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Wendy Jordan Earle

Wendy Earle’s client reviews

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  • Seriously Wonderful Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rachel

    Wendy helped us clean up a "messy" adoption, and she did it with the best care and concern, always looking out for our best interest, and working hard to get the job done!!! We are very thankful for her and for the time she invested in our case.

  • wendy's review

    4.0 stars

    Posted by aaron

    I have found Wendy to be objective and fair minded as well as compassionate to one's case and personal events in one's life related to the case. Wendy is very thorough and honest with her work. Above all she will is willing to "go the extra mile" for her clients and conducts herself in a very professional and forthright manner. My particular case that I brought to Wendy proved to be more difficult to handle than initially thought, but Wendy, who truly believes in her clients and will only accept those of integrity and honesty, did not back down or give up. I have found Wendy to be tactfully tough, meaning no matter the adversity faced, she handled it with style and grace all the while achieving the desired results. She is not easily intimidated by opposition or the case.
    Wendy also handles her clients in the same manner. Sometimes she tells you things you may not want to hear, but NEED to. She tells you exactly what you may be up against, and so long as the client is willing to listen and do the necessary work, she will remain loyal to the client. The value of loyalty cannot be understated in a client-attorney relationship.
    Wendy has done so much for me than just handle the legal facts of my case. She has been fully supportive and empathetic.
    My case involved my son and his educational needs, which were clearly not being met. My son was and is still trying to cope with personal events in his life, and it has been a nightmarish struggle for this single working parent to address his needs. I found myself "at war" with a school district, a community, and the legal system. I hired Wendy because I knew this was the only way I could truly fight back and put people on notice that this parent does care about his children, and because I knew that was happening was not only unfair, but truly unethical and immoral. My son needed help, not be be "bullied" by a system that seemed to feel justified in helping in the demise of a young man's life. It is true that my son was on a path of self destruction, and those around him were more than willing to not only watch this happen, but to help him with his own demise along the way.
    My son now is on the road to recovery and is beginning to become the young man I know he is capable of. I cannot express enough how much this means to me. It was all made possible because Wendy Earle believed in me and my son, and knew that was happening was not right. It has been a long and bumpy process, but Wendy has stood by our side all the way.
    Thank you for your help Wendy. I can never thank you enough.
    I would most definatly recommend Wendy Earle to anyone who is willing to work is hard as she does for her clients. That's how I came to know Wendy Earle, through word of mouth, the best advertisement any business professional could ever have. She doesn't need to "sell her self"; her work does that for her.

  • Proficient

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rosanne

    I had a Nuisance issue with a neighbor. (chimney smoke) He was living in the garage using wood heat, while building his house. Although the house was livable, after 4 years he still lived in the garage burning. CC&R's were in place which prohibited him from living in garage. Papers were served and he moved out of the garage into house. Mediation resulted in no new wood burning allowed and smoke generated from his property and entering mine may result in a new lawsuit.

  • When in need of legal advice.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    We haven't needed much legal advice in our life time so it was a bit nerve racking to look for an attorney. I actually found Wendy in the phone book, and what a good choice. She was so easy to sit down and talk to, she didn't make me feel uncomfortable. The process was quick and she kept us informed and documented everything. My husband and I would highly recommend Wendy Earle if you are ever in need of legal help.

  • wendy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cherie

    Wendy has been helping me for the last 3 years since my life went down the tubes thanks to some disreputable people who bought my business. It has been an incredible mess and Wendy has stuck by me and is still helping me through this mess as they throw another brick at my life. She has successfully helped navigate through the road blocks thrown up by a particulary odious opposing atty.