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Tamara Elizabeth McVicker

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Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
15 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 31 years
Do you need a Divorce mediator or Family Law mediator? T. Elizabeth McVicker can help!
Practice area 17% Family, 16% Divorce & Separation, 15% Mediation and more
Cost Hourly Rates,  $400 per hour  • Retainer A retainer is an advance payment to a lawyer for services the lawyer will provide. As the lawyer provides the services, they deduct their fees from the retainer Always
License CA, Active since 1993

Jeremiah D Raxter

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
54 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 13 years
I am the founder and principal attorney of RAXTER LAW, P.A.. I am a Southern California native born and raised in Wildomar, California. I remember before Wildomar, Menifee, Murrieta, were even cities. A husband and father of a teenage daughter who...


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Chananel H Nakasaka

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
22 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 27 years
Author of Fortify Your Wealth, an asset protection book sold on Kindle. Ms. Nakasaka has been a serial entrepreneur for over 37 years. She's been an attorney since December of 1996. She has been a real estate investor for over 30 years. Ms. Nakasa...

Barry Martin Walker

Attorney near Romoland (Canyon Lake)
7 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 26 years
Mr. Walker’s honesty, integrity, hard work, innovation and unparalleled dedication has lead to lasting personal and professional relationships with his clients, while earning him the respect of attorneys facing him in court and at the negotiating ...

Bryce Brandon Armendariz

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
4 reviews Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 14 years
Review: Bryce helped me with every step of the way in my DUI case. He dropped the charges to a first time a offender compared to what the court originally offered. He is there for you for every step of the way. Even when times got extremely rough. Bryce i...

Kris Ray Crawford

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
11 reviews Avvo Rating: 9.4
Licensed for 10 years
I am here to help you understand your legal rights and remedies. At Law Offices of Kris Crawford, we understand that being seriously injured in an accident is a traumatic and life changing event. It is this compassion that drives us in helping acc...

Suzette Carole Douglas

Attorney near Romoland (Canyon Lake)
8 reviews Avvo Rating: 8.8
Licensed for 33 years
I am a bankruptcy attorney who has been practicing for more than 25 years. I started Douglas Law Practice to help individuals get their financial lives back on track. My greatest fulfillment is seeing clients smile again after their bankruptcy dis...

Andrew Michael Rosenfeld

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
6 reviews Avvo Rating: 8.5
Licensed for 33 years
I have been in solo practice since August 1994. Until about 2007, the primary focus of my practice was business litigation. In addition to the standard business litigation practice, I found success in taking business cases for plaintiffs on contin...

Benjamin Nicholas Diederich

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 10.0
Licensed for 17 years
Whether you are a parent looking to plan for your future, an ongoing business or startup seeking recurring legal advice and intellectual property management (patents, trademarks, and copyrights), or in need of protecting your ideas, branding, or a...

Rob Schelling

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 7.1
Licensed for 37 years
Big-firm quality with a small-firm touch Legal disputes can be emotionally and financially draining. When I founded the Menifee-based law office of Rob Schelling, a Professional Corporation, in 1986 it was my goal to build a client-focused law fir...

Kathryn Clarice Yount

Attorney near Romoland (Canyon Lake)
13 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.7
Licensed for 31 years
Kathryn Yount is a well-respected member of the California State Bar ID 159574 since 1992 and Washington State Bar ID 38891 since 2007. She is a current member of the California Applicants' Attorney's Association and Southwest Riverside County Bar...

Armand Dean Thruston

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
6 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.7
Licensed for 30 years
Review: Mr Armand Thruston You're such a brilliant lawyer I am so grateful for your passion ,dedication, and professionalism with my case you were very patient when dealing with me and I appreciate you for that I know I overloaded you with information but...

Jorn Stefan Rossi

Attorney near Romoland (Canyon Lake)
2 reviews
Licensed for 45 years
Review: Mr. Rossi is very smart and worked very hard for us and we "won". In our trial, he cross-examined the plaintiff and tore him and his case apart. Mr. Rossi was always prepared and kept us informed throughout the case.

Iliana Lee Colon Rosa

Attorney near Romoland (Perris)
2 reviews Avvo Rating: 6.7
Licensed for 10 years
Iliana L. Colon Rosa is the founding and managing attorney of Colon Rosa Law, a solutions-focused virtual law firm. Attorney Iliana devotes her practice to Family Law matters. She helps her clients navigate through the emotionally challenging and ...

Maria De Jesus Spear

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
1 review Avvo Rating: 6.7
Licensed for 7 years
Maria is a caring yet zealous advocate for her clients. She understands the serious and sensitive nature of practicing as a licensed family law attorney in Riverside County. Being fully bilingual, Maria successfully advocates for and represents th...

Daniel Lee Hough

Attorney near Romoland (Perris)
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 8.4
Licensed for 43 years

James Richard Boyd

Attorney near Romoland (Canyon Lake)
1 review
Licensed for 29 years
Review: James Boyd was my lawyer but I fired him because he never called me back and never gave me a discovery nor police report never and I've had him over a year on my case he never filed motions never sent private investigator to investigate anything...

Kevin Andrew McKenzie

Attorney near Romoland (Sun City)
Not yet reviewed
Licensed for 39 years

Robert Paul Karwin

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
Not yet reviewed Avvo Rating: 7.4
Licensed for 26 years

Christopher Michael Rhodes

Attorney near Romoland (Menifee)
2 reviews
Licensed for 19 years
Review: Chris has taken on my case in March of 2019. Ever since the beginning he's had a problem with communicating with me. 3 weeks ago I met with him to finalize documents, and finish up the case. It's been 3 weeks and I've sent multiple texts, called m...

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