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Gloria Cardenas Conn

Gloria Conn’s client reviews

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  • Top Notch

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Judy

    Hired attorney

    My case was a bit different with many surprises from Home Land Security, Immigration Courts. Gloria kept me well informed through the whole process. She and her staff were always up beat in all they did. If you need an immigration lawyer, Gloria Cardenas is the only one to call. Her fee's were more than fair. She provided options on how to avoid unnecessary costs. She and her staff take great interest in you so you never feel alone with your case. I can't give her and the staff enough praise. She is truly worth 10 out of 10.

  • Gloria Cardenas is the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by jazmin

    If you want a good lawyer Gloria Cardenas is the best lawyer ever I will recommend her to any one that needs help with their immigration status she will make things much easy for you she is grate on understanding you she will answer all your questions and explain to you everything she is doing and she will keep you inform of everything I am really satisfied with her work she is the best their can be

  • Adjustment Of Status

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dennis

    I want to first of all say thanks to Gloria and her legal staff. Gloria and her staff were so professional very knowledgeable and organized !!! My wife came on a visa waiver from Australia we were stressed about filing until we talked with Gloria. Her and her staff filed our paperwork and in 3 months my wife is now getting her green card !!! I know the times vary due to The Department of Homeland Security. But that is how fast it can go having Gloria and her team work their magic. We also wouldn't have wanted to deal with the interview on our own. I highly recommend Gloria and her legal team they are the best !!!

  • Excellent Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Blanca

    I heard about the lawyer from my daughter Mayra . My family had a case with her previously and she had helped them to obtain their residency. I had decided to present my case to her.
    I thought that I would not be able to obtain my residency. I had applied previously without a lawyer and had received a notice that I could not continue my case.
    When I came to see Gloria she gave me hope that I was going to be able to get my residency and I felt very hopeful. At first I applied through my husband’s petition for me. When I came to see Gloria she advised me that my daughter could make my request .
    We started the paperwork and a year later I have my residence. During this process the attorney kept us informed and answered all my questions

    The process is very long and I suggest being patient. There are times when one is desperate and wants to see immediate results but Gloria knows her job well and get results in your favor.

  • Gloria Cardenas- I am very Appreciative of her professionalism

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Martin

    My name is Martin,
    The attorney Gloria Cardenas was working on my case since January. I had come to her in search of adjusting my status from resident to become a U.S Citizen.
    I had first heard about Gloria from her Radio show. When I came in to meet with her she was very professional and welcoming. She seemed very efficient and she knew what she was talking about to be able to help me in becoming a U.S citizen.
    There were times when I had thought that I would not be able to adjust my status here in the United States. After I had met with Gloria she gave me the assurance that I needed to hear to be able to proceed with my case.
    When I met Gloria I saw that she was a very hard working attorney and cares about the Hispanic community.
    Everything went along smoothly thanks to her help, and now 9 months later I am now a U.S Citizen thanks to the help of Gloria Cardenas and her staff.
    I recommend for you to come in and seek the help of Gloria Cardenas. She is a great attorney and I am very satisfied with her work.

  • Gloria Cardenas- A Great attorney that has provided me with hope

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Patricia

    Hi my name is Patricia,

    I was referred to Gloria by another attorney after I was seeking a way to obtain my citizenship. I had been previously married to a U.S citizen for 5 years but did not obtain my citizenship. I came in to meet with Gloria on 2011, which is when I separated from my husband. This is also when I started my process towards becoming a green card holder.

    I met with Gloria and Abby who had advised me that I could obtain my green card.At first I believed there was no possibility of my obtaining status in the U.S. I have 2 kids and I was worried about having to go back to my country and not being able to provide for them.

    After Gloria and Abby said they would be able to help me I felt very grateful. I was excited to start my process towards becoming a green card holder. They gave me confidence and hope that I would be able to obtain status in the U.S.

    I had faith in Gloria cardenas and now in 2014 I have obtained my green card I am very grateful. I will now be able to work in the U.S and help provide for my family. I will also be able to travel and go visit my country and see my family.
    I have not seen my family in 12 years and now after such a long time I will be able to see them again.
    Thanks to the help of Familia America my dreams have come true.

    I am truly appreciative of Familia America’s expertice and I recommend that you put your faith in Gloria Cardenas and her team.

  • Great Knowledgeable Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adriana

    I had met with several other attorneys regarding my case and for some reason no one seemed to give me the confidence that Gloria gave me when I presented my case to her. Something made me keep on looking until I found her announcement on El Semanal. From then me and my husband decided to come to an appointment and meet with Gloria.
    When we first arrived her staff was friendly. We had consulted with her and both my husband and I agreed that she was the attorney for us. She had made us feel welcome and we felt that we could put our trust in her experience. We had come to her regarding a U-visa case and she seemed very knowledgeable in these cases and we put our faith in her. The process was long and there were times where we felt frustrated. We suggest for you to have patience. Gloria is experienced and knows what she is doing.
    Now after one year my husband and I have our work permit and we have felt very happy to receive such great news.
    Before having a work permit getting a job was so difficult there was always a question of “what if I can’t find a job” or “how will I provide for my family”. Now things are going to be easier and we are looking forward to better days.
    I highly recommend Gloria Cardenas for your Immigration process. She is professional, highly knowledgeable and will get results in your favor.

  • Amazing Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Araceli

    Hello my name is Araceli,
    I would like to start by stating that I was detained for one week and had an immigration hold while I was in jail I had felt that all hope was lost.
    I had previously hired another attorney that promised me results and he would not attend court with me. This is when I had been looking for another attorney and I had found Gloria Cardenas.
    I heard about Gloria from my sister who had listened to Gloria on her radio show.

    Once I was released I came to speak with Gloria regarding my case.
    I came to the appointment with Gloria and her staff was friendly and treated me well I felt comfortable about coming in to meet with Gloria. Once I met with Gloria she had advised me that she would be able to take my case .I clearly remember her words stating that my case has already been won. She told me that I would be able to obtain my work permit and would be able to renew it every year. I felt very excited and knew she was the attorney for me.

    I came to speak with Gloria on September 8 2013 and I had court the following week on September 19. Gloria had attended with me and during the hearing the judge had asked for proof of me residing in the U.S and I was given another court date. I was very pleased with Gloria she had fought for my case and I was given another court date to be able to show proof of how long I have been in the United States.
    I was given 2 court dates in which both Gloria attended, I had felt very comfortable having her as my attorney she knew how to represent me very professionally and had fought diligently for my case.
    I was initially given another court date for this September and Gloria had got the judge to dismiss the court.
    I am truly grateful 6 months after I came in to meet with Gloria I am now in the process of being able to have my work permit.

    I went to my biometrics appointment in March and am now waiting for my permit to arrive.
    I suggest for anyone with an immigration process to have patience this is not an easy process.
    It is easy to think that just because the attorney can fight for your case that it’ll get done immediately.
    All immigration processes take time and patience it is also a very emotional process but I suggest for you to put your faith in Gloria Cardenas she is very professional and will obtain results in your best interest.

  • US Citizenship

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    Gloria and her team guided me successfully through the process to become a US citizen in a very professional way and took all the pressure off me.
    I moved here to the US from Switzerland a few years ago and now I can enjoy to stay here forever.

  • The Best Legal Team for Immigration Support in Utah

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    Gloria and her legal team were responsive, competent and effective in helping my wife - an evironmetnal attorney and Brazilian citizen - secure legal permanent residence status here in the United States. The time table she laid out worked exactly as planned and her support in preparing us for the various process steps was extremely helpful. I'm convinced that the level of detail that her team provided in our (2) USCIS applications coupled with us being prepared for our interviews are the main reasons for this sucess.