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In re X

Case Conclusion Date: 12.28.2009

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: My client was granted relief from removal.

Description: A Tunisian man was placed in removal proceedings before the Las Vegas Immigration Court in 2004. He was accused of having engaged in a fraudulent marriage to obtain a Green Card and for overstaying his visitor visa since he first entered in March 2000. The man had since remarried and was in a happy relationship with his United States citizen wife, but the Government still sought his deportation because the finding that his first marriage was fraudulent barred him from obtaining a Green Card from any later marriages. He came to see me in September 2009 and became my client. My office quickly filed for Special Rule Cancellation of Removal, a form of relief from removal available in Immigration Court for certain victims of domestic violence, which my client suffered in his first marriage. Three months after filing, a hearing was held on the application for Special Rule Cancellation of Removal. Despite the Government heavily opposing the application, the Immigration Court granted the application. What my client had been seeking for almost a decade we were able to help him achieve in only about three months.

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