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Andrew D Haas

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nick

    Hired Attorney

    High Conflict Divorce Case

    Andrew knows how to fight hard for his client, without escalating fees and conflict through unnecessary litigation. In my particular case, he protected my financial and parental rights in an ethical, reasonable manner. It was clear from the beginning that he commands a high level of respect from PREs, mediators, and Judges. I am pleased with the outcome Andrew helped secure, and things would have looked far different without his help. Interestingly, during the 13 months Andrew handled my case, my ex-wife went through three attorneys.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracy

    Need a great attorney? talk with Andrew Haas

    Review: I obtained Mr. Andrew Haas in July of 2012 to represent me and my son in a Parental Responsibility & Parenting time court case.

    Mr. Haas did an excellent job representing me and most importantly put the best Interest of my child ahead of everything.

    He communicated with through out the case effectively and in a timely manner. He was organized, professional and had a great sense of what needed to be done. He was very patient in listening, viewing and respecting my thoughts and concerns.

    He was even more effective in court. Mr. Haas presented himself and our case with professionalism and complete understanding of the court system and his profession.

    I was very pleased and comfortable with the outcome of the case and both Mr. Haas and the Judge put my son's best interest first.

    I would recommend Mr. Haas and his team to anyone that needs a great attorney.

    thank you Andrew

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by RollerMamma

    Best Attorney Ever ... Read this if you need help with Family Law

    My attorney is patient, understanding, and fought for my personal safety in court, upholding a protection order against a skilled, narcissistic sociopath. Mr. Haas caught him in a number of lies on the stand, and he did so with such skill that I had wished that the entire world was watching him. I was very proud.

    Keep in mind that he had to wade through an entire year of my red-lettered emails, my frustrations with the batterer and the system, my PTSD bubbling on the surface. He and his staff stayed patient and kind, never leaving me feel dumb, ignored, or like any single person in that entire office didn't care. They were each so good to me and my daughter, that I still bring them plates of brownies and cookies sometimes.

    Mostly, he is allowed me to make payments. He recognized my extreme need for his talents and experience, and promised not to cut me off mid-trial or anytime heinous like that. He kindly kept each promise he made.

    He is an upstanding, realistic, caring, wonderful human being -- who has the capacity to whip-out glimmering and mighty rows of shiny points when necessary. He is not only the perfect attorney, but he is also someone for whom I will always thank God.