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Rodrigues v Best Buy

Case Conclusion Date: 08.23.2007

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Outcome: $1,850,000, private mediation

Description: This case involves a motor vehicle accident that occurred in San Ramon, California. Plaintiff Rodrigues, was working at his job delivering wheels on July 15, 2003, when a 16 foot Bobtail truck owned by Magnolia Hi-Fi, a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy, rear ended him while he was stopped at a stoplight at San Ramon Valley Blvd off of the 680 freeway north. The truck was driven by Dulay, an employee of Magnolia who was delivering a high end entertainment system for his employer. The force of the impact caused the cab of the Bobtail truck to break loose from its locking mounts and rotate forward and up; the force of the impact was so great that it caused the bolts which attach the seat belt, which Mr. Rodrigues was wearing, to rip out of the floor mounts and his seatbelt to come completely off. As a result of this accident Ralph Rodrigues suffered severe, permanent and life long injuries. His injuries to his back preclude him from returning to his formerly lucrative employment as a member of the IBEW in the electrical field of installing cell towers and cable installations. Far worse perhaps is the fact that as a direct result of the impact Mr. Rodrigues now suffers from permanent migraine headaches which will last for the rest of his life. Mr. Rodrigues was newly married just three months before the accident. He had an implant surgically installed to relieve the various pains he was having but it did not work and had to be redone two more times. Life long disability and pain follow him.

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