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Veronica A. Freitas

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  • 3.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Gander Bias and Unemphatic to Men

    In year 2012 Veronica worked on my parenting plan and child support case and presented me during the initial hearing when the mother of our 2 year old child stopped letting me see him. This was a high conflict case involving fabricated DV allegations that were used very skillfully against me, which were thankfully later dismissed when the divorce case settled. At the time my ex had held back my son from me for 3 consecutive hellish months. Even though my ex didn't have a job, she managed to hire one of the most expensive Bellevue attorneys who later turned out to have charged over $10K for the DV-protection order hearing case and another $10K for the divorce case. The initial divorce hearing resulted in court assigning a GAL for which I had to pay, most importantly allowed me to see my son 1 night every weekend and 2 nights every other weekend and Wed. evenings. Veronica was very articulate and confident at that hearing and crushed the opposing attorney, who was primarily an immigration's attorney and not a family attorney. Later my ex appealed the initial ruling by hiring a new attorney and Veronica suggested that we don't do anything and didn't file a response because the new attorney is loser and the judge won't even take him seriously. My time with my son was reduced to 1 night every other weekend and 2hrs Wed. evening. Veronica told me that the judge, who happen to be a man, was a dick and that there is no justice in the family court for men.

    From then nothing happened in the case until my ex found another new attorney who filed an intent for relocation from WA to Canada using her unemployment as a reason just before we were to go into mediation. Veronica told me that if I don't settle in mediation the court will punish me for not having already hired GAL in the form of letting my ex take my son away from Seattle and giving me less time that I can get during the mediation. I agreed not to file an objection to the relocation and went to mediation with Veronica representing me. During the mediation she took off her top layer to intimidate me with her tattoos and muscular physic and told me that I am being an idiot and that I should have more respect for me ex. I had to tell her to back off and help me come up with a reasonable and good parenting plan as well as a realistic child support order. We ended up getting me to pay for all the transportation expenses and if my ex was to live away from Seattle I would get to see my son once a month, my ex got the full legal custody, and the parenting plan is full of loopholes that are setup in my ex's advantage. There was not much to split financially between us because during the divorce we both went broke except that I had a job and my ex quit her job as soon as we separated. Immediately after the mediation my ex informed me that she is moving to Canada with my son. Immediately after the case was filed I fired Veronica.

    I paid to Veronica total of $15K.

    After the mediation I spent most of my vacations from work on visiting my son and last year I got fired from my job. The child support division is collecting the child support as if I am employed full time and I can't afford an attorney any more. I have been homeless during the last 12 months and currently live on food stamps. My ex is still represented by the same attorney.
    I strongly recommend Veronica if you want to take a man down to his knees and make him suffer. She can be very aggressive and is very knowledgeable in DV matters. She doesn't entirely understand the positive influence of a father in a child's life perhaps because of her own traumatic experience with her dad--ask her about her dad when you interview her.

    She is very charismatic and admirably incredibility articulate. She has poor negotiation skills and prefers force than peaceful resolutions.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cindy

    Veronica is the best family law attorney I've hired

    I was dealing with so many different situations including a psycho, abusive and controlling ex husband who filed multiple petitions as well as a federal case I had. I previously worked with two other attorneys who didn't care and just wanted to take advantage of me. I hired Veronica and she was on point at every hearing. She never once judged me for what was going on in my life, which was very important to me. Veronica kept me informed and was always responsive to my emails and calls. She saved me money and even sent me the remainder of my retainer fee after my case closed. After going though so many circles and dropped petitions with the ex and his dramatic attorney, the ex started up again and filed another petition to take my kids, which he was denied again. Veronica was able to seek attorney fees for me. I am thankful that there are honest attorneys out there like her and not to mention her paralegals! Amy and Hye are awesome! I still seek help from all of them with questions and guidance til this day. Thank you guys for your help! I would refer you to anyone.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Aaron

    Reviewing my case

    Thank you Veronica for your integrity, straight forwardness and getting to a point.

    When she couldn't do anything for me because of the international jurisdictional issues in my case, she refunded my retainer and told me to quit talking so I would get more of it back.

    If you have a family law issue call this attorney first. Restored my faith in lawyers.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Compassionate, articulate, focussed, efficient and forceful.

    Veronica is simply the best lawyer I have come across in the course of a prolonged and bitter divorce struggle that lasted almost three years. The facts were on our side, but as a foreign man with mental illness, and with the mother having custody, I felt that the prejudices of the system were against me at every turn. Veronica took the case at the last minute and turned it around, with a simple emphasis on the facts, the law, and the best interests of the children. The case went to trial, and she is a first class advocate having prepared thoroughly and knowing every document.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Riccardo

    Get the best lawyer

    Veronica and her team made me comfortable right from the start in my divorce proceedings. No fuss no gobbledygook no confusion....simple straight clear answers and guidance that made me sleep at night knowing I had the right lawyer on my side. Her knowledge, confidence and clarity is plain to see - not just to me, but to other lawyers and judges - so she gets the job done. Quickly. Honestly. Directly.
    Outstanding person and an incredible human being.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    GREAT attorney, trustworthy, committed & a pit bull in trial!

    I originally found Veronica by the great reviews that she had on this site, what sealed the deal to hire her for drawing up a simple will and post-nup was that she was straight forward and straight up about costs. I soon learned she was more than that, she was an attorney that was attentive and had no concept of the time of day, she was on the ball regardless of it being after 9 pm, yes 9 pm, only a few hours after I emailed her thru AVVO is when she first emailed me back.

    It’s unfortunate that my story did not stop there. 2 years later I contacted her when I was blindsided by my now ex, who had conjured up a plan to try and steal my boys and try and get me sent back to Canada. Remember the Post-nup agreement I mentioned, that was what my ex was afraid of. How better to rid yourself of a financial burden of a stay at home mother, make her disappear but try keep the blood off your hands. My case ended up lasting over 14 months. We were in and out of court continually. We probably saw over 15 judges. Veronica was on top of it the whole way.

    My ex hired an extremely expensive law firm, benefits to this is they will do whatever you tell them to regardless of what they believe the outcome will be. My ex is DISTURBED, so you name it he was going to say it or try it, his attorneys had no problem following along. I never really understood the joke when people talked about how slimy lawyers are. Well I get it now. His female attorney, was perfect for him, she would lie and twist everything, just to try and win. In the end my ex basically got what I would have agreed to without attorneys, actually to tell you the truth he would have fared better if he wouldn’t have thought he was so clever. He basically got what we had offered before the year long fight, the difference is that he spent onwards and upwards of $300,000+ with his attorney, destroyed his reputation, lied to his family and friends, manipulated many innocent, unsuspecting people and most importantly, hurt and emotionally scarred the kids.

    I had a GREAT attorney who was there for me the whole way. She was always available. She did all her own trial preparation. It was an extremely difficult case to say the least. I ended up paying probably ¼ of what my ex paid his attorneys, if not less. And Veronica destroyed his lawyer in court. You could tell that his attorney relied on her paralegal staff to create her case. Veronica has this uncandid ability to recall information…well I’m sure her ability has a lot to do with her hard work & attentive nature. Veronica is a pit bull in court, she doesn’t let go till she draws blood, this is an attorney that you want on your side of the table. It’s obvious that she has a background in criminal law, now you may think that isn’t needed in family law, but hell yes it is. The criminal background gives her a different perspective than other family law case lawyers, this is a benefit no matter how easy or hard the case is turning out to be.

    Veronica’s staff are also very attentive and actually just awesome! The paralegal’s at V. Freitas law are reliable and fast to respond to questions or concerns. Veronica’s staff were not only there for me legally, but emotionally. Sometimes a person outside of the situation can give better clarity to an issue, I relied on Veronica and her great paralegals and office staff for this, they never disappointed me. This great group of people were there for me every step of the way, I will always consider them special friends.

    Just know that Veronica will never tell you what you want to hear, she will tell you what you need to hear and she will work her ass off for you.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    The BEST advocate your money can buy!!!!

    Veronica is fantastic. I was fortunate to find her after having started off with another very high priced attorney who was terrible.
    Veronica came in and immediately took charge of my case. She was incredibly thorough, and able to very quickly get up to speed. She was super responsive and thoughtful with how she prosecuted my case. When I met her, I was in a bit of a hole due to terrible temporary orders. As the father of a five year old, custody was my main focus. My wife had been a stay at home mother, and was fighting me for even 50/50 custody. Veronica was able to provide me with fantastic guidance, and after a long and difficult process which included a two week trial, I was able to get primary custody of my daughter.
    This would never have been possible without Veronica. She was unbelievably effective in trial. She had complete command of the relevant facts, and presented an overwhelming argument to the court. She was succinct, clear, and unflappable. Her experience as a defense attorney is invaluable. She literally mopped the floor with the OC.
    If you have a difficult spouse, and a case that requires someone with "moxy", you will not find a better attorney in Seattle. She is also the most reasonable attorney I have seen in terms of how she bills.
    I really can not say enough positive things about Veronica, and the service she provides. If you care at all about yourself, your children, and the outcome for your case then you need to hire her before the opposing party does. I can promise you that you will be thankful you did!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Julia

    Highly Recommend Veronica Freitas

    Akin to some of the best trial attorneys in our country Veronica Freitas is definitely one you don't want to see across the isle. To prevent the international relocation of my stepson we spent a year in preparation and a week in trial witness to Veronica's profound mastery of the case and courtroom. Veronica has an impressive ability to recall a key fact, legal citation, or piece of contradictory testimony at moments of intense pressure. As opposing witnesses took the stand I watched as Veronica adapted her approach to the particular witness causing each to yield more than even they expected. In this case there weren't any big Perry Mason moments but rather a continuation of cutting away and cutting away until the truth was clear. None of this could have happened if Veronica and her team had not also done such a great job in preparation. The entire process was well organized, planned out and then fully executed. Veronica kept us informed at all times and made complex matters understandable without being condescending. A true professional.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client


    Veronica is a bright and aggressive woman. She started our relationship out by making passes at me and insulting my fiancees presence in my life and my childs life. Initially, she said my case was a no brainer to win. Then after I hired her, she ended up conceeding everything to the opposing attorney, without even arguing my case. I lost everything I had pertaining to my child, for the previous 14 years in singed legal court approved agreements, in our parenting plan and child support agreement, in terms of money and custody. My 13 year old plan was completely overturned largely due to lies of the opposing counsel and Veronicas non representation of me. She simply choose not to work on my case because she was worried about my financial situation. She regularly insulted me, yelled at me, and argued the opposing counsels position. I am considering filing a formal complaint against her for being abusive and not representing my interests. Have you ever had your attorney turn against you? It happens.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by BF

    Impressive Trial Attorney!

    I am a dad. After being in the court system for a year and retaining two separate attorneys and volumes of declarations, testimonies and three court hearings I was to enter Family Court to keep my only child from being relocated to Europe without a trial attorney. A person that I trust and know she does her homework before making a final decision recommended Veronica Freitas to me. She gave me one name and one option, V. Freitas Law Firm. I retained Veronica as my trial attorney in a case to establish a parenting plan and prevent an international relocation of my son. My case warranted but was lacking organization and strategic planning. Veronica’s office immediately got to work on this task and within days had a complete file in order and a game plan in place. In our first meeting Veronica clearly communicated how she would handle my case and she absolutely adhered to that approach. There were no surprises. Her approach was smart, concise, and meaningful. She was tough when necessary – and at times that was directed at me- while she was also caring and contemplative. Veronica is an impressive trial attorney. By the time we entered the courtroom she knew the details of our case and the lifestyle and behaviors of the parties and could recall events from memory throughout the trial. Most importantly Veronica was able to effectively present my case to the courts with great clarity. The trial ended in our favor. The court adopted our parenting plan preventing the relocation of my son! I however am not writing this review because we “won”. Before entering the court on the day we were to get the final decision I expressed the views I have outlined here to Veronica. Veronica is truly a gifted, experienced, accountable and caring attorney. I fully recommend Veronica Freitas and her cast of capable staff to anyone seeking a professional and caring law firm.