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When they took my case, they were very fast and detailed. They will help you with any questions you have and... more
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Evan Shane

Fort Lauderdale, FL Immigration
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Mr. Morris is an experienced attorney who handled by case from its inception to its conclusion. Mr. Morris is... more
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Marc Morris

Fort Lauderdale, FL Criminal Defense
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in the years I worked with and for Mr Shahady I found him to be thorough. He was able to help me turn my... more
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Thomas Shahady

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Guy is very knowledgeable in the area of DUI, criminal, and license issues.When you go to his office he has a... more
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Guy Seligman

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It’s with pleasure that I write about my circumstances and experience with Carin Porras, Brydger & Porras,... more
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Carin Porras

Fort Lauderdale, FL Family
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Steve Glerum is a very versatile attorney who has knowledge of a multitude of areas of law - from... more
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Steve Glerum

Fort Lauderdale, FL Bankruptcy & Debt
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I first met Tara Scardina as a paralegal with another law firm. She soon passed the bar and became my prime... more
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Tara Scardina

Pompano Beach, FL Probate
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Clark Strandell.. First, I want to say Thank you. In a demographic where attorney's are know to make deals in... more
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Clark Strandell

Fort Lauderdale, FL Lawyer
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Fort Lauderdale began as a farming town, but over the past century has become a hub of tourism. People from the African Diaspora have come to live in this city of diversity and have ties to its early history.

African American history in Fort Lauderdale began with workers and slaves serving on Spanish ships in the 16th century. In the 1800’s, a black cook, whose name has never been discovered, helped open an overnight camp and ferry.

Known as the Stranahan Trading Post, this endeavor helped launch what is now downtown Fort Lauderdale. It still exists today for tours to the public.