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Heather was highly recommended to me by a previous client of hers. She will tell you like it is and what the law is... more
Tampa  Heather Alane Tattershall

Heather Tattershall

Sacramento, CA Family
Avvo rating 6.7
I recently meet with Marc and his staff to work on a very complicate Lease Option Transaction. He meet with me... more
Tampa  Marc L. Shapiro

Marc Shapiro

Naples, FL Personal Injury
Avvo rating 8.7
Handle my case very well. Helped me understand my rights i had. He was very patient and understanding of troubles that... more
Tampa  Jan K Seigel

Jan Seigel

Ridgewood, NJ Personal Injury
Avvo rating 8.8
In May 2014 I was required to appear before an Administrative Show Cause Board of Inquiry. I had been falsely accused... more
Tampa  Grover Hamel Baxley

Grover Baxley

Virginia Beach, VA Military Law
Avvo rating 9.2
Ms. Bernal-Mora is quite an exceptional family law attorney and I would highly recommend her services. She has been a... more
Tampa  Ophelia Genarina Bernal-Mora

Ophelia Bernal-Mora

Orlando, FL Divorce / Separation
Avvo rating 10.0
I used her for my family custody case. She manipulated the situation and delayed the agreement my Ex and I came to. She... more
Tampa  Jenny Rebecca Stevens

Jenny Stevens

Spartanburg, SC Family
Avvo rating 7.9
You couldn't ask for a more helpful and trustworthy lawyer to work with. Dan always available to take or return my... more
Tampa  Daniel Luther Mcmurtry

Daniel Mcmurtry

Nashville, TN Social Security
Avvo rating 7.9
Mr. Ellem was very courteous and professional in assisting me with my legal issues. He made me feel comfortable, was... more
Tampa  John Naif Ellem

John Ellem

Parkersburg, WV Bankruptcy / Debt
Avvo rating 7.0


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The area now known as Tampa, Florida first started as an Indian fishing village. Native Americans referred to the place as “Tanpa” meaning “sticks of fire.”

A Spanish explorer passed through the waters of Tampa Bay on his gold expedition, but after he left, the area was left alone for 2 centuries.

During the United States' war on Spain at the turn of the century, Tampa became the point of departure for troops on their way to Cuba. A colonel named Theodore Roosevelt, who would later become President, created his team of “Rough Riders” at his Tampa camp.

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