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Vincent Casiano’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Woody

    Out of State Probate Assistance

    Mr. Casiano was very helpful and professional especially as I was dealing with the matter he assisted with from afar. I would definitely recommend his services and would not hesitate to use him again should the need arise.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Emory

    An attorney who really cares!

    I first met Vinny when I was assisting my mom as trustee for her friend's estate. I was initially impressed by his attitude of caring. He is extremely conscientious and seems to be driven by the need to be fair to his clients and carry out the wishes of the trust owners. His knowledge of the law is astoundingly thorough, yet he's never afraid to admit when he's not sure of a particular point, and he consistently digs in until he gets the answer. He always takes the necessary time to think and re-think all the angles of every issue, never giving answers off-the-cuff. This is not to say that he is padding his time for billing, in fact just the opposite is true, his billing is always comprehensive and very fair. Since we were so impressed we have had Vinny draw up trusts for both my mom and myself. No boiler-plates here! Vinny digs in and finds out every fact that could have any bearing on the trust, and draws up bullet-proof documents based on the individual needs and circumstances of each client. Watching him draft a letter or other document is a lesson in patience and thinking everything through to the nth degree. Anyone trying to scam Vinny for free legal advice, or who may be trying to get something out of a trust that they don't deserve might not be happy with him, but I can assure you that if I'm in court, I want Vinny on my side of the aisle!

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Vincent Casiano Has Been a Big Help

    Mr. Casiano has been a huge help to my aging father and mother! Formerly, they both were truly at the mercy of the "system". Vinny understands their issues and has successfully navigated them to the extra health care they need while at the same time protecting their pensions. Without a doubt, they and their estate are better off today because of Mr. Casiano's work on their behalf.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Adolpho

    Vincent Casiano Esq. is the Greatest !!

    My wife Paula and I want to state how impressed and pleased we are at the work that Vincent Casiano, Esq. at the Casiano Law Firm did for us regarding my mother’s Sanchez Family Trust. This trust was a revocable trust that in included a Special Needs Trust in which my Mother sought to insure that the care and comfort needs of her full schizophrenic son and brain damaged daughter would be met. Upon my mother’s passing, I was presented with a bill by the State of California Medi-Cal Department in excess of $150,000. My problem with the Department centered on the wording of the Sanchez Family Trust. Another legal firm that prepared the Trust was not fully versed in issues of Elder Law and Medi-Cal requirements. I approached Vincent Casiano, Esq. for his assistance. The Sanchez Family Trust was an incredibly complicated case dealing with issues that earlier had not been planned for.
    We want to state that we were amazed when Vincent Casiano, was able to plead the merits of the trust as to my Mother’s intent and wishes and the State came back and granted, in our favor every pleading Mr. Casiano had argued. We were left owing the State nothing!!
    Mr. Casiano assisted us in administering and closing out the trust which included the preparation of an account for my siblings in a smooth very understandable process allowed me to insure that my responsibilities as trustee were protected and completed to the satisfaction of the court. My wife Paula and I were very impressed with Mr. Casiano’s professionalism, knowledge of Elder Law and Trust Administration, his ability to plead our case successfully, his clear explanation to us as to issues of Elder Law and his assisting me with setting up the follow-up trust for my sister.
    My wife and I fully recommend Mr. Vincent Casiano, Esq. of the Casiano Law Firm.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Elder Law client


    Failed to communicate with me. Had unprofessional emotional outbursts. Missed deadlines.