I very rarely am moved to write a review,but felt compelled to do so at this time. I was in a desperate situation,the IRS was breathing down my neck. I faced losing my home,and garnishment of my salary . I can't even explain the depth of stress I was going through. I was refereed to Richard Sallese by a friend who assured me this guy knew his stuff,he had saved my friend from a similar peril . My fears were soothed by Rich,almost immediately,he took the powers that be on toe,to toe. He got the garnishment stop within the first few days,and worked out a deal that was fair,and equitable to both parties. I didn't lose my home,or my savings,and gained peace of mind,for my family,and I. Don't fight the IRS alone! Send in the "BIG BOYS" ! You won't find any BIGGER BOY,than Richard Sallese. Two thumbs up! Thanks Rich!