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Terence Shannon’s client reviews

     2.5 stars 3 total

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  • Regretful decision

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I made a huge mistake in hiring Terry Shannon to handle my divorce case. I found him on a list of available attorneys on a group legal plan in my area.

    -He was argumentative.
    -He did not take my special needs into consideration at all and made the divorce process much more complicated than it had to be.
    -He was not timely in responding to emails and when he did respond, he would not give answers to very direct questions.
    -He was misinformed about the way to fill out one of the court documents and I had to show him proof from the county website that I was correct.
    -He did not communicate with me what happened during a court appearance and I had to ask what occurred after several days passed.
    -He assumes the client knows the divorce process and does not explain options that may help the case.

    I stuck it out with Terry for 1 year and had to fire him and finish the divorce on my own. 3 months after firing him I am still waiting for the refund of my retainer. His explanation was.... people do not divorce or pay their lawyers over the holidays.

    I've never met someone as unprofessional as Terry Shannon.

  • very bad lawyer and will make mistakes in your case

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I can never recommend Terry Shannon for any legal services. He is very disorganized and made several mistakes in my divorce case that is not coming back to cause issues in my case. He almost never answers the phone and is very slow if ever in returning your phone calls or inquiry about your own case you are paying him for. He does all his own paper work and has no ablity to type (single finger typing) and can not use any modern technology to make your life and case easier. must be nice to charge people $300+ per hour and rack up their costs to pay for typing or inefficient filing of your documents

    Definately seek out a different attorney. Your life will be much easier and case will be handled much better.

  • Restraining order and divorce.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    Mr. Shannon is a experienced hard working attorney. I found him to be professional, honest, simple and straightforward. I trust Mr.Shannon!
    I recommend Mr.Shannon for any of your family law needs.