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Shaun Hanson

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  • Shaun Hanson and navigating your divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles Sesma

    Hello my name Charles on April 28th 2015 was my divorce trial day.
    If you have found yourself living out the final chapters of your marriage and facing the unknowns and confusion associated with divorce. Then please hear me. FEAR..False, Events, Appearing, Real, try not to let fear dominate your thoughts. Let go of your Anger. Anger clouds your judgment and increases stress. These two are very important! I am in stage 3 heart failure, as a result I am in a constant state of adrenaline, like a pot just under the boiling point at all times. Emotional basket case I admit.
    The anger of my divorce and fear in having to entrust strangers with the extremely important moments that will affect the rest of my life. Well,I failed at both of these. Which made my journey much more difficult emotionally.
    Mr. Hanson at the helm of, Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich. I honestly cannot think of any attorney’s office in the Temecula area that is more formidable in court, fair and honorable in dealings with their clients. In the midst of my case this office put up with me. The tolerance and grace shown unto me while clearly I have not been successful in controlling my emotions is way beyond the services provided by this extremely talented firm.
    I suggest spend a day go to court, watch Mr. Hanson in action, he was always considerate of my condition and made sure I did not have to stay at court one minute longer than absolutely necessary.
    My only regret in regards to Mr. Hanson is I never got to see him in action. I can tell you he has a presence that commands the room, that comes across and is undeniable.
    If you find yourself as I did in that small percentage of divorce cases that actually have to go to trial due to the non cooperation of the opposing party.
    Then, I would like to introduce you to my hero, Mr. Erik Bradford, this man again repeatedly put up with me and my emotional rants, it is extremely difficult for me to even sit down and have a normal conversation his patience saved me from myself, I lost count of how many times he had to ask “may I continue with my explanation” on account I had yet again cut him off mid sentence. In court he was totally in control to the extent I never even made it to the witness stand. Mr. Bradford’s demeanor, it was obvious the Judge likes him and for good reasons honorable people like each other.
    Judge Rushton is truly an honorable man. I found myself intrigued and fascinated as to the way he sifted through all the attempts to deceive the court, even though he did not give me the blood letting and decapitations my anger wanted. Judge Rushton and Mr. Erik Bradford did something way beyond dollar bills and my expectations. They gave me back my voice in the affairs of my life, and as a result my anger lost it’s foothold and has been released. There is no way in words to describe a value on this.
    So publicly, I humbly request that this office my forgive me and my behavior that I am sure was a challenge.
    If I had to walk this path again, I would absolutely hire Mr. Hanson and this firm.
    My hope is, I have said something that helps.

  • Excellent Attorney Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janice

    My journey down this long dark and everlasting road is still continuing. It began in March of 2013 and again another court appearance. This time a trial appearance took place yesterday, Tuesday June 17, 2014.

    At this point I can honestly state that I have dealt with a professional team of attorneys and paralegal. My many questions and emails have been quickly and thoroughly answered each time. Yesterday Mr. Bradford handled the trial end of my case and he was fantastic! Mr. Hanson has been handling the negotiations and he too is wonderful. This team understands you as a person and is willing to work with you. I know how threatening attorneys can be especially financially, but not this firm. They truly do work for you! Thank you Shaun, Erik, Daniel, Dana and Aracelli-you all get an A+ in my book (I'm a teacher) so that is an inside joke.

    We meet back again in court to hopefully complete the trial September 26, 2014 (yes the courts are that backed up) so I'll update everyone then on the final status of my divorce. This should have been a "slam dunk" no assets, he was incarcerated for 8 1/2 years and upon his release I filed for divorce. No children-they're all grown up. But he has contested the divorce and feels he is entitled to spousal support, half of my retirement and wants me to pay for his attorney's fees too!

    This team has dug in for me and gone beyond thier duties. I would recommend them to anyone who is need of a divorce attorney and then some!

  • Trustworthy, Honest, Loyal and Most Genuine Representation a Single Mother Could Ask For.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tanisha Cooper

    Dear Mr. Shaun Hanson,

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my extreme gratitude and appreciation for all your hard work and relentless effort and persistence in pursuing a positive outcome in my legal battle regarding my precious daughter Jazmyne. It was one of the hardest and most emotional situations I have ever been in, and I felt throughout the process you went over and beyond the call of duty to resolve the matter as quickly and fairly as possible. Your confidence and assurance helped me tremendously in coping with the process, yet you were always truthful and forthright. I was always kept in the loop and was educated and informed throughout the custody battle. Your patience and professionalism were impressive, but you’re sincere caring and concern was what really set you apart from most attorneys especially the ones I have hired in the past. I wish I would have known about you in 2008 because it would have been done then not years later. You couldn’t have been more thorough and accurate, especially since this was complicated and complex in that you had to deal with someone who was not mentally there which was my unhealthy ex-husband. So many times my life was at jeopardy the moment I walked out of the court room, escorted out by police however you put yourself in the same chaos to keep me safe and most important “Hopeful”. I remember your words very clearly, “You’re not alone, You will never be alone, I’m here to help and We will get through this together your daughter will be safe and the stability she needs from you very soon”. Overall, you are truly an Exceptional, Generous and Courageous and most Genuine Attorney and I will be forever grateful to you, Dana and Araceli. Though I hope no one has to go through what I went through, I will certainly highly recommend you and Hanson, Gorian & Bradford Law Firm if anyone is looking for a top family law attorney. I’m extremely blessed to have our family attorney Iver Bye refer me over to your office and almost three years later I was no longer a Victim, We became Victorious! Many Continued Blessings over your Career and continue to help others like myself which gave me Hope again.

    Best Regards,

  • Shaun Hanson is AWESOME!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Shaun Hanson represented me several years ago. i had tried several times to file my paperwork pro per. After having my paperwork rejected, i hired Shaun to file for me. My initial divorce was easy as it was amicable, however a few years later my ex took me back to court for post judgement modification of visitation. Upon arriving to court and finding my ex had brought his family with him, knowing how embarrassing i thought it was to be in court at all, Shaun asked the judge for an in chambers session so my ex's family was unable to "watch" the hearing. He was incredible sensitive to how i felt and handled my case in a respectful and professional manner.
    He is an amazing attorney! He is fair and respectful to the opposing party as well!
    f you are in doubt about hiring Shaun Hanson for your family law case, my best advise to you is to go watch him in court (he is Hemet family law court almost every day)! He is amazing and the respect he has of his peers is evident!

  • A True Blessing!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by "Blessed Mother of 3"

    Hiring Shaun Hanson & working with his paralegal Monica were a blessing to me. Shaun was always there in court, meeting me (if needed), gave me his legal opinion AND fought for me when it counted. Monica was always on top of my case with paperwork filled out properly & on time, having me do stuff for her to save me money AND always getting back to me promptly via email or phone calls. I was VERY blessed being recommended to Shaun & his firm by a friend, hiring him AND having him & his legal team fighting for me. They made my divorce & custody battle less painful then it already made us feel more safe & secure knowing we had someone fighting on our behave. I would hire AND recommend his legal services to friends & family...which I already have. Thank God for Shaun & Monica in mine AND my kids lives!!!

  • Not even close to fair representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I hired Mr. Hanson and his firm to represent me in what should've been a cut and dry custody case. I had previously had 80%+ custody of my son, when his father moved back to the area and decided he now wanted 50/50 (i'm sure to avoid paying child support). I stressed to the courts that this was a challenge for my son (who was only a toddler) to go from living primarily with me to now being shuffled house-to-house every 3 days. Mr. Hanson assured me that he agreed this situation was not suitable, and that we could contest the mediator's recommendation in court. I guess what he meant by contest was that I could roll over and submit to the judge when it actually came time to go in front of the judge -because that's exactly what Mr. Hanson did. When the judge (who was new to the family law bench) stated that he was following the mediator's recommendation (the same mediator that has several grievances and complaints filed against him), Mr. Hanson didn't make a peep. Just asked that a "90 day review" of this arrangement be made. But as anyone in law will tell you - once a court makes a ruling, they hardly ever go back on it without damaging evidence. So here were are 6 months later, $6k later, and my ex has 50/50 of our son. And my son is now regressing in his behavior and can't understand why he's split between two homes all of a sudden. Thanks, Shaun.
    Meanwhile, while the 90 day trial period was underway, my ex submitted a declaration to the court accusing me of abuse, racism, and a bunch of other unreasonable things (he was grasping at straws,) and the paralegal from this office calls me to "discuss" them - I put discuss in quotations because what I really mean is that SHE continued to accuse ME, and took my ex's words as truth rather than asking me my side of the story. I was 39 weeks pregnant and she basically told me, "well you've lost the case now just so you know. we should just call opposing counsel now and agree to 50/50" I'm sorry - but who am I paying you to represent? I was hysterical and emotional and could not believe she approached me in that way. I was so shaken up because I knew what the truth was! And here she was taking my exhusbands side. While was paying her $200+ an hour to read the court documents.
    I show up to court only to find out that Mr. Hanson had had supposedly had some kind of motorcycle accident and wouldn't be there to represent me at the hearing that day - his partner, Mr. Bradford would. Mr Bradford showed up 90 minutes late and basically took advantage of my pregnant emotional state and told me not to go in front of the judge - to agree to the 50/50 arrangement and be done with it. I told him I would keep the current arrangement (which was technically I had 57% or something random,) if the schedule of the visits could be changed - instead of 3 days on 3 days off, could the schedule be one week on one week off. Mr Bradford said sure! No problem! Come to find out, this made the custodial timeshare an even 50/50 percentage, meaning I lost primary custodianship of my child. And now to enroll him in school next year, I will have to pay the courts (and another attorney) for a 730 custodial evaluation, which is upwards of $10k. The representation of this firm is horrific - they look at you as a number, an invoice, a payment - they don't take the time to get to know your case or your end goal. Their end goal is just getting paid. Period.
    I spoke two Mr. Hanson TWICE between October and May - once at our consult in October, once at the hearing in November - and never again. All of that for over $6k in work.

  • Best representation I have ever had

    5.0 stars

    Posted by L. WILLIAMSON

    I hired Shaun Hanson for a Paternity case which had been ongoing for quite some time. After two other lawyers did not help to move my case in more than a year, Shaun accomplished more than my two previous attorneys in just a few months. I highly recommend this office. They were all very helpful and Shaun is a very Knowledgeable Attorney and definitely knows the Law. I was very impressed that every time I called the office, the phone was picked up within the first two rings. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!

  • Excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    I was referred to Shaun Hanson by a friend who had gone through a nasty divorce. I had a similar situation and he did a fantastic job for me! He is very smart and it only takes you seying him do his thing at Court to know that he is fantastic. I would highly recommend him to anyone. If you have any doubts, see for your self.

  • Lisa

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Shaun Hanson and his staff are wonderful. They treated me great and Shaun was able to get my case settled when no one else could. I would recommend him to anyone!!!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client