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Thomas J. Lochry

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    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    I contacted this attorney about a relatively minor speeding ticket in Dallas, that would have cost less than $200 had I paid it up front. I am a very conscientious person, so I notified them the day after the ticket, and followed up to make sure I would not have to appear at court on the date the ticket stated. I never was in contact with Mr. Lochry, only his legal assistant Mary. That is fine and perfectly normal, but she is very short in her answers. I was told she would be in contact when a new court date was set. Years went by, and finally I was notified by Mary that the court had set a date for what I thought was my first court date. Apparently, they had set a court date earlier, but NOBODY from Mr. Lochry's office knew about it or even notified me, so a warrant was issued for me! To their credit, they did get the warrant removed due to moving office locations and never receiving the mail, but I STILL ended up having to pay an additional $150 warrant fee! I was VERY upset about having to pay almost double the original fine. When I emailed about it, Mary denied that I had to pay the warrant fee. I emailed her back a copy of the required payment document I received, and the only answer I received was several weeks later after I sent a follow up email that stated, "Sorry, no there isn’t anything we can do. "

    I am just grateful that I was not pulled over during the time the warrant was out for me! I am NOT a criminal. This speeding ticket was the worst violation I've ever done, and I wanted to take care of it in a legal, efficient matter. Based on my terrible experience, I would not recommend this attorney to anyone unless you want to pay more money and get a warrant issued for you!

    Thomas J. Lochry’s response: “I am sorry for the bad experience you had with your ticket. JP courts in Dallas have a history of losing mail, even certified mail. When the mail is eventually found, a warrant can issue without any notice to the lawyer or client. Naturally, the client ends up blaming the lawyer for the court's mistake.”