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Jeffery Oliver LeBeau

Jeffery LeBeau’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Louise

    Longtime trustworthy attorney!

    Lebeaux gave me a price I could afford, kept me informed, gave me all contact info, and I was never in the dark about anything. He made it personally to all court hearings (and I've given him about 3 friends already)!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    We Won !

    Jeffery LeBeau has represented me in court on a criminal charge,
    his knowledge of the law and strategy won the case.
    He has also represented and advised me in several civil matters.
    On more than one occasion it has taken a bit longer to get a return phone call than i wanted, but in each case the end result workout for the positive.
    I would recommend Mr. LeBeau & his law firm to anyone needing a lawyer especially criminal defense attorney.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Hiring LeBeau was the worst mistake I've ever made.

    I hired Jeff LeBeau to defend me against felony charges. These charges were trumped up by the District Attorney because the statute of limitations had run out on the lesser charges which probably would have applied. I had never been in trouble in my life and knew nothing about the legal system. LeBeau should have known that these charges were outrageous. I did not do any of the things I was charged with and I told him I could defend against it. I wanted to build a real defense but he didn't. He said trials are so expensive and that juries always believe the witnesses against defendants. LeBeau told me I could go to prison, lose my job, and lose my professional license. But on the other hand, if I agreed to a misdemeanor everything would go away. I didn't even know what a misdemeanor was. He made it sound like it was nothing more than an innocent infraction. Wrong. It's a big criminal record. On top of that, I had to sign a waiver because the statute of limitations had run out on the misdemeanor. I'm not kidding. LeBeau actually had me plead to something that they could no longer charge me with!!! I could have had everything dismissed had I had a better attorney who actually investigated the charges, investigated the strengths and weaknesses of the State's case and realized it was all trumped up. By the way, the charges were three years old. That's another thing. Do you know how hard it is for the State to convict somebody on three year old charges? It's very hard. But I didn't know that at the time. Do you think LeBeau should have known that? So not knowing all of this, I listened to LeBeau when he said if I pleaded to a misdemeanor then I would be in the clear and that no employer would ever be able to use the misdemeanor against me, my license couldn't be sanctioned. He told me a very convincing story that sounded too good to be true. And as it turns out, it was to good to be true. Now, I've lost everything because I have a criminal conviction. Even with the expungement, no employer will hire me and my license has been permanently sanctioned. It gets better. On top of all that, Le Beau never investigated all the charges like he said he would and I ended up getting arrested 5 days after the plea agreement because he had not included all the charges in the agreement. When I told Le Beau the police came to my house and arrested me, he laughed and said, "Next time, don't open the door." Need I say more? I was stupid. Don't you be stupid, too. Be smart and hire somebody else.