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Patrick Ewing Clancy

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  • Youth Soccer Coach Found Not Guilty of Child Molestation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jesse

    Hired attorney

    At 26 years old I had been a youth soccer coach for over 8 years and had trained over 2000 soccer players without a single complaint. Out of nowhere I was accused of molestation by a 10 year old soccer player I had taught for only two days. I was shocked by this false accusation.

    The nightmare continued when the detective assigned to my case failed to interview the 20 witnesses who were present at the time of the alleged event. Yet, the case moved forward. How could this happen? During the trial in 2016 I learned that the detective on my case had been on the sexual molestation investigation team for one week and he had not attended a single course in child molestation investigations. There was zero investigation done when I was accused.

    I hired Patrick Clancy because I found out that he was an expert in this field. He is the “Chief Strategist” of the Innocence Legal Team. I learned during the trial exactly what that meant. My friends, family and I could not understand why this child would accuse me. I had done nothing against or to her.
    Mr. Clancy said I was looking in the wrong direction to answer the question of why me? Why was I accused?

    Mr. Clancy’s team carefully investigated my case and found that the student who accused me quit a soccer team the prior year even though her parents were athletes. During the soccer camp that I was running this 10 year old was with 7 and 9 year old children. She unfortunately was not as good of a soccer player as the younger children in her camp.

    She was picked last each day for the scrimmages. The younger children did not even sit with her during breaks. Mr. Clancy explained to the jury that this child wanted out of doing the soccer camp because she was humiliated by being rejected and felt inferior.

    For the first time I understood what motivated this student to do what she did. The jury returned a verdict in 1 ½ hours. I now understand the importance of a strategy and proper investigation. Everyone else had missed it.

  • A Lawyer who will Fight

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My child's chronic illness and consequent missed school dates led to a declaration of truancy, and my arrest for "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor." As another reviewer has pointed out, presumption of innocence goes out the window in these situations, and there is no limit to the amount of confirmation bias that zealous 'protectors of children' are willing to pile on.

    Fortunately, our child's endocrinologist stood firm in his diagnosis, and his explanation of the disabilities that followed from it. Unfortunately, the interviewing police officer did not like the doctor's testimony, and filed a report with fabricated testimony that was damning in its claims.

    Unlike many lawyers, who look for reasons to avoid a trial, Mr. Clancy was willing to fight. One of his team interviewed the endocrinologist to document the officer's fabrication. Mr. Clancy then created a trial brief that demolished the evidence against us, and persuaded the DA to drop the charges.

    Mr. Clancy never wavered in his commitment. He fought, and he won.

    The stress from false accusations of child abuse is unbelievable. My family is grateful to Mr. Clancy for ending that stress.

  • I am a Medical Doctor. Patrick Clancy successfully defended me against an allegation of sexual battery by a patient.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    “I knew I needed an attorney that was an expert in the defense of sexual allegations. If I lost, I would lose my medical license and my career would be ruined. Mr. Clancy’s office was two and half hours away. He was not a local attorney. There were a lot of political issues with the Sheriff’s department at that time that were mixed up in my case. He handled the local political issues with finesse. His defense won not only the case but also the hearts of the jurors. After the trial the women members of the jury became my new patients. I owe him my life and my career. He is a true expert that will fight with all of his heart.”

  • Excellent and Expert Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Clancy is an excellent lawyer who saved my life. He is especially brilliant at formulating a strategy and then adjusting the strategy to the ever changing circumstances of a trial. He also deserves praise for his meticulous preparation. In addition to hiring the most thorough investigators and lining up persuasive expert witnesses, he knows exactly what paperwork, such as motions, must be filed to be of greatest benefit to the case. Of equal importance, Mr. Clancy is able instantly and successfully to adapt to changing courtroom circumstances such as unexpected hostile witness statements and newly produced "discovery." Also, it is important to add, that Mr. Clancy understands the importance of the jury selection process and spends as much time as necessary to influence this crucial process to his client's favor.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    In 2011, I was a 20 year well respected police officer in the bay area when I was falsely accused of child molestation. My case revolved around an intense custody dispute with my ex-wife, who wanted to return to live in her native Brazil with our children. The false allegations involved my own precious children. I was arrested on mere allegations and was in jail for 14 months while I awaited trial. I was blessed to have been able to discover and retain Mr. Clancy as my attorney. I had interviewed 5 other attorneys before I met Mr. Clancy. Mr. Clancy is not just a basic attorney. He is a specialist/expert in defending people accused of sex crimes, especially child sexual molestation. He has an enormous amount of trial experience and truly knows that many people are falsely accused. He has dedicated his life to help people accused of such horrific allegations. Mr. Clancy only retains the most renowned experts in child psychiatry and in the medical field to fight for your defense. Even if you truly are an innocent person, there is still a high probability you can be wrongly convicted. You will be in for the fight of your life. Mr. Clancy saved my life, and I'm forever grateful. I don't think another attorney would have been able to expose the truth like Mr. Clancy did in my case.

  • A Life Saved

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    “I am a teacher and Patrick Clancy successfully defended me against allegations by eight of my elementary school pupils.”

    “First, I hired the best local criminal law attorney in Stockton, California. For the next year, he made promises of how he was going to help me. On the day of trial, my local attorney put me under extreme pressure to take a deal to one felony count of child molestation with a maximum of one year in the county jail. I was told that I couldn’t win against eight accusers and would spend the rest of my life in prison. I took the deal even though I was innocent.
    Before I was sentenced I went to see Patrick Clancy, an expert in child molestation allegation defenses. In fifteen minutes he laid out the strategy to win the case. He called what had happened to me “group hysteria”. My case had the same issues as the famous “McMartin” case. It took 18 months to win withdrawing of the plea that I had entered and another year to win the trial. Patrick Clancy saved my life and my career. He is truly the best. I learned it was more important to have an expert lawyer in child molestation defense than the best local criminal law attorney.”

  • Not Guilty Verdict on all 16 counts of Child Molest Charges, each carries a sentence of 15 or 25 years to Life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by HL, Danville CA, a Child Abuse client, Program Manager

    In 2013, I was falsely accused of child molest and the overly zealous DA office filed 16 charges on me. Each carried a 15 or 25 years to life sentence. At first I was in denial and thought since I did not do anything wrong, these charges would just go away. Wow, was I wrong! The DA did not do any real investigation and focused their efforts in working with the accusers to convict me. Due to the social stigma regarding these allegations, the rule “Innocent until proven guilty” goes out the window. I realized I was in deep trouble and needed a real expert on this type of allegations to win back my freedom.
    Through extensive researches and books, I found Mr. Clancy whose firm is the only one that specializes in Sex Crime Allegation Defense and has been doing nothing else but that for almost 40 years. He and his team listened to me carefully to understand my case and took necessary immediate actions to avoid further damage. He then expertly developed a strategy on how to win my case and diligently carried it out with his team step by step.
    His confident demeanor and special talent in connecting and building rapport with the Judge and Jurors in the court room ultimately resulted in my Not Guilty verdict on all 16 charges. Thank you, Mr. Clancy, for fighting hard for my freedom and dignity.

  • Scaremongering and the exploiting the innocent

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I hired Patrick Clancy and his team a number of years ago now, so perhaps his practice has changed.
    I paid his firm $5,000 in return for a polygraph test (perform apparently by the most experienced polygraph tester in California, a Mr. Lister) and a letter written by Mr. Clancy to the investigating officer.
    In hindsight I realise I allowed myself to be grossly overcharged by Mr. Clancy, which was a direct result of viewing the scaremongering videos he sent me.

    Patrick Ewing Clancy’s response: “The DA and the police usually do not care if the defense has a favorable polygraph. In this case I knew the polygraph expert used by the DA. I sent the client to that same polygraph expert. I had a meeting with the DA who said they do not accept defense polygraph experts opinions and my client would have to pass their expert. I then informed them that in fact he had passed THEIR polygraph expert. This lead to no case being pursued. No one ever came to me at the time to discuss how the case was won. I am certain someone could have done it cheaper. The question is would they have known how to do it correctly and get a win.”
  • A Recent Client's Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I was recommended to Patrick Clancy by a public defender who spoke very highly of him as other attorneys here have. My review is based on my experience with his firm and his associate William (Bill) Daley who served as a representative for Mr. Clancy:
    After an initial free consultation of my case I was advised that they (The Innocence Legal Team) believed I had a good case in having felony counts reduced to misdemeanors. Although no exact time frame was given the requested retainer was $5,000.00. I was told that itemized invoices would be provided regularly and that whatever was left from the initial retainer after all legal work was completed would be returned to me. If additional funds were needed I would also be advised. Unfortunately neither of these common practices were ever followed. I called and left voice mails which were not returned and would email for status regularly but was never informed as to the current status of billing. At one point I called the 1-800 number after leaving a voice mail only to be greeted by Bill who at first didn't recall who I was. I was obviously not a priority or a memorable client despite having paid the requested retainer.
    After five months of phone calls and emails requesting status (but not receiving any accounting documentation) Mr. Daley advised me to retain the services of an Investigator who worked in Sacremento, nearly 80 mile from where the person of interest was to be interviewed. The PI failed at finding the person via basic methods like myspace or facebook where their presence is easily obtained. Per Mr. Daley the case rested upon the PI's efforts and nothing could be done until he completed his tasks. So I was patient and waited for such while his agreement with this individual ate up an additional $700.
    After waiting another fruitless two months I decided to cancel the engagement and requested an invoice. I requested this for nearly two months before being advised only $1,616 of my retainer remained and finally received an invoice. I expressed to Mr Daley how displeased I was and how difficult this money was to earn for me. Specifically I previously told him that it took me a year to save up this much money. I attempted to appeal to his conscientious as a former incarcerated person with limited employment possibility but he seemed aloof or obtuse to my circumstance as a client needing his assistance. At one point Mr. Daley even attempted to abdicate fiscal responsibility by saying that he did not have the authority to cut a check to me. But the fact is that if he would have kept me apprised of how much of my retainer had been used as well as how, then the situation wouldn't have occurred to begin with.
    After Mr. Daley sent me the remainder of my check I was still holding out for him to make it right. He seems like a very nice person, so this is purely focused on the business practice of the Innocence Legal Team of which Patrick Clancy's name is the in-court practicing attorney. Upon receiving the check and being quite disappointed I looked up William Daley on the internet and found startling past CA Bar Disciplines which closely reflected my own experience. For this I believe others should be clearly informed of and refrain from dealing with this firm. Many of us are already server eternal social sentences post-incarceration. We deserve to be represented better than this. Patrick Clancy allows this type of business practice. Perhaps if I were white and had more money things would have been different. I would have been deserving of updated invoices or status updates. Unfortunately for me that just wasn't the case. After roughly $4000 and nine months, I have nothing to show for any efforts from this firm.
    I have worked with other lawyers in the past but have never been so moved as to leave a review as I have with this experience.

    Patrick Ewing Clancy’s response: “I was not the attorney for this client and had nothing to do with his case. I do not feel that this comment should have been placed under my name. I have spoken to Mr. Daley who was the attorney to get his side of the story. Mr. Daley stated that the client was convicted of a felony that upon careful review that felony could not be reduced to misdemeanors nor was it eligible under the law for a Certificate of Rehabilitation.. The entire file was gone through extensively and the only chance of getting removed from the sex registry was an attack on the underlying case. It was felt that the best chance of prevailing was if the complaining witness would side with the defense to have the underlying case set aside. The possible mechanisms for doing that were discussed with the client. Investigators were hired and the complaining witness could not be found. The client decided after some time to stop the process. That was done and Mr. Daley refunded the unearned fees. I can understand the frustration and horrible problems of being on the sex registration. However, the client accepted a deal that required sex registration when he was represented BY A DIFFERENT ATTORNEY AND A DIFFERENT LAW OFFICE. If you wish to fight registration, the time to fight it is before you are placed on life time registration. There are very few circumstances under the law where you can get relief from registration. Innocence Legal Team are experts in this narrow area but not all clients are eligible. After it was determined that was no way off registration, the balance of the funds were returned.”
  • Mr. Clancy is the best choice for those who are falsely accused

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Abuse client

    Patrick Clancy is a great lawyer ,
    and I would highly recommend him to anybody
    falsely accused of abuse.
    I did a lot of research to find a lawyer in this particular area of law and was
    very impressed with his whole team.
    He sent out his investigator , to interview us
    (my husband & I), probably to be sure that he was not taking on a client who was an actual abuser.
    He handled the entire issue with one phone call to the DA on my husbands behalf,
    instead of my husband going in for an interview with out any representation.
    Which could have had life changing results.
    None of them good,of course.
    It was devastating enough for my spouse to deal with the emotional aspect of being falsely accused,but thanks to Mr. Clancy,at least
    my husband didn't have to do so in jail .
    I wanted to post my review of Mr. Clancy because he is a true advocate for the falsely accused and also for families that find themselves in that situation.