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Phillip Brooks Rose

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jona

    Professional and dependable eviction defense

    I am writing this review in lieu of my positive experience in retaining Attorney Phillip B. Rose. I have a most recent Unlawful Detainer Case as a Home Owner that was scheduled for Trial. I made all efforts necessary in searching for an eviction attorney who could take on my case. Among the long list of attorneys and after so many phone calls I found Atty. Phillip Rose through his interaction on legal issues panel on AVVO. I checked his company website to find out more information on what he can do for his clients. His LinkedIn profile also exhibits outstanding Curriculum Vitae and therefore I have every confidence in hiring him as my attorney. He has proven expertise in eviction defense and has gained successful Trials in a variety of high-profile cases.

    Unlike many other attorney offices where it is hard to get hold of the attorney himself, Mr. Phillip Rose was actually the one who answered my phone call on a late Friday afternoon. He took the time in listening as I explained my case in details. He is not like other attorneys who would immediately say “Sorry, I can’t help you”. In a world we live in where kindness, humility, and virtue are often taken for granted it is hard to find one like Atty. Phillip Rose who is willing to go an extra mile in helping out a client. As I journey through life’s challenges I have learned from this latin word SINE ARS SCIENTIA NIHIL EST meaning “Knowledge without humanism is nothing”. Atty. Phillip Rose has shown that he has a good heart and a compassionate nature for his client. Even when I told him that my finances are limited he showed eagerness to help without hesitation. Among numerous positive attributes of Atty. Phillip Rose he is also very comfortable to work with. He is confident, dependable, resourceful, and possess great professionalism in developing factual information and in presenting my case to Court. Besides providing expedite client service while having a sound judgment he always responds in a timely manner. Through Atty. Phillip Rose’s successful negotiation with the Plaintiff my case did not have to go to Trial and thereby giving me a more favorable outcome. He always looks out for his client’s best interest.

    I am pleased and very satisfied in retaining Atty. Phillip B. Rose and therefore I highly recommend him and his law firm PBR Legal.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Vanessa

    Fast, Friendly, and Knowledgeable Landord-Tenant Attorney

    Just weeks after moving into my new home, my landlord attempted to change the terms of my lease agreement. After voicing my displeasure with the terms that my landlord demanded I accept, my landlord began acting in ways that made living there very uncomfortable. To make things even MORE awkward, my landlord was also my roommate.
    I didn't know my rights or my landlord's responsibilities under the law, which also meant that I did not know how best to protect myself under the law. I asked a friend what I should do, and he recommended I contact PBR Legal. The next day, I called PBR legal, and was able to immediately speak with Mr. Phil Rose, the attorney over there. I told Mr. Rose the facts of my case. He was very professional and genial. He advised me about my rights and my landlord's duties and devised a successful strategy and course of action.
    Because I hired PBR Legal, I was able to feel at ease, knowing that the case was being handled by someone who knew the right course of action. Not only that, I was also able to get out of a bad situation, fast. I recovered my entire deposit and was able to move on to a much better living situation. I would highly recommend hiring PBR Legal law firm if you are a tenant having issues with your landlord!