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Brad Francis Weil

Brad Weil’s client reviews

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  • "top shelf" lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Mr. Brad Weil is a "top shelf" lawyer, who has routinely adhered to the highest standards of ethical representation and jurisprudence while representing me and my family. He is definitely an asset to the community he serves. I would not hesitate to consult Mr. Weil in the future, concerning any legal matter.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tania

    Mr. Weil responded to a very pertinent bankruptcy question that I had and gave very good advice. While I did not hire him mainly because he was not located in the general vicinity, I would definitely refer him to others

  • Brian D. Buckley, current Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Bankruptcy client

    Evaluation of my involvement with Mr. Brad Weil.

    Responding to a mailer I received from Mr. Weil, I need some immediate action to avoid foreclosure. Although Mr. Weil’s office was in the Carson, southern LA County area and I was in the northern part of Orange County, I was interested in considering his assistance. After my initial call, I met with Mr. Weil to further discuss working together.
    After my meeting I decided to use Mr. Weil’s services. I was impressed by his knowledge of the matter at hand and appreciated Brad’s optimism along with his realistic outlook. The differences in Ch. 13 and Ch. 7 bankruptcies were explained and provided me with the needed information to help me make that decision. Upon preceding forward, the stages of his legal assistance was as follows:
    1. Stopping foreclosure and the countless calls from creditors was handled immediately and an upcoming meeting with the bankruptcy judge and the bankruptcy trustee was schedule.
    2. After follow-up discussions and research, Mr. Weil laid a game plan for my consideration, the steps we needed to take and the preparatory work that I needed to do. Mr. Weil’s was readily available for any needed follow-up discussions and, if not available at the time of my call, always returned my call within 24 hours. His assistant was always available to handle messages in his absence.
    3. Prior to our first court meeting to start the process, Mr. Weil’s made sure I was well prepared and the things went smoothly. During that time, Mr. Weil had a very experience Real Estate appraiser meet me at my home to provide an appraisal that Mr. Weil’s then used to remove the 2nd mortgage as part of the beginning of bankruptcy.
    4. The meeting with the bankruptcy judges and trustee provided me an understanding of what separates a good bankruptcy attorney from another. Mr. Weil met with me the day of and explained his strategy when we were called in front of the judge, what his plan was and what he wanted from me while we both appeared before the judge. While waiting for our time, Mr. Weil observed the judge and her mannerisms with the other lawyers and jotting me notes of things he was picking up and his ideas on possible adjustments to our presentation we had discussed.
    5. In front of the judge and trustee, Mr. Weil projected himself clearly, showed a confidence to the judge and trustee that he knew what he was talking about and how a successful proceeding needed to go. Although, he very much was in my corner, he made sure he let the judge know that he was working toward a fair and timely resolution which seemed to go over very well with both the judge and trustee.
    6. In follow-up, we are proceeding with a different course of action, due to my current circumstances and Mr. Weil is handling those accordingly. Additionally, his office has initiated a mortgage modification with my lender and the lenders’ attorney’s.

  • Great Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pamela

    Mr. Weil was very informative. He walked us through every aspect of our Bankruptcy filing. He was very attentive. We learned a lot in this process. I was against filing a BK in the beginning because I didnt really understand what it was or how it could help our family. Mr. Weil put my fears to rest. He was always on time if not early. He took great care of us when we went to court and made sure that I had all of the paperwork I needed at all times. He and his staff went above and beyond and I am extremely grateful as a result. I would definately recommend his services to anyone I meet.

  • Excellent lawyer for your bankruptcy; knowledgeable; professional, and above all ethical and reasonable.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rick

    Very professional; straight forward, and does not sugar coat anything so you know where you stand in a legal manner. If he he does not know the answer to something on an immediate basis, he will be honest with you, and will find out in a very quick manner the answers to your questions. A very personable attorney, and very fairly priced.

  • Fantastic experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Happy Client

    I was referred to Brad by another Client. I cannot say enough nice things about Brad. He will be with you through the entire process. He does not push you off to a dozen paralegals or attorneys who show up in court but know nothing about your case (an experience I had with another attorney) . He is responsive and available to answer your questions, doesn't speak to you condescendingly and treats you with respect. The type of work Brad does, people come to him broken and sometimes embarassed or ashamed. He has compassion and sensitivity Retain Brad, you won't be sorry!