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David Thedford’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    I feel I was railroaded without being heard

    I hired him to defend me from a family protective order. He did not file a written answer nor advise me to file one. I brought him certified copies of deeds to my house. He looked over them and ignored the most recent deed that conveyed title to me. If I had not brought it back to him the next day, he would have had no proof that the house was my separate property.

    He did file a motion to modify and got the “kick-out” order removed the day before I was to be forced to vacate (the Texas Family Code prohibits such orders to exclude a party from his/her separate property). That was the only good thing he did for me. Seven days later was the show-cause hearing on the protective order. He did not prepare me for the hearing. Outside the the courtroom, he told me he was not going have me testify, but wanted to see how their witnesses performed on the stand. So I assumed he would cross-examine. I told him if my wife testifies she may well say what actually happened.

    When in the courtroom, however, he abruptly changed and said he was going to agree to a finding of family violence and there would be no testimony by anyone. I insisted there was no violence, as I had explained to him in detail. He refused to present my side or to have anyone testify and do any cross-examination if necessary. He said if my wife said anything like in the affidavit, there would be such a finding, so that I had no choice in the matter. He never tried to see what she would say! He never tried to present my defense, which is what I hired him for.

    My side was never heard. I felt gut-wrenchingly violated. When the resulting order was finally signed, his office never gave or sent me a copy – I had to go to the district clerk's office myself and buy a copy. I soon fired him, losing a lot of money, as he required a large non-refundable fee upfront.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    I would use this lawyer again

    I used this Mr. Thedford about 3 years ago. He was an excellent attorney. He helped me through my case, when other lawyers wouldn't. I was very pleased with his work and the outcome of my case.