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Jennifer Diem-Trang Le

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  • 243(e)(1) and 136.1 (b)(1) but wrongfully charged with both what should i do?

    I was in an argument with my girlfriend and her friend who was not even at the scene called the police. I was arrested for domestic abuse and my girlfriend bailed me out of jail that night (bail was set at $10,000). I just received a letter saying...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    Domestic violence cases are complicated, but many may be negotiated down with favorable terms. Speaking to an attorney who handles these cases is wise so that you can provide specific facts about the case and have a meaningful conversation.

    An experienced attorney may be able to examine your case and find there is insufficient evidence to prove you committed any crime, or be able to negotiate a deal that could preserve your future.

    It is always best to consult prior to your first court appearance. Proactive measures may be taken before court that could drastically change the outcome of your case.

    Best of luck to you.

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  • How do i get a restraining order?

    This guy wont stop contacting me being rude an harrassing me

    Jennifer’s Answer

    You must file a petition for a restraining order hearing. The petition must be served on the person whom you want to stop harassing you. You may handle this on your own or with an attorney. It would be beneficial to have a confidential consultation with an attorney who handles these types of cases, so that you would be able to discuss the facts clearly and specifically.

    The attorney would be able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and discuss what would be the likely outcome of your case.

    Best of luck.

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  • Can I travel to Canada and Japan after being raided?

    Most attorney I have consulted told me that this is a civil case and I will not go to jail or anything of that nature. However, this process is taking too long they have not arrest me or have any kind of judgement against me. Am I allow to travel ...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    It sounds like the police came to your home and executed some type of search. Not sure if you were arrested, but it sounds like it. Did you post a bond? Don't answer your questions online, save them for a criminal defense attorney.

    Unless there is a warrant for your arrest, or you have restrictions on travel per the bond, you should not have any travel restrictions. You state you have spoken to some attorneys already, so not sure why you're still not sure.

    One thing is for sure: nobody here can answer your questions thoroughly without more information. The best course of action is to provide all of your facts to an attorney before taking any action, for accuracy and for your peace of mind.

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  • Does a shoplifting incident as a minor show up on any kind of criminal record?

    I was caught stealing from a store and they did not call the police but they had my parents pick me up. I was deeply guilty for what I had done and the staff said it was merely a mistake and not a huge deal. They gave my parents a civil demand not...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    If you were not arrested/booked, there will be no record of this incident on your record. As the others stated, you are entitled to a copy of your record by submitting to a livescan report. You do not have to pay the civil demand fine--it has nothing to do with your record either.

    If you think you want complete peace of mind by way of an attorney's assistance, then by all means consult with a criminal defense attorney to help you with these issues.

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  • How to remove a warrant out on my license plate that isn't my warrant?

    I live in southern California. I was driving and a police officer pulled me over. The officer came to my car and without informing me of any traffic violation asked for my driver's licenses. I gave him the license and the officer went to the po...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    The only thing I can think of is to request another license plate from the DMV, but I'm not sure if that's possible unless the plates were stolen. Also, you would have to voluntarily incur all associated fees involved in new plates, if that's allowable as an option. As the other attorney stated, the best course of action is to always carry your current registration to show you're not the person associated with the warrant.

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  • Can I reapply for guard card if I have a misdemeanor code 422 on my record from 2008

    Completed everything that was order from the judge.. Have not had problems with the law since that incident. Wanted to try to get my guard card and open my own security business .

    Jennifer’s Answer

    If you would like to maximize your chances of obtaining your guard card, seriously consider petitioning for dismissal of the conviction. Assuming that is granted (certain conditions apply for dismissal), that will no longer be considered a conviction. Consider consulting with a criminal defense attorney for assistance, because there may be questions regarding other matters regarding arrests, etc. that you may not know how to answer properly. The last thing you want to do is answer something unwittingly inaccurate, risking denial of the card.

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  • Am I allowed to drink while on probation?

    I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. I test randomly almost every two months. I read my minute order and it doesn't say anything about alcohol at all. It only says to stay away from drug users and sellers etc etc. I tried to as...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    The minute order should tell you all your terms and conditions of probations. Additionally, it will state to obey all orders of the court, probation, etc., so if your probation officer directs you to not drink alcohol, it would be wise to heed his advice.

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    Jennifer’s Answer

    Did the police contact you to question you? Did your ex file a petition for a restraining order?

    Don't post any answers here-save your discussion with an attorney. I need to know all the details of this situation before determining what can be done in your case. It sounds like your ex is trying to play both sides of the game, and that may work in your favor.

    Either way, the best thing you can do is consult with a lawyer, figure out if you're facing criminal charges and a restraining order hearing, and proceed from there.

    Good luck.

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  • I have a felony probation FTA, which then meant I didn't show up for my court date for my progress report....

    I have possession for distribution case first felony case ever....and I have a previous possession case what should I do

    Jennifer’s Answer

    If you failed to appear, then a warrant was most likely issued for your arrest. Getting that warrant recalled with the assistance of a lawyer is paramount.

    The second issue potentially relates to what the progress report date was for--did you have to provide proof of something on that date?

    This may also trigger a probation violation for failing to appear in court and failing to comply with general probation terms.

    The bottom line is you don't want to let this be delayed any further. Judges are more sympathetic the sooner you take care of a matter, and whether you appear in court voluntarily or in handcuffs.

    The best course of action would be to consult with a criminal defense attorney asap to address the above issues.

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  • I am a US Citizen living abroad with a warrant for my arrest in California. Will I be arrested if I fly to Florida?

    I was convicted of 594(A) CA Penal Code. I didn't appear in court because I was living abroad. I need to fly into Florida for a week. Can I be arrested or detained at the airport? Or will a CA warrant not come up?

    Jennifer’s Answer

    What was the reason that you had to appear in court for? Either way, if there was a mandatory appearance, and you didn't show up, chances are good that there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. If you fly into Florida, most likely you will be arrested for the warrant.

    The best course of action would be to retain an attorney to appear on your behalf and take care of any outstanding warrants/probation violations or other issues prior to you flying back to the states.

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