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I paid for an eviction and this guy NEVER calls me back. It's been 4 months and no response. I have emailed... more
Arlington  William Shane Nolen

William Nolen

Arlington, TX Real Estate
Avvo rating 6.1
She might be from a military family background as well as be certified as a Veterans affair attorney but she... more
Arlington  Genevieve Celeste Barr

Genevieve Barr

Arlington, TX Lawyer
Avvo rating 5.9
We hired Connie for a child custody suit and could not have more pleased with whom we had chosen. She was... more
Arlington  Constance Kay Hall

Constance Hall

Arlington, TX Business
Avvo rating 10.0
Being in a serious car wreck at the age of 19 was incredibly frightening. Not knowing what to do and after... more
Arlington  Jonathon Conrad Clark

Jonathon Clark

Arlington, TX Car Accidents
Avvo rating 9.3
I've never requested help from a Lawyer before. As nervous as I was to walk through the doors of Zinda &... more
Arlington  Jonathon Conrad Clark

Jonathon Clark

Arlington, TX Car Accidents
Avvo rating 9.3
If you want an attorney to handle an auto accident, then you would do well to keep looking. Do your research,... more
Arlington  David S. Kohm

David Kohm

Arlington, TX Personal Injury
Avvo rating 6.6
Out of the three lawyers I spoke to I chose Ms. Lederman to help me with a child custody matter for a few... more
Arlington  Pia R. Lederman-Rodriguez

Pia Lederman-Rodriguez

Arlington, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 6.8
Nagg law firm has helped me threw tough times from my divorce too two misdimenor tickets. Jayson takes the... more
Arlington  Jayson Nag

Jayson Nag

Arlington, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 6.3


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Arlington was one of the fastest-growing "boomburgs" of the post-WWII era. From its founding in 1884 until the early 1950s, Arlington was a small city of less than 10,000 inhabitants.

Driven by the post-war automotive and aerospace industries, Arlington transformed overnight. In 1950, the population was 7,692. By 1970, it was 90,229. By 1990, the city had reached a population of 261,732 people.

Today, Arlington is a major population center, and is the largest city in Texas that is not a county seat.

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