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Steven Weinstein’s client reviews

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  • Just wait for the one who has a busy schedule. Be patient.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Mr.Steven Weinstein is not someone I would refer to help in child custody&/or divorce.His lack of compassion &communication are two main factors he is missing as an attorney.After getting knowledgeable opinions on how my case was misrepresented, I realized I should have looked into greater detail of who would be able to present facts&proof &fight for the well being of my family. Mr. Steven Weinstein, in my opinion,did not have any control over the court room&because he didn't present vital facts, the appointed judge was not given a proper presentation. I understand the law. It may not seem fair at times. An attorney may never win every case. But at least try. A lawyer takes an oath to protect and serve their clients to the best of their abilities. Mr. Steven Weinstein was confused, lost papers@pretrial meetings&became agitated quickly if I questioned his methods. Divorce is very hard. Divorce with children is heartbreaking. The emotional damage done to my child may be irreversible and it's had a crippling affect on my family. His lack of presenting hard evidence& barely questioning the other party about very relevant issues left me in shock. I will now be representing my case because I can't afford another lawyer. The money I spent was for my child's college fund and to help us get back on our feet in case of any emergency. As a civilian, I have an oath to give my opinions&advice in unfortunate situations, that I've experienced. All in hopes that people will be patient and wait for the right attorney. If they have a busy schedule, that's a good sign. Be patient.

  • Inadequate effort on the part of this attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by william

    My wife and I hired this attorney to represent our daughter in a divorce case recently, and we were appalled by the poor effort Mr. Weinstein displayed in court and the fees he charged that we did not feel were commensurate with his services. The husband appeared with no attorney and had no documentation regarding matters of support and visitation. The wife however had overwhelming documentation supporting her claims of non support, alcoholism, violent outbursts, and the father's general disregard for their child's welfare. None of her information was presented by the attorney and hence the husband did not need to offer any rebuttal. The judge therefor made capricious decisions regarding visitation and support that in no way reflected the true dynamics of the case.

    In our opinion the attorney did not aggressively represent the client and make her case in court. And, although she personally gathered and documented all of the evidence supporting her case, the attorney failed to get any of this entered into the court record. He did however bill us for charges we felt were not in line with his inadequate services.