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David Michael Lehr

David Lehr’s client reviews

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  • Lehr Law ... Ventura Co. Professionals

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    My life for the last 30yrs was shadowed by a Felony Violation of Probation Warrant in Ventura Co. With the probation revoked many years ago I faced a certain 3yr. suspended state prison sentence. Over the years,living on the east coast, I retained two separate prominate Ventura Co. attornies. Each reviewed the cases and concluded that the only option I had was to come back and plead for mercy. Last October I hired David Lehr .Today after his lengthy negotiations with the judge, probation and D. A.s office I appeared for the the first time in thirty years on these cases......the result -------- 1 yr. probation & no jail. Thank You David, Rachel & gave me my life back. PAUL


    5.0 stars

    Posted by William

    This is a man of integrity, intelligence and honor. Always responsive and willing to help me understand things that are hard to understand. And he stepped up in a manner that protected my family and me. I do recommend him all day.

  • David Lehr Unprofessional and Poor Conduct - Mr Lehr Will Take the Money but Not Complete the Cases.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Thomas

    The Law Offices of David Lehr poorly handled our cases our Family had to hire and pay another Attorney to appear and correct David Lehrs and his Law Offices errors and mistakes for the completion of our Cases and our Family had to pay additional costs due to his partner Heather Rachel Colemans Unprofessional comments and conduct. Our Family is very disappointed and feel our Attorney Client Confidentiality was Violated by the Law Offices of David Lehr.

    David Michael Lehr’s response: “Sorry to hear that you were disappointed Thomas. While I cannot and will not comment on the facts of the case (I cannot say "your case" because you were never my client), I will leave you this note. 1) Neither Miss Coleman or I broke confidentiality by speaking to anyone. My client, who was not you, asked me to speak to another attorney and I did in order to assist my client. 2) You had to hire another attorney because you two caused a conflict of interest between me and my client. When an attorney declares a conflict, he does so to protect the client's interests above his own. 3) When we finished the trial, you two said that "I had done the best legal work that you had ever seen." Remember also that the judge said that you (Thomas) were very believable, as was your mother and both witnesses on the other side. The only one that the judge had a hard time believing was my client, the one who is now complaining through you. Oh well, I guess you cannot please everyone, all the time.”
  • Case Dismissed!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nichole

    David let us know exactly what to expect with our case. He knew what we wanted and what we were willing to accept. We got the best outcome and I owe it all to him. I would recommend him to anybody that needed a criminal lawyer.

  • Great Hands

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rick

    David was very responsive, professional and didn't blow smoke ... ... ... to get more fees, he managed to get my DUI case dismissed, for 5K, that is priceless in this county. Having spent 500K on lawyers formy defense against the SEC, Feds and the US Justice Department, David's help was a breath of fresh air..

    You will be happy you retained him.

    Rick R 805-705-7055

  • When experience and compassion count!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Randy

    My family contacted Mr. Lehr from out of state and asked if he would look at my case.
    From that first consultation in the interview room at the county jail David's jovial personality and professional manner set me at ease. But the most important aspect of who David really is as a person is his compassion for others.
    Do to my circumstances and not being a resident of Ventura when I was released from the county facility at 11:30 p.m. David arrived shortly after and drove me to a near by hotel so I didn't have to walk the streets that night.
    I can't say enough about the staff at David's office from the moment I walked thru the front door and with each phone call I make I truly feel respected.

    Throughout the court proceedings David has always updated and would let me know precisely what was going on. His mannerism in the courtroom is remarkable. I do highly recommend David Lehr and his staff I am very thankful for the services.

  • Don't look any further. I can't imagine a better lawer.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Travis

    David Lehr represented me in a horrific case of false accusations. After reviewing few different lawyers I decided to go with him for several reasons. Other lawyers to me sounded like a used car salesman during the consultation yet David was very professional, direct, informative and no BS. He has a great reputation. I spoke with a LOT of other individuals who have had legal troubles, David Lehr was the most often recommended Lawyer and he has an excelent track record.

    During the entire ordeal David always kept me updated and let me know exactly what was going on. I never felt like I was being told what I wanted to hear. His performance in the courtroom is very impressive. I highly recommend David Lehr and am very thankful for the services.

  • David Lehr rated 5 stars

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amy

    David Lehr not only represented me thoroughly, effectively and honestly but he also gave great thought, concern and insight to my needs. He handled my affairs promptly and I found success in all areas of his dealings. I could not have had a better lawyer. I am forever greatful.