You don’t want to get a divorce, particularly when children are involved. If you have to get a divorce, you want it to be amicable. If you have to get an attorney, you hope you’ll be able to settle and never have to set foot in a courtroom. If you have to go to court, you hope that your legal representation is smart, honest and ethical, and that the process is over quickly and fairly. If you have to go to trial, you want your attorneys to be the most capable in their field and to reflect your values as well as your financial interests. If you don’t identify with the above sentences, stop reading this now. What I have to say doesn’t apply to you.

Two and half years ago, I separated from my now ex-husband and was hopeful that the divorce process would be straightforward. When it wasn’t, I was incredibly fortunate to have Kerri Strunk and Eileen Landau as my attorneys. Throughout a process that ended up taking two and half years, more than 15 appearances in front of the judge, and a three-day trial, I can say that Kerri Strunk and Eileen Landau provided me with the best possible legal representation.

Kerri and Eileen worked as team on my case, with Kerri as the lead attorney and Eileen primarily responsible for research and writing. Month after month, they were always well-spoken, well-organized, and well-prepared, commanding the respect of both the judge in my case and various opposing counsels. More than that, they represented me according to my values, so that although I had to go through the painful experience of litigation during the already painful experience of a divorce, the process didn’t break me. Not only did I emerge with the financial settlement to which my children and I were entitled, I also emerged with a public acknowledgement of the truth in my case, and the confidence that I acted with integrity throughout a process which compromises so many.

Six months after the end of my litigation, I am debt- free and have savings in the bank. My ex is seeing his children on a regular basis and paying regular child support as well as the equalization payments to which I am entitled according to the terms of our settlement. My children and I are safe and happy in our home and in our lives. I could not have imagined this was possible 2 years ago. Kerri Strunk and Eileen Landau created this positive outcome through their expert handling of my difficult legal situation, through their incredible work ethic, and through their uncompromising professionalism both in and out of the courtroom. I am a courageous and well-educated person, but I don’t think I would have had the strength to endure this process and achieve what I needed to for myself and my children had it not been for their outstanding legal counsel. It is an honor to endorse Kerri and Eileen and their work. I have the utmost respect for them and for what they do.