I was referred by a paralegal I happened to meet at the courthouse. I was looking for a good guardianship attorney, and she recommended Ms. Lansdowne. She wasn't employed by her, but had heard so many good things about her with my kind of case. I was seeking legal guardianship of my grandson, who was about 2 years old, and I already had temporary legal custody. I was afraid because of my daughter, and her boyfriend's, (my grandson's parents) child neglect. After my initial consultation, her knowledge, and ability to get things going very soon gave me confidence. She was wonderful in the courtroom, and had respect FROM the Family Law Judges, which was obvious. The whole process was quick, and what could have gotten to be an ugly scene, wasn't! I was granted Legal Guardianship, and he is now 9 years old, and doing well. She suggested he see a therapist due to his failure to thrive and other issues, which I did. I would recommend her for any issues regarding custody or guardianship. Those are the issues I dealt with, but she is capable of all family law issues. She responded right away to any questions I had, whether in person, or through her receptionists. I was NEVER left waiting for an answer, and I was told beforehand of the problems we might encounter, so there were no surprises. I feel she is the best Family Law Attorney I have ever had!