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    This is my first review on any public pages. I dedicate this to Mrs. Amanda Wald as I know how important it is to choose the right attorney and how much I personally rely on public reviews I do want to share my story.
    To sum up my situation, briefly: I am german citizen that lives in California since 09. Due to a abusive relationship I seperated from my husband. I had not signed any Tax letters, returns or any other tax documentation until I filed my first tax return in the U.S. in Year 10.Upon my arrival in the US I tried to locate my exhusband, even throw his employer I could not get a hold of him to file for Divorce. I got a call in Nov, 2011 from Mrs. Amanda Wald who introduced herself as a Mediator for uncontested divorce that my husband hired her for. I met with Amanda to sign my uncontested Divorce documents, as part of the divorce agreement she asked me to sign "some" tax documents, she emphasized the fact that she represents both of our interests and I would not face any legal or tax related harm by signing any kind of documents in her presence. As English is my third language I asked a friend to go to the meeting with me, in case I do have any difficulties to understand the case. My friend witnessed me asking all appropriate questions regards to liability. Mrs. Wald answered all of my questions and even gave me explanations with each answer she ensured me taht there is no risk iam taking by signing and that based on my written agreement with my husband that I will be excluded if there should be any tax debt.Per Mrs. Wald all divorce documents that were signed on this given meeting along with a signed tax return had to be submitted to court no later than 5 days after signing. (Dec, 2011). April 2012: After my meeting with Amanda in Dec. I tried to reach her via phone and email for a period of 4 month.I had not received any notification from court and found out throw an online court research that family court had not received Divorce Documents. She did not submit them but furthermore did not inform me about it. Completed and signed summary dissolution Documents were not filed until April 20, 2012. At this point I was still unable to get in touch with Mrs. Wald - even with endless attempts and many voicemails she did not return my calls, I then decided to call her with an anonymys number. She picked up! After I said my name there was a few seconds of silence, before she started explaining that she was suffering back pain and she was involved in an car accident. I was shocked! I am still wondering how proffesional this sounds, but furthermore how important is your client obligation? She could not email or answer phone calls because her back was aching? I wished my story would end with this dissapointment.I am currently facing tax debt to the IRS as I am held liable for debt that my abusive ex husband is responsile for, I signed a tax return with Mrs Amanda Wald that made me joint liable. I basically volunteeered to pay my ex husbands tax debt while I was not even living with him! It felt unreal when I talked to Mrs. Wald on June, 6, 2012 and eplained to her that she misguided me, she said cold that she never ensured me that I will NOT be liable for any tax debt; however she said she "remembers" my concerns about tax liability.When I asked her for a statement to underline the fact that I had only signed tax return based on a agreement with her and my exhusband, she told due to her profession she wont be able to help me with that. She stated that my attempt of filing for Innocent Spouse Relief with the IRS will not be easy, she said " between you and me: the IRS does not care about any agreements"! I wonder Mrs. Wald If the IRS does not care about any agreements and you as an attorney representing the law not only whitnessed me signing a joint tax return, but also aware of my tax liability concerns - should or should you not have informed me about this fact before asking me for a signature on a joint tax return????