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Tashfeen Ul Haq

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  • BE WARE do not hire him

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    .I hired HAQ for CS/ and ALIMONY on my initial divorce and Mr. HAQ and his office were not very helpful and his services were not rendered as the contract stated. When I hired this Atty at the initial consultation he told me it was fine he would take my case I didn't have to pay him anything at the end of the divorce he would request the Judge to have my EX pay for his fees. The first time we went in front of the Judge, Mr. HAQ was to request Child Support and Alimony and instead he requested CS and HIS attorney fees!! He wasted NO time to get his fees back. I asked him after court why he didn't request my ALIMONY and he replied, we will do that later. I believed him, I didn't know how this Divorces were handled in a court of Law. Mr. HAQ was awarded for my Ex to pay his Atty fees and I did NOT receive any Alimony for 1 year, I told Mr. HAQ that that was not what we had agreed on the contract and it is not right for him to not abide by the contract, he basically told me there is nothing I can do about it. He sent me via email a form for me to sign removing himself as my atty after he received his payment. Whatyou are going through at the time of your divorce you want to trust, you can not function you are depress and that is why you hire an ATTY to represent you and help you and your kids NOT hurt you and leave you on your own. I requested all of my documents to be released and sent back to me, and i never received anything, on top of it all he kept all of my legal documents. Please beware. Even without me knowing anything about Law I decided to represent myself all though my divorce and now I can not trust ANY other lawyers, no thanks to Mr. HAQ!

  • Saved the security of my family!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Breanna

    My experience in working with Tash has been excellent and extremely enlightening. I contacted him based upon his great reviews initially.When he answered the phone himself and thoroughly listened to all the details of my situation I knew he was right for me. When I had my consultation he was very forth coming with all of my options regarding my case and where we needed to head next. He was able to give me the knowledge, steps and confidence to absolutely diffuse the situation and save me from a very long custody battle that would have most likely ended in the other parties favor. Him and his team were there for me through the entire process and very quick to answer the phone and get back to me with valuable information promptly. My day in court that I had been dreading, of having a hearing in front of the judge, ended with a signed agreement that I was extremely happy with and my child remaining safe in my care. I cannot express the need to have an attorney like Tash Haq representing you. Before I hired him I had been maneuvering through the legal system using facilitators and clerks for legal advise. This is what got me into the situation I was in. If I had hired Tash and his team at the beginning, I would have saved my family a ton of worry, time and money. The cost of your family being safe and together is entirely worth what you will spend with Tash, it's all about the kids and him and his team worked very successfully for the welfare of my child. Thank you Tash and Team!

  • Child Custody

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephanie

    I am so glad that I found Tash Haq to assist me in my child custody case. It's because of Tash that I will be enjoying the Holidays with my children and not having to endure the heartache of being separated from them. Tash was quick to respond and he made himself available to me for my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Tash for child custody representation.
    Stephanie Brady

  • Tash is an excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Emily

    My only regret in hiring Tash Haq was that I waited too long. Not only was my spouse fighting for full custody of our children, but I was involved in a high conflict move away and restraining order case. For these reasons I needed an aggressive divorce and child custody attorney in the Riverside area. As soon as I hired Tash Haq my case turned around very quickly in my favor. Mr. Haq or Sandra was always available to me to answer questions or just to assure me that we are on the right track. Mr. Haq went out of his way for me; he even rearranged his day to attend an emergency hearing. He is knowledgeable, understanding, and a very persuasive attorney. I recommend Tash Haq very highly; I promise you will be satisfied with his performance.

  • High conflict divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Raul

    When I hired Tash I had been dealing with my divorce for several months and was having lots of issues with my ex and my lawyer. To say that I was in a high conflict divorce would be an understatement. My ex refused to follow the court order, was not allowing me to exercise my parenting time with our son, and was dragging out every aspect of the divorce all long as she could. I looked to my lawyer for help but on top of being extremely difficult to get a hold of, was directing all communication to his paralegal (who was just as difficult to reach as he was). I was stuck in the middle of a chaotic situation and could not get sound legal advice from my well paid attorney. After doing a lot of research and getting several consultations (some of which I had to pay for) I found Tash's practice and went in for a consultation (a free one). I found Tash to be very down to earth, yet tactful and professional. Our 30 minute consultation turned into an hour but I was never rushed. We discussed the issues I was having, the resolution that I wanted, and he gave me a straight forward explanation as to what he could deliver. He even worked with me on the retainer fee.
    Since I have retained Tash' services I have seen a 180 degree change in my situation. We have a plan and strategy in place, he's very easy to get a hold of (he has even taken my calls on weekends), and all of his staff respond to phones and emails promptly. Tash has been able to get my ex under control and get this divorce on track to getting resolved. I am very satisfied with his performance this far.

  • Tash Haq

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gabriel

    Before Tash I represented myself for two years. In the end my losses outweighed my wins as a result of the opposing counsel’s unethical tactics. I pleaded to the court pointing out these discrepancies only to be ignored.
    The judge bought their story hook line and sinker. Without proof I was the bad guy… the judge offered my ex more of my pay and awarded me with paying 100% of her attorney’s fees. He stated that I either agree to these orders now or come back for trial the following February, but not before informing me that because my ex’s attorney requested an additional $10k to go to trial, I should prepare to pay for that as well.
    I opted to go to trial and found Tash on the web. After meeting with him and discussing my case I decided he was the right choice. He informed me that it would not be easy but he was confident that we had a shot. His team got to work immediately. Drawing up subpoenas, gathering information from all aspects of my ex’s life. I won’t disclose their secrets but the result was us receiving valuable information that was previously unavailable to me.
    Communication between his office and I was on point. Sandra (his paralegal) always got me the answers I needed when I needed them and her work was done with absolute professionalism. When the time came for face to face meetings the office did not waste my time or money. Taking an appropriate amount of time to understand my case while staying sensitive to the fact that I was not well funded. Thank you Sandra, you really pulled through for me.
    Then the curve-ball. The day before our court date we found out my ex became unemployed the week prior. I pretty much gave up hope. No job! We all know when a spouse is unemployed the other usually pays more. After finding this out I thought to myself there is no way I’m getting out of court without being taken to the cleaners. The next day I walked into court with my head down, hands in my pockets, swore in, and sat quietly.
    With 36 exhibits and each one pointing out the inconsistencies in my ex’s testimony. Tash uncovered lie after lie and backing it up with well documented and relevant proof. As Tash spoke calmly and confidently I kept my head down. Slowly dialog between Tash and the judge increased. Exhibit after exhibit the judge’s interest in these inconsistencies grew. My head began to rise as I recognized that Tash was taking control of the courtroom. I remember with absolute clarity thinking to myself. “Oh sh_ _! This is going to work!” And it did! After all was said and done my ex’s personal testimony only further discredited her. The judge did not order in favor of my paying her attorney’s fee’s after all. Saving me $17,000! Tash even requested that my child support be reduced due to the fact that because she is unemployed she no longer is paying for medical insurance saving me another $200 a month. Overall I am quite happy with the HAQ Law Firm. If you need someone who can present and defend your case both constructively and persuasively. I highly recommend Tash and Sandra.
    I can’t say this about the many people I do business with. But my life is better off for having knowing them. On behalf of my family and myself. Thank you both.

  • Reunification!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mariela Gutierrez

    I am a mother of a 3yr old daughter. For the past 10 months My ex and his family wouldn't allow me to see my daughter even though I had my supervised visits as ordered by the past court orders . So I got Tash to represent me in my present case that I opened back in April in the family law court. Since the beginning Tash has shown me his confidence in his profession. He has helped me in every way possible, even serving my ex with court hearing papers and counseling me so that I could prepare for our case. Since my ex did not show up for our mediation appointment, and because neither I or Tash have been able to make contact with my ex. Tash requested for the child recovery unit to search for my ex and daughter. The judge denied it the first court hearing, but on our second court hearing neither I or Tash have yet to have made contact with my ex so the judge granted Tash's request. This action helped our case so much that now the judge knows more facts about my ex than I knew, because of the investigator that was put on my case. Since the investigator was also not able to make contact with my ex, the judge has gotten fed up and has seen how Tash has professionally presented us in our case. Now since my recent court hearing the judge granted me temporary soul and physical custody of my daughter. I am now able to do so many things with my daughter that before I was only able to imagine and dream of. We still have one more court hearing, but it will surely be the last. My ex has a deportation court date in October, and Tash requested to have a fallow up court hearing after to review the case and help us prepare for our case. I am so happy that I asked Tash to represent me in my case. I highly recommend Tash to anyone who is wanting any reunification with their child.

  • Great divorce and custody lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by R

    First I want to say thank you to Tash, Melissa and the entire staff who helped me through this rough point in my life. When I met Tash a little less than 1.5 years ago to discuss filing for my divorce, he was friendly, honest, knowledgeable about my situation and above all real about likely scenarios. He reassured me that he had dealt with move away cases before and understood the nuances regarding such cases. My wife (at the time) was trying to move out of state and was threatening to take the kids with her to live in Michigan with her boyfriend she met online. In order to stop the move away, Tash and I quickly filed for divorce assuring that the kids would remain in the state until the divorce was settled! In the beginning, the situation looked bad since I was a single father who was working, while my ex was always home, which gave her leverage to move out since she was the primary parent. But that changed later and now I am the sole legal and physical custodial parent. Throughout the process, Tash was always in contact with me via phone. Either Melissa or Tash would call me at least once per week with updates to the case and present ideas to help my case to keep the boys in the state full-time. They were fair on pricing and I never felt they ran the bill up or tried to bill me for erroneous things. Tash developed a roadmap for what winning looked like for my case and coached me on how to handle myself through the process. Tash was a bulldog in getting a restraining order approved the day after it was filed due to documented domestic violence and threats protecting me from my ex-wife. Bottom line, I was granted full legal and physical custody of my kids (as a single-father) and did not have to pay any child support. Most important, my kids stayed in California and were not subjected to having to go state to state in a shared custody arrangement.

    If you are looking for a responsive and aggressive attorney who is extremely knowledgeable about family law and the different tactics one could use I whole heartedly recommend the Haq Law Firm.

    Tashfeen Ul Haq’s response: “Thank you Ryan for your thoughtful comments and consideration in taking the time to write something positive about this not-so-nice experience you have undergone. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope you never have to go through this kind of experience again. Keep in touch.”
  • Fantastic Family Law / Child Custody Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    I was in search of an aggressive child custody lawyer, and needed someone who could act quickly.
    I called Tash on a Saturday, and just like it says in the reviews I read, he actually picked up the phone. After explaining my situation, we agreed to meet on Monday. What I needed was to file for emergency child custody orders (ex parte) that my ex not be allowed to change my daughter’s school district. My daughter had been living with me for the past year based on a verbal agreement between me and my ex, who wanted her to live with me due to poor academic performance. My daughter’s grades and attitude made a huge turnaround in the year she lived with me. Imagine my surprise when her mother told me she wanted her to come back to live with her. Tash and his team (his paralegal Melissa is ON THE BALL!) acted swiftly and was able to get me an emergency child custody hearing. Before seeing the judge, though, we had to talk to the mediator to see what his recommendation would be. The mediator actually recommended that my daughter go back to live with her mother. This was further complicated by the fact that my daughter is 14, and she stated that her preference was to return to her mother’s house. I felt deflated, knowing that the judge would take the mediator’s and my daughter’s opinions into consideration. Nevertheless, when we actually got in front of the judge things took a turn for the better. Tash deftly argued my case, which was that my daughter was better off living with me and that sending her back would be a gamble. The judge seemed to agree, and ordered that my daughter NOT change school districts and remain where she is (with me)! This was a fantastic outcome and I cannot thank Tash and his team enough. I know that one day, my daughter will thank them too. I highly recommend family law attorney Tash and his team!

    Tashfeen Ul Haq’s response: “Thank you Richard for your kind words. Alas, our work is never done in a custody case since situations will arise that may warrant you to seek the court's intervention until your child becomes an adult. Hopefully, we put this one to rest, for good.”
  • Not trustworthy

    1.0 star

    Posted by Hyok

    Tashfeen Haq handled my spousal support modification case, four years after my divorce became final. My ex and I had originally mediated our divorce, and we never went before a judge. We were having increasing conflicts over the level of spousal support.

    The first hint of problems with Mr. Haq was when our first court hearing did not happen as planned, because he failed to file paperwork to have Family Code 4320 factors evaluation done on my ex, which basically evaluates her training, education and overall earning capacity. My ex and her lawyer, Mr. Haq and I showed up at the courthouse, and we ended up scheduling the hearing for the next available court date. That new date turned out to be four months later. All the prep work that was done had to be done all over again.

    Four months later, on the day of the second hearing, Mr. Haq tells me that he just received the subpoenaed employment records for my ex, from the State of California. My ex is a state employee.

    That second hearing was total chaos. He attempted to submit exhibits without labeling them. He had long pauses in his arguments as he searched for his notes. He was taking so long to make his arguments that, at one point, the opposing attorney joked, “Hey, leave me some time.” What should have just taken that single hearing to get a decision ended up needing a second day. Fortunately, a day was available the following week.

    The third hearing was similarly disjointed and confused. Our exhibit somehow became my ex’s exhibit. He attempted to argue that my ex was hiding income by taking money out pretax via her dependent care benefit option. He also tried to argue that my ex needed less spousal support because the child custody percentage changed. The judge had to stop him and inform him that spousal support is separate from child support, and that it is independent of child custody.

    After a while, the judge had seen enough. The judge just put a stop to the hearing and met with both of them in her chambers. She allowed both attorneys to make closing arguments, then she rendered her verdict that spousal support termination and modification requests were denied, due to no substantial change in circumstances.

    After the case, I picked up my files and went over it in detail. I found out that Mr. Haq was totally off about my ex hiding her income. She was simply maximizing cash flow by taking dependent care benefits, pre-tax. Mr. Haq would have noticed that if he had simply taken a look at the exhibits from the opposing counsel or the documents I provided him on the first day I met with him. But, he was winging it on the day of the trial.

    Also, I found in my file, an envelope from the State Controller which was postmarked September 19th, 2013. Mr. Haq had received my ex’s employment record five months prior to the second hearing. He had not received it just the day prior, as he had claimed. He had simply lied to me, because he was utterly unprepared for the trial, and probably figured I wouldn’t bother to check the files in detail. He had more than five months to research dependent care benefits.

    Tashfeen Ul Haq’s response: “This former client and I have different accounting of certain events. I never told him (nor lied to him) that I received the subpoenad employment records from his ex's employer only one day before the scheduled hearing. The reason, if I were to discuss it, would violate this reviewer's attorney-client confidentiality. Needless to say, I had concerns about her income long before the trial date, and he knew that. But apparently, NOW, it seems like this client and his ex are on the same page and have found common ground, and he has chosen to make a scapegoat out of me. To explain the matter in more simplified terms, when I questioned this client's ex about this discrepancy on the witness stand, even she COULD NOT EXPLAIN discrepancies about her own income in a proper manner, which led to the court's confusion. Ultimately, neither of them understood her income, and all of a sudden, this client's position changed that his ex did everything correctly, and it was I who is to blame. Wonders will never cease! If her income was so easily determinable, then it should have been a simple matter for him to understand that whatever method his ex was using to calculate support was the correct way, instead of hiring my services. Re: my performance during the trial, this client intentionally left out from his review the part about how courts want attorneys to label each exhibit, but do not give out those exhibits anytime before trial. As such, the only time you get to label the exhibits is DURING trial, which does take up time when one is conducting a trial and at the same time has to label the exhibits. This is the instance that this client is referring to when making the argument in this review that my performance was disjointed. I do not expect a non-attorney to understand the court's procedures, just as much as, for example, an engineer would not expect an attorney to understand engineering process and procedures! My firm and I welcome reviews, both positive and negative, since no business will have clients/customers who are ALL satisfied. However, with respect to negative reviews, I encourage constructive criticism, as opposed to clients attempting to recall events that have lapsed their memory, which gives a false impression to people in general. This client's usage of big words such as "disjointed", "fumbled", or his "analysis" of my performance makes him no more of an attorney (who is qualified to review my work) than I, who is no more qualified to give other professionals reviews about their job performance. The judge dismissed this case not because of my "disjointed" performance, but because the judge found there was no "substantial change in circumstance" in his ex wife's income to warrant consideration any further testimonies or evidence. Not because I failed, but because his ex's income did not warrant a change in his support obligations.”