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John David Howard

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by KerryGray

    I think Dave is the Best Lawyer in Williamson County; He worked so hard for me, going way above and beyond to settle my case.

    I was very lucky when I found Dave to represent me. I am so thankful I had him. He was really an incredible lawyer for me and my case, a second DWI with other complicating factors and problems that made my case difficult.

    In the courtroom, he was distinguished and calm, with a real presence about him. He knew all the judges and prosecutors. When I was waiting in the hall for each appearance, I could see him coming down the hall toward me, and I felt so glad and relieved that he was my attorney every single time we appeared in court. I always knew I was in the best, most capable hands possible, and he never let me down.

    Dave was always there, right there for me through several months of appearances and negotiations with the prosecution. He knew all the ins and outs of working my case. He was extremely patient and kind to me, despite me getting upset on more than one occasion due to the mess I had gotten myself into. He was understanding and saw me through it. I was a difficult client but he kept working with me and working with me. He went way above and beyond what he had to do for me, and seriously, he was and is, to me, worth ten times his fee. I would recommend him for any and all cases that you might have in both Williamson and Travis County. Write his name and number down and put it away for reference because you never know when you or a loved one will need a great lawyer, and this attorney is the one you need. I'm not making this up. I am a real person and Dave settled the last of my case on March 25, 2011. Dave has my permission to give my contact information to anyone considering his services who needs a reference. I recommend him unconditionally. You will be so glad if you hire him to represent you.