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Harry Shulman

Harry Shulman’s client reviews

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  • Great Job

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Darryl

    Hired attorney

    I'd like to give a great big "THANK YOU" to Attorney Harry Shulman for a job well done on my arbitration case alleging education fraud against one of those corporate giants.

    From day one Attorney Shulman was genuine in dealing with my initial claim and over a number of months He labored day in and day out & took flights after flights to L.A. in order to pull the facts together from each and every witness, document and expert so as to ascertain a favorable result on my behalf as well as other victims of education fraud.

    I can not express how much His involvement in my case means to me and I am for ever in debt to Him and His practice.

    Best regards,

  • Excellent Lawyer!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carolyn

    Hired attorney

    Excellent Lawyer!! As a client of Mr. Shulman I can say anyone in need of a excellent hardworking lawyer, Harry Shulman is the one you want on your side. He's outstanding and very dedicated to his clients. Thank you Harry Shulman for everything, five stars wasn't enough to give you the review you deserve.. I rate you at 10+ stars.

  • best lawyer for student loan issues, too

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda

    Harry Shulman is now doing student loan issue legal work - I was one his clients on the issue. Within a week, my problems with a new loan servicer were resolved and my too-high payments reduced. Can't thank Mr. Shulman enough for his knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness.

  • Harry Shulman provides superlative service!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bridgette

    Harry Shulman and the Mills Law Firm are "OUTSTANDING"! Their entire office works diligently to obtain the most favorable results for their clients. They kept me informed as to the status of my case and they were there to answer any questions or concerns I had.
    I would certainly recommend Harry Shulman to anyone who is need of a knowledgeable, experienced attorney who is willing to go the extra mile for his clients!

  • From a very satisfied client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    I highly recommend Harry Shulman. There are many lawyers who do a "good" job and then there are those who do exceptional work. I am in a unique position to know: In addition to being Harry's client, I've also been a lawyer myself for over 35 years; I have years of experience in the courtroom in addition to serving as chief legal officer of two companies. I've seen the worst and the best. Harry is one of the best.

    I had a case which was important to me, although it probably wouldn't have been important to many other people. I was the victim of misrepresentation as a consumer. And I was sure I wasn't alone; I was confident that there were many others who were also victimized by the same company using the same tactics. It was a case which required a very skillful "touch" because it was complicated legally. In fact, I wasn't sure I could find an attorney who would not only accept the case but one who had the expertise and would agree to put in the work required to win it. Then someone referred to me Harry.

    In a remarkably short period of time Harry had the case headed in the right direction. But more than that, because of his skillful and intelligent analysis of the law pertinent to my case, he was able to construct arguments which put the other side on the defensive. Frankly, I was surprised. Due to my own experience, I was certain that we were in for a tough fight -- and one where it wasn't entirely clear we would win.

    Harry spoke to me often and got my input on all important decisions. He made me feel as if we were "in this together," not that I was "just another client." He was always honest and direct with me. He laid out the problems with the case and explained how he planned to overcome them.

    Further, through my numerous discussions with Harry, I became convinced that here was a lawyer who really cared about those he represented. He's not in it "only for the money." He not only cares about his clients, but also about the principles for which they fight. His legal practice gives him a great amount of personal satisfaction because he believes in what he does. In my experience this attitude always provides clients with an unexpected advantage. I recommend Harry Shulman without reservation.