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Patrick Martin Buchanan

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    "I used Patrick Buchanan to represent me in a domestic violence restraining order approximately 3 years ago. At the time, I had an attorney and Mr. Buchanan was doing a last-minute "stand in."

    I was most impressed by the fact that Mr. Buchanan, unlike my previous attorney and previous other attorneys I have used, was extremely prepared for this hearing with a series of cross-examination questions that went right to the heart of the matter and PROVED how the claims that my opponent was making were either false, unfounded, or lacking in sufficient evidence to sustain what the Petitioner was asking for-a five-year restraining order that not only would have ruined my personal reputation but would have had a major negative impact on my professional life, making it all but impossible for me to get work from new clients or, if I ever choose to work for anyone else again, would limit me in my ability to work for any decent company. He'd also prepared a very precise set of direct examination questions for me that was narrow and to the point, leaving the opposing lawyer frustrated after the judge sustained one after another of Mr. Buchanan's objections that the question posed "Exceeds the scope of direct." He clearly knows what he is doing

    I was equally impressed with Mr. Buchanan's confidence and skill in maneuvering himself in the courtroom. It is obvious when you hire Mr. Buchanan that he is no stranger to the courtroom, that he is comfortable and confident, and that he possesses a level and type of appeal that the judges really like.

    I have recommended Mr. Buchanan to many other people, and each time I hear the same story: Thank you, he was great. And so it is with my most sincere intent that I strongly urge you to use Patrick Buchanan for your legal needs. He is adept in many areas of law and is a natural litigator. I have used him in several other issues since sand have been impressed ech time ith the degree of personal service and results that I receive.

  • Able, willing and professional.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I found Patrick Buchanan to be an excellent consul representing me in my marriage dissolution. He professional understanding of my legal rights was excellent and his handling of all court proceedings and details was to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Patrick as your legal counsel in any legal matters that require prompt and professional care,

  • Patrick Buchanan was more helpful and effective than I ever imagined an attorney could be

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ana

    My name is Ana and I have paid as much as $10,000.00 of hard-earned money for help with a critical legal issue with my son and been left feeling like I was robbed, lied to by my own attorney, and taken complete advantage of. That's not what you need when you're already dealing with the high stress of a legal problem

    A little over two years ago, I had a former lover who would not take "no" for an answer. The former lover, a pushy, argumentative, bully and I had worked together and so we had many mutual acquaintances which made it difficult to completely protect my living location from him. After enduring hoards of physical and emotional abuse, public humiliation, and night after night of lost sleep, I "snuck away" during the night, meaning I had to move away and quit my job in secrecy to get away from him. I was safe, temporarily; but things changed quickly.

    He had asked around work colleagues, old neighbors, and other people who knew me and eventually
    managed to find my new address and then starting "showing up", then next at my work where he slandered me and caused a multitude of employment issues such that I had to quit. And so I moved again, this time hoping that my former lover's stalking behaviors would finally end. Unfortunately that didn't work either. He began driving by my new house, yelling threats and profanities out the window, even going so far as to approach my new boyfriend as he was getting into his car one morning to leave for work, filling his head full of slanderous and untruthful comments about me. He almost ruined this relationship.

    After a free consult with Mr. Buchanan, we took the offensive, drafting out a set of declarations from people familiar with both parties and with the situation to accompany a domestic violence restraining order, which we served on him. My opponent was left pretty much speechless after that, and rather than place me, my son, my new lover (then my fiancé) and other innocent parties through the trial process, Mr. Buchanan got my opponent's lawyer to agree to an extrajudicial settlement which has now become an order of the court.

    My harasser/stalker has disappeared with his tail between his legs, no longer the bullying stalker that he used to be, and I no longer have to live in fear. Neither does my son or my new fiancé.

    Mr. Buchanan is strategic, quick, smart, and knows precisely how to examine a situation in its entirely, to bound the problem, and to identify the range of potential solutions then choose the most efficacious one. He is calm, cool, collective, and experienced in the courtroom and hence I strongly recommend him for any of your legal needs. He will treat you fairly and provide you with great value for your legal dollar. Unlike other lawyers who I have used in the past, Mr. Buchanan has a very personable style and genuinely cares about each and every one of his clients. He restored my faith in the justice system and in lawyers in general. Some people were meant for their chosen craft--Patrick Buchanan is one of those people, a natural whether in the quiet solitude of an office consultation, of a heated negotiation with a psycho ex-boy or girlfriend, or a rational, well-honed discussion at sidebar with judges and counsel. You can't go wrong by choosing him.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by KELLEY

    My name is Kelley, and I was rear-ended by two vehicles in a multi-car pile-up on the 8 Freeway in San Diego back in mid-February. Because I was carrying the State-mandated, minimal liability insurance, my insurance company told me “You’re on your own.” A lawyer I consulted told me pretty much the same thing, despite that I suffered a fractured neck that was broken in three separate locations with numerous other soft tissue injuries. The insurance company representatives for the cars that hit me told me to “pack sand,” literally, meaning “get lost.” They tried to tell me it was my fault.
    Unable to work, having lost my transportation entirely, and on the verge of losing everything else, including my living space and everything I owned, I was referred to Mr. Buchanan by a friend who told me that Mr. Buchanan had helped him in a similarly helpless-looking situation.
    Mr. Buchanan took my case, despite the admonitions I had received from another lawyer and the insurance companies, and within one month had my car paid for. Within two months from that we settled for policy limits against both of the companies whose reps had told me to “pack sand”, for a grand total well over 5 digits.
    Not one to mince his words, Mr. Buchanan will tell you how it really is, what challenges your case is facing, and the probability of various outcomes. But at the same time, he put immediate time, effort, and lots of energy into my seemingly hopeless case to produce an outcome that far exceeded my expectations. He is a pleasure to work with, kind, consoling, and understanding, and yet form and resolute when dealing with the insurance pundits who are trained to tell you “no.” He skillfully packaged my claims against all culpable drivers, rattled the appropriate cages, and produced quick, outstanding results. The same insurance company reps who were calling me by last name as they told me “No—it’s your fault” were, by the end, politely referring to me by my first name.
    If you or someone who love has suffered a personal injury I strongly encourage you to at least call Mr. Buchanan for a free consultation. I’m certainly elated that I did.

  • Pat restored my Piece of Mind!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rebecca

    Pat helped me with a civil case and I cannot thank him enough for his efforts and compassion. To this day I am so glad I found him! Pat was understanding, knowledgeable, timely and thorough. He possesses extensive experience and knowledge in his profession. He knew exactly how to get the job done. I had a horrible experience in the past with a lawyer who charged me alot of money and put minimal effort in representing me. This was never the case with Pat. He went the extra mile and his fees were more than reasonable. I will always recommend Pat Buchanan every time.

  • we are so Happy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    I Presently have Three Cases going with this Lawyer. I Have Several misdemeanor affiances. that I was arrested. My vacillations are from 05 to 08 and are demanding lots of work I couldn't get any help. . Patrick Was There to Help. He has worked out payments Due to the fact that I also Have a Employment Case . Patrick took the case even though I was strapt . He is working with me and has thinks he can keep me out of jail. The third case Is a Unlawful detainer ...Because I live where I work they haven't payed me and I haven't payed them . All Three Cases have Taken Meany Meany Hours and are vary confusing. Any other Lawyer would never have taken these matters on let alone work with me on the costs. One Letter and the Employment case may Be over. Patrick is the Man you want on your side Not against you I would recommend his services to any one.

  • And in this Corner

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeremiah

    The non custodial parent of my 8-year old daughter decided she was just going to fly in from Texas and commandeer our daughter’s birthday, attributing her right to do so to a poorly-conceived order form several years ago that another attorney assisted me with( whom did not give me much guidance, then found out through research and development that I did not know my rights. So i found out about the family code to learn my rights) did not address birthdays and holidays. Despite my efforts to work out an amicable solution, she retained a high-dollar law firm to take me to Court and get a Judge’s Order against me, and also, to have me pay something called 271 sanctions, or her attorney’s fees. This kind of stuff happens more often than not.
    I retained Patrick Buchanan with just a few days notice and he took the case for a very reasonable fee, despite the last minute nature of it all and the fact I had a high-dollar firm I was competing against. This morning We walked out of the courthouse with a ruling in my favor. So much for high-dollar attorneys, just give me an attorney who can handle things, which is precisely what I got when I hired the Law Offices of Patrick M. Buchanan. I received one-on-one attention to the facts of my case, a man with superior ability to analyze and identify the best possible outcome. What a practitioner he is, ostensibly, well known by the judges and court staff in the San Diego Court system. He got me through the process almost effortlessly, taking a tremendous load off me and my wife’s back. Now we can focus on what really matters-our daughter’s birthday party.

  • pat is a great lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    Great lawyer, i was facing battery charges and pat got the charges dropped. Very respectfull and reasonable.

  • Exceptional Representation; Seasoned, Skilled, and Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rose

    I hired Mr. Buchanan to help me resolve a very heated child custody matter with my ex-husband which also involved a domestioc violence restraining order and support issues. I was impressed with the speed and skill with which Mr. Buchanan assembled my case, pulled together the necessary witnesses and declarations, then prosecuted a restraining order to protect myself and my two minor children. The case resulted in a stipulated agreement which clarified custody, support, and moreover restored peace to our home. Best of all, he got the other side to pay for my attorney's fees so that the cost of litigating was zero. Mr. Buchanan is a kind yet shrewd attorney who will definitely go to battle for you and produce great results. I strongly recommend him.

  • Intuitive and Resourceful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kenneth

    Mr. Buchanan is a very skilled attorney. He has helped me resolve things very efficiently. He is responsible and made sure I was happy with the outcome. He is also knowledgeable in his passion for helping others. He has a great sense of integrity and is a compassionate and understanding man.