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Lawrence Irwin Wolf

Lawrence Wolf’s client reviews

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    I had made the biggest mistake of my life. What started out as just giving myself a small cash advance soon grew out of my control. At first I blamed it on my wife then her boss then my boss then the drugs. It took me to federal court with nothing but jail ahead. It took a long time and all of my family's savings but I am here in Santa Monica with my family ONLY because of Lawrene. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  • Incredible top class lawyer- saved us!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jess

    Wolf contacted me on this site after I posted a question and needed a lawyer for my fiance that had been arrested for drug possession. My fiance was in jail and I was really upset and confused as to what was going on. They wouldn't let him out on bail, because immigration was holding him since he is a green card holder, and he was on probation for a prior conviction. The car he was driving also had a bench warrant and got impounded- i couldn't get it out since it wasn't registered in my name.
    I got money from fiance's brother for Wolf's fee which wasn't cheap- but it was worth it. Wolf went to TWIN TOWERS to talk to my fiance, since i couldn't drive, which really calmed my fiance down. Wolf was able to get the charges dropped by the D.A. before it went to court by producing my fiances prescription for the controlled substance.
    Throughout the process Wolf ALWAYS called me back when I left voice messages- even as late as 11pm after he got out of an event he went to! He ALWAYS took the time to talk and calm me down. He was pro-active and really cared. He did not cast judgement. He has just the right amount of optimism but he knows the law therefor he informs instead of giving false promises for how the scenario may play out. Wolf's secretaries are also lovely and really helped when Wolf wasn't around. They deserve to be mentioned and thanked for their hard work.
    Make sure when hiring an attorney you find out all of the fees because there are fines and possible other expenses later. We are still having trouble catching up to all the fines and money we owe people from the prior conviction and this one WOLF took care of. It gets really expensive and remember if the bread winner is in jail there is no money coming in.
    The lawyer we got the first time for my fiances first conviction was named Robin Scroggie. He was a horrible lawyer and cost A LOT more. Scroggie never returned calls, canceled court dates, showed up hung over and was abusive and insulting even yelling to us outside of court because he was on a bender.
    YOU WON'T get unprofessional behavior from Wolf. He does everything he says he will do. I miss him. He was really an angel during the 10 days of hell I went through.

  • Extremely Qualified Legal Services

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christopher

    I have spoken with many attorneys over the years. Almost all of them were willing to take their fee before knowing whether I stood a chance in court with my case.

    The attorneys at Lawrence Wolf took the time to research my case and suggest a path before taking a dime from me. Mr. Wolf personally handled my case along with his highly qualified team of attorneys.

    Ultimately, they did exactly what they said they would do and won my case and had my criminal record expunged. Throughout the entire process, they were courteous and professional, and they kept in constant contact with me with progress reports and new infomation.

    I cannot imagine a more professional law firm, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs someone on their side after a brush with the law.

  • Highly Recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Beverly

    I'd be lost if it wasn't for Mr. Wolf and his wonderful staff. Mr. Wolf defended me with my Underage DUI case. I was cited for underage DUI and with Mr. Wolf's representation I was able to get the charge dismissed with NO 90 SUSPENSION OF MY LICENSE!

  • DUI

    5.0 stars

    Posted by George

    Mr. Wolf I can't thank you enough. Thanks to you my son has a future w/ an untarnished record. You did EVERYTHING you said you would do! A .10 BAC level was no challenge to you. As you can see, he’s basically a good college-bound kid, and obviously a DUI criminal conviction would have haunted him throughout his adult life. Thank you for getting him into a diversion program and ensuring that he doesn’t have a record. Our whole family is in your debt.

  • Simply the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    At age 55 and with no prior criminal record, I was charged with felony assult following an incident in Hollywood during a brief two-day visit to the Los Angeles area. Not only did Larry Wolf handle all the proceedings and fight all the charges, but he saved me the inconvenience of nany trips back to California. Since i live in Pittsburgh, the commute to California for hearings and appearances would have been a major expense and would have caused a major disruption in my work schedule and my income.

    Thanks to Larry, I still have no convictions on my record and my career is still intact. Larry Wolf is the best!

  • Lawrence Wolf works hard on your side!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by L.S.

    After my relationship with my ex ended horribly, I faced not only the difficulty of moving on with my life, but also the threat of criminal charges from my ex and her mother for alleged theft of money, identity theft, and domestic abuse. My case was a worst case scenario, since my ex had many close ties to the police department in the juristiction in which we lived. As a result of her insistence, I was arrested and prosecuted for 8 alleged felony counts- each of these carried a possibility of 2 years in prison or more. Larry was able to cast sufficient doubt on the credibility of the complaint and to negotiate with the DA for a successful outcome. Instead of facing a harsh prison sentence, I received probation, community service, and zero jail time which was a very favorable result given the severity of the charges. I was also living out of state while my case was being prosecuted, and Larry played an instrumental part in working with the DA to avoid me being in custody during the proceedings. I cannot thank Larry and his team enough for the results he achieved- hiring Larry was the best decision I made during such a difficult ordeal. If you are arrested or being accused of a crime, don't speak to the police- make a call to Larry Wolf's offices in order to protect your rights and to have Larry work hard on your side.

  • Thank You

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    Mr. Wolf:

    I would like to thank you for your support, assistance, and handling of my case. There were some very serious charges filed against me and you managed, through some very skillful lawyering and negotiation with the court, to produce an outcome that involved no jail time. Community service and some counseling I regard as a good outcome given the charges the Prosecutor filed.

    Your ability to help me keep my sanity during the process by keeping me aware of what was going on behind the scenes and explaining how the system worked was a great comfort. Negotiating the outcome you did when the jury became hung and avoiding the expense and emotional turmoil of a second trial was more than I hoped for when the first jury hung. I also greatly appreciate that you have been there with me when I've had to return to court to show progress on the community service and counseling the judge ordered.

    If you have any clients who would like to speak to someone you have represented, I will be glad to give you a glowing recommendation. Just give them my phone number and have them call me.

    Thank You Again,