of Luke Scardigno
    123-60 83rd Ave, Suite 1T, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 28 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.0  
    I am attorney Luke Scardigno with Law Offices located in Queens, New York, and I offer exactly this type of Criminal Defense Representation. I will not simply represent you and send you on your way; I will guide you through the legal process, expl...
  • Joseph DeFelice
    12510 Queens Blvd, Ste 302, Kew Gardens, NY
    5.0 stars 2 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.8  
    Joseph F. DeFelice Esq. is a former attorney with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Law Secretary to Supreme Court Justices and Assistant District Attorney in Queens County. Now with his own practice, attorney Joseph F. DeFelice represen...

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