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72 Named Plaintiffs v. Fairway Pines Developers

Practice Area: Real Estate

Outcome: Achieved over $4.5 million in settlement funds.

Description: Over the course of five years, Mr. Greer represented 72 investors in the Fairway Pines Development of Ridgeway Colorado. These investors had purchased 105 secured noes that were ultimately defaulted by the Developers. Most of the clients were elderly, retirees, and many had invested their entire estate in this reputed "development". Mr. Greer was able to secure a sale of the notes for a partial recovery of his clients' "investment", after years of meetings with the County of Ouray and private developers. He thereafter championed three years of civil litigation against five developer defendants and brokers. Ultimately, between the sale and the litigation, Mr. Greer was able to achieve a return of nearly all of their invested funds (note: the file continues to be litigated in pursuit of the balance of the investment monies).

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