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People vs. Gary F. Grey Eagle

Case Conclusion Date: 04.02.2001

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: Not guilty verdict

Description: A domestic violence charge alleging that the defendant severly beat his wife, almost killing her. The defendant was found with the weapon in his hand, and his wife lying on the floor near death. He had called for emergency medical treatment, but was found to be virtually incoherent when found by law enforcement. The wife recovered, and was able to testify about what happened, but before the defendant has already been charged. nevertheless, the DA argued that there certainly was no justification for a man to beat his wife so severly, no matter what the possible provocation. They missed the point, however, because the defense presented evidence that it wasn't the defendant who had been involved in the altercation with his wife at all, it was an intruder. The husband had walked in on the beating and the intruder left suddenly, and it was only because of the circumstances that the police believed that the husband had inflicted the injuries. The jury deliberated for about 6 hours after a week long trial and found the defendant not guilty.

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