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Weaverville Has 12 Attorneys With 24 Reviews

Anthony S. Alpert

Law Office of Anthony S. Alpert
494 Main Street, PO Box 3000, Weaverville, CA
13 reviews Avvo Rating: 8.2
Licensed for 29 years
Attorney Anthony Alpert has been licensed by the California State Bar and is a Certified Family Law Specialist, Certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. In 1994 Mr. Alpert became an associate with a prestigious Famil...

James Michael Underwood

Underwood Law Offices, P.C.
Po Box 2428, Weaverville, CA
5 reviews
Licensed for 35 years
Review: I have used Mr. Underwood to represent me and my business in litigation and found him to be prepared, focused, and effective. He was professional in his courtroom demeanor, but a very strong and effective attorney. If you must be in court, having ...


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The Avvo Rating explained


The Avvo Rating explained

Colleen Theresa Murray

Law Office of Colleen Murray
129 Forest Ave, Po Box 45, Weaverville, CA
3 reviews
Licensed for 19 years
Review: Ms. Murray represented me on 2 civil matters and 3 Criminal matters. She was extremely efficient and knowledgeable. Her professionalism in the court room was exactly what I paid for and more. Remarkable Job! Thank you, Colleen

Michael Scott Jarvis

PO Box 1971, Weaverville, CA
3 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.5
Licensed for 32 years
Review: The review by KcShane Henderson is not even our client! He is on the other side of our case!

John Kelsey Letton

Po Box 1028, Weaverville, CA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 57 years

Megan Dean Marshall

Po Box 2355, Weaverville, CA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 27 years

Matthew Eric Hannum

Matthew Eric Hannum, Attorney
P.O. Box 1866, Weaverville, CA
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 6.5
Licensed for 25 years

Anthony Clay Edwards

Po Box 3077, Weaverville, CA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 38 years

Benjamin Eugene Magid

Po Box 2965, Weaverville, CA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 6 years

Raymond Yeung

Trinity County District Attorney
11 Court St, Weaverville, CA
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 1 year

Thomas John Ballanco

Attorney near Weaverville (Douglas City)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 26 years

Jeanette Palla

Attorney near Weaverville (Douglas City)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 43 years
Douglas City
Shasta Lake
Summit City
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