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Non-Adjustment of Status

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Advised not to file

Description: I had a client come to me seeking to have her immigration status adjusted. She entered 20 yrs ago by Tourist Visa, which had expired, and her previous filing had been dismissed for lack of documentation. I took her case Pro Bono. She was the kind of person I thought I would want living next door and a positive contributor to our community. (She had been paying taxes and staying out of trouble, volunteering with her church, etc.) Unfortunately, after looking into her case more closely, she did not qualify for adjustment at the time and I made sure I did not file or jeopardize her future chances of filing. I could have charged her for the time spent on her case, prolonged the research, or gone ahead and filed and hoped for the best. I put my client and her future first. Whether she comes to me or goes to another attorney when the laws change or her situation changes, I am proud that I was able to serve the interests of my client, not only with professionalism, but with compassion and integrity. My clients are people before they are parties in a legal case and I am here to help.

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