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James B Richardson

James Richardson’s client reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Money for Nothing!

    This man was very difficult to work with in trying to resolve our legal problems. During our visits with him, he became quite hateful and condescending while showing no empathy for our situation. In the courtroom our case was presented hastily and ineffectively by Mr. Richardson. He actually told us he had to hurry because he was needed immediately for another court hearing. When I asked him why he did not question witnesses and ignored obvious perjury by letting it go unchallenged, he told us his method of practicing law was a "soft approach". What does that mean? To us it meant he could not bother to do the job he was paid extremely well for. Disturbed about happenings that caused the hiring of legal services in the first place, we were now sad and stunned by this man's attitude and poor performance in court. He did not serve us well legally and we rue the fact that we did not terminate his services soon after hiring him. Unfortunately, the unprofessional manner and poor treatment shown to us by Mr. Richardson renders us unable to recommend his services to others.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Walker

    Current Client

    Best Lawyer Ever! Hands down the most trustworthy, knowledgable, kind, understanding, and cool lawyer there is.

    I would have a beer with Mr. Richardson. I consider him a friend as well as an advocate.

    Thank you sir!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Carolyn

    An Exceptional Attorney

    I retained Mr. Richardson one year ago to represent me in a domestic relations/custody/parenting time case and I had worked with two lawyers prior to this. Mr. Richardson excels in negotiating fair resolutions and solving critical problems. He demonstrates high standards of professional ethics and expertise. I highly recommend James Richardson for counsel.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ray

    An excellent lawyer

    James Richardson has been my attorney for many years. James has also been the attorney for my parents and my wife. James has helped my parents buy and sell property, write wills and do estate planning including setting up trusts.

    James advised me when I bought my first house. James also helped my wife and me sell the house, buy a condo and another house. James also helped us with estate planning, writing our wills and helped us set up trusts. My wife and I have rented our condo for over nine years and James has helped us in all the aspects of renting it. All of us, my parents, my wife and I, have found James to be very competent, well informed, helpful, friendly and always ready to answer our questions and give very sound and helpful advice. He has always listened to us and so he has been very good in matching his advice to our specific wants and needs. We all recommend James very highly and are sure he will give others the same great service he has given us. We really appreciate all the good advice and help James has given us over the many years he has been our attorney. We never hesitated to ask his help on any subject.