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Brian Michael Sullivan

Brian Sullivan’s Legal Guides

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  • Do I Need to Hire a DUI Lawyer? If so, who do I choose?

    After being charged or arrested for drunk driving (or driving under the influence of drugs) in Washington State, may people wonder if a DUI Lawyer will help them. Then, it is still a daunting task for many people to select a good lawyer for their case - one that will tirelessly fight for them.

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  • How can I help my attorney prepare for a trial?

    Make sure you have collected all the facts and relayed them to your attorney. Litigation often turns on small facts that may seem insignificant at first. It is important when you meet with your atto

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  • How you should consider an arraignment hearing

    Find your court date If you have been charged in many counties with a crime, you will receive a court date, or be taken into custody to wait to be brought before a judge. Sometimes however, in place

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  • How to fight Washington DOL and try to save your license after a DUI.

    Get started and get some expert advice. Anytime you are charged with a crime, your first and best step should be to call an attorney. A local attorney can help you understand how your local court an

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  • How to Evaluate a DUI Case - Indications of Sobriety

    Review the report without reading the FSTs See what the case looks like without the FSTs being discussed. Even defense attorneys are frequently misled by tests they know are not scientific. Write do

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