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Matthew G McHenry

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Great Advocate and Advise

    I recently went through one of the most trying times in my life, that made me feel like I was fighting a machine that included all levels of Oregon State Government. Michael Levine and his partner Matthew McHenry teamed up to give me sound advice and council to navigate a very tricky situation which could have resulted in potentially thousands of criminal charges. While I am sure everyone's case is unique, Michael and Matthew took the time to understand all aspects of my case, kept me informed and calm, while giving me advice that enabled me to choose a route that while not conventional led to a positive outcome. I am sure that I challenged them at times, but they always listened and helped show me the pros and cons of potential decisions.

    This kind of guidance does not come without years of experience and knowledge gained by working a large number of complicated cases through the legal system within the State of Oregon.

    Would I recommend them? Absolutely! They will give you not only great legal council, but will help you deal with all of the stress that comes with working through the challenge you are faced with.

    So if you need someone who will be an Advocate for you and do what is needed for a successful outcome, Michael Levine and his partner Matthew McHenry are the legal team for you.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    The Reviews are True! Matt is worth every penny!

    Last year I had run in with the law because of a domestic incident which should have remained private. This was the first time I have ever been in legal trouble and I needed help desperately. After getting my "Get Out of Jail" card, I couldn't return home because of the court order so I had to quickly scramble to find an attorney to help me resolve this.

    After searching through websites, I finally landed on AVVO and found Levine and McHenry. I started reading the reviews, read his background, what he specialized in, and not having the luxury of time, I took a chance and called Matt McHenry based on his reviews.

    Matt was very knowledgeable and experienced with my type of case so he quickly made me feel at ease and was confident that I had a good case based on my prior clean no-arrest history. So without hesitation I made an appointment for the next day and retained him. As other reviewers have said, Matt is very professional, patient, responsive and full of confidence.

    Within a week Matt had won the first battle for me so I could return home to be with my family. That was a major victory! Throughout the process Matt kept me informed and explained the legal jargon and procedures where I didn't understand. A few months later, just as Matt had strategically planned, my case was dismissed! Matt also helped with getting my arrest record expunged. The three things that I liked most about Matt are:
    *He is very responsive to phone calls and emails
    *He is very smart and knowledgeable in his field
    *He is very proactive to communicate with you throughout the process

    I am very fortunate to have found him and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thank you Matt!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brad

    Top Gun

    Mr. McHenry and Michael Levine are truly the best at what they do. I was facing incredibly great odds in trying to overturn a wrongful conviction. Since I handed them the ball, they have been fighting for me every step of the way. At my recent Post Conviction Relief ("PCR") hearing, Mr. McHenry was truly in a much higher league than the state's attorney. He did an outstanding job--and was clearly prepared and focussed. He didn't just show up to go through the motions; He prepared to win. Though I lost that particular battle, the war continues, and he has stood by me and vows to obtain justice. You literally cannot ask for more from a person or an attorney. This is the kind of representation you need if you are reading this review and find yourself facing criminal charges or trying to fight a conviction. And, if you are facing charges, hire him now so you never have to deal with what I have! I tell everyone that I know who needs a criminal law lawyer that the first you need to go is McHenry and Levine. Their combined experienced, in my opinion, is unmatched. Plus, they are great people.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client


    I am confident that Mathew McHenry, himself, would rather you not need to hire him, afterall, he represents criminal defendants. But, if you have been charged with a crime, you NEED to hire him to protect your rights. He is a person who will stand up for what is just and right. He is a caring, compassionate, and understanding person while also being a very intelligent, thorough, and hard working attorney. I would refer anyone who needs a lawyer for any criminal matter to him, as well as anyone who needs a good civil rights lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kim

    Words can not express my grattitude

    After two years at being unsuccessful in facing the Judge and District Attorney, we decided to seek out proffessional help. After meeting with Mr McHenry, my parents and I had a glimmer of hope that he could make things happen. Mr McHenry was very knowledgeable and empathetic with my history and present situation. He kept me informed of the process and never made me feel like any question was too small or too silly. In the end Matt successfully achieved what I was trying to do. He in part gave me my life and livelyhood back. I dont think there are words to describe my grattitude and appreciation for his hard work. I recomend him without hesitation to anyone facing the legal system.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brad

    One of very best criminal lawyers around

    Matthew McHenry and Michael Levine represented me in a criminal appeal. I had been in the system for several years before retaining them to work on my behalf. They fought hard, and I got my first successful outcome. A lot of attorneys have experience, some have compassion, some work hard, but these gentlemen (Esquires) have all three attributes. You cannot do much better than Matthew McHenry and Michael Levine, but you can do much worse!
    I would not hestitate to recommend Matthew McHenry to anyone needing top-notch representation, and I have recommended people in the past. I know when you are facing a criminal charge and needing to hire a lawyer, you have many options and choices to make, but honestly, there is no other decision more important than the attorney you retain to be your advocate. You will never regret your decision to hire Matthew McHenry and/or Michael Levine. Great attorneys. Great people. They care what happens to you and the same cannot be said of many lawyers.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Absolutely Amazing. Hire this guy!

    Some people may read this review all the way through, others might just skim over it. For those who want the quick version:


    How do you write a review for a person who gave you your life back?

    I was arrested and falsely accused of domestic violence by my spouse in attempt gain "easy custody" of our child. This was an extremely stressful situation for me as I am a green card holder and (if convicted) potentially faced deportation.

    I lost many nights of sleep and over 30lbs due to stress. Every time I spoke with Matt I felt SO much better. Matt has an excellent way of breaking things down and putting things in perspective. Several attorneys I spoke with (before Matt) seemed more interested in my money than in helping. Matt talked about the case first, money second.

    I am intelligent individual but the stress of what I went through reduced me to relying on post-its, calendars, and lists just to get through my day. I was a wreck.

    Matt adapted his communication style perfectly. Since I told him I needed to work from lists, he would literally give me "To Do" lists. He would respond to my emails point for point (literally number for number) with answers to my questions. When I called his office to speak with him he was almost always available. The few times he was unavailable or returned my call promptly. When I say "promptly" I mean typically within less than an hour. One couldn't help but get the impression he was on top of things and CARED!

    As Matt began digging into my case it didn't take him long to realize I was telling the truth. I was innocent! That being said, I had made some very stupid mistakes. I talked to the police, wrote things down, etc. This didn't deter Matt in the least. He worked around it or went through it.

    The case went on for almost a year. To make matters even worse, I was forced to continue interacting with my spouse if I wanted to spend time with my child. This ended up creating a dynamic and constantly evolving case week by week as more crazy stuff would often happen. Matt continued to adapt our short term strategy while always keeping the big picture in focus.

    As one might imagine, after working with Matt for several months we got to know each other fairly well. After one particularly frightening episode with my soon-to-be ex I expressed concern that my spouse was trying to set me up and I had a very real fear of being arrested again.

    I asked Matt for his cell phone number and promised him I would only call him in case of an emergency. He didn't even blink. He gave me his cell number without hesitation. Words can not even begin to describe the sense of security I felt knowing that I had a "life line" in case of trouble.

    As the weeks and months passed Matt went out of his way to routinely call and check up on me to see how I was doing. Matt checked up on me and reassured me more than many of my friends and even some of my own family. To this day I consider him "family". I know what you must be thinking right now.. HE'S A LAWYER! They have no heart! They have so soul! Yeah, believe me, I know where you're coming from. THIS GUY IS DIFFERENT!

    Matt kept me informed every step of the way as to the status of my case, shared both short term and long term strategy with me, and explained everything in terms I could understand.

    In the end, the case was dismissed and my spouse (who was clearly expecting a conviction) immediately lawyered up with a divorce attorney. At least now we BOTH have to spend money and I don't have any bogus charges hanging over my head.

    Matt took a seemingly hopeless situation, worked hard, uncovered the truth, got a dismissal, and put me back on a level playing field heading into a divorce case. I am currently suing for custody of our child and that would NOT have been possible without Matt's dedication and hard work.

    Sadly, I had to limit the length of my review. I could have easily written a novel.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Excellent representation-a dedicated and respectful Attorney

    I hired Matthew McHenry for a felony, criminal defense case after consulting with four other attorneys. I was facing perhaps one of the most difficult times in my life since I had no criminal history and was led to believe by my previous attorney that everything was going to be fine.

    Upon meeting Matt, his calm and confident manner along with his extensive legal knowledge plus his professional demeanor made the decision to hire him easier. He quickly inspired my confidence when he educated me on the complex legal components of my case while treating me with the utmost respect and patience when I did not understand certain aspects of the case. I was impressed at how quickly he took matters over, I retained him in the late afternoon, by the next morning, I was already appearing in court, he understood what needed to be done and expeditiously set things in motion. Matt and his team were very conscientious about their work; they were responsive to my needs, they always made themselves available to answer all of my questions before and after any court appearances.

    The fact that Matt and his staff were also very proficient in handling the social media aspect of today's criminal cases was very reassuring. The level of expertise that I experienced at Matt's office makes all the difference between hiring a good attorney and weighing the cost factors. For all of the work that he did and continues to do on my behalf, it was worth the more than fair price I paid for the quality of representation that I have received. I knew that I made the right choice when he demonstrated his experience in negotiating both with the DA and the judge in this case which resulted in a favorable outcome for me considering what I was facing. In addition to his top notch negotiation skills, his thorough analysis of my case, his tireless efforts to find other option of defense including noticing all of the details that my previous attorney and all the other attorneys that I had consulted with missed, contributed to this favorable outcome.

    Matt was very instrumental in my decision to seek and receive mental health therapy to help me deal with everything that was happening; he became my advocate as I was going through the legal process of the case. Matt is truly a compassionate person, he has made a profound difference in my life by the use of all of his available resources and assisting me along the way with his wise counsel and guidance.

    I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who finds themselves in need of an excellent defense attorney. Thank you Matt for the enthusiasm you have for your work, your legal mind and your desire to truly help your clients.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Identity Theft client

    Great representation with creative solutions to a serious problem

    When our son got into some pretty serious legal trouble we were referred to Matt by his partner Michael Levine who was away on vacation. Michael assured us that Matt would be able to help and he was absolutely right about that. Matt met first with our son who told us that he felt very comfortable working with him. We then met with Matt together, and he clearly explained the options open to us and what he felt was our best option for resolving the case against our son. We followed his advice and the case was ultimately resolved in the best possible way with all charges being dropped. Throughout the process, Matt always kept us all informed of the progress of the case, and, if he wasn't available when we called with questions (most of the time he was available when we called), he always got back to us promptly. We always felt that the case was as important to him as it was to us. Hopefully, we will never be in a similar situation again, but if we were, we wouldn't hesitate to call on Matt, and we would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of competent and compassionate legal help.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Hung

    One of the Best Attorney in Portland

    Matt is an excellent attorney that is very honest and straight forward. He looks out for your best interest and is very passionate about profession. I would and have recommended his services to others who are looking for an excellent attorney.