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J. Kevin Mendricks

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    1.0 star

    Posted by Lynda

    Mr. Mendricks was hired by my daughter for a custody case between her and her exboyfriend. He seemed like a lawyer that cared, but he ended up being the lawyer nobody wants in a custody case. He was very irresponsible in completing and filing court documents on time, never returned calls and, when he did, he was very rude and short, he never followed up regarding court hearings, never mailed any documents until we called him several times requesting them and then we were charged for those phone calls. The last court date he actually took the noncustodial father who was not represented into the judges chambers to make a deal regarding visitation...uh, who was he representing here? Clearly not my daughter! Mr. Mendricks ended up costing her thousands of dollars too much. He was quick to wanting to collect his money, but took forever to provide any services. I would not hire this attorney again nor would I recommend to my worst enemy!

  • horrible attorney!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr Mendricks was hired to handle my divorce case 3+ yrs ago, and my experience with his representation was absolutely horrendous! Never kept me proactively informed, rarely communicated to me (except to ask me for money), and when I left voicemails and sent emails with specific questions and requests for status updates, I rarely received a response (for up to 2+ months or more in some cases). Only when I went to his boss (at his current firm) for assistance did I receive quick responses from Mr Mendricks...very angry and condescending responses! Over the years, I experienced many errors and delays in court filings, billings, and misplaced documents with Mr. Mendricks. I find him to be highly unorganized, ineffective and unprofessional. He also failed to prepare and provide me with pre-court documents to review prior to scheduled court appearances (one specific instance was for our settlement conference, where it was CRITICAL for me to have a copies of the items being introduced by my ex, as well as the documents he was submitting on my behalf)!

    After our final trial took place, and the judge issued the decree of divorce, it took Mr Mendricks almost 6 months to complete the judgment (he indicated "a few weeks" to the judge). Furthermore, the 1st submission was kicked back by the court because of errors, and the 2nd submission was still INCORRECT.

    I had to hire another attorney to clean up this unbelieveable mess Mr. Mendricks created over the past 3+ years. I filed a complaint with the State Bar for Mr. Mendrick's unethical behavior, and his overall inability to provide me with adequate representation in a timely manner. Mr Mendrick's unnecessary delays and lack of adequate representation over the years have cost me literally thousands of dollars, placing me on the verge of bankruptcy. Now I am pursuing litigation for malpractice.