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Anthony Edward Novak

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    One bad night... finally ended. Thank you

    I'd like to thank Mr. Novak and the staff at Novak,Weaver, and Solberg for their exceptional efforts in my case. I'm a freshman at U of I and what turned out to be poor judgement one night (drinking underage) almost left me with a permanent mark on my record. That night I ended up in the hospital. A month later I had a deputy outside my dorm and was accused of felony battery. I felt as if my future was ruined. This would have ended any dreams I had of a good job after graduation. I called my parents for help in this nightmare.

    My dad researched Champaign County lawyers on the web who were rated highly qualified and then made a bunch of calls while I was getting ready for finals. He narrowed it down to three and decided on Mr Novak's office. Over Christmas break we had a consultation at their office. I felt very good after that meeting. Every question my dad and I had was answered. We found out that there is a Second Chance program that the states attorneys office had recently created. At my first court date they got me into the program. After completing community service hours and counseling, I went to court the other day with Mr Novak and had my charge reduced to a misdemeanor and probation. I am very grateful for this second chance. I hope by writing this I can help somebody else get through a terrible situation. I would highly recommend his law office to any young person or U of I student in similar legal situation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by D


    A complicated experience with the legal system recently found my family in a very difficult situation. Knowing that we needed some guidance and education, I decided to make an appointment with Anthony Novak because of his well-known and respected name within the community. It was the
    best decision we could’ve made.

    After our initial consultation, we mutually decided to work together. We were very pleased with the prompt, open communication we received from Mr. Novak and his staff from the very beginning. He constantly kept us informed and answered all of our many questions.

    We knew very little about the law in this particular area as I’m sure is the case for many clients; from day one I felt assured that if we gave Mr Novak all the facts, we could trust him to look out for our best interests in areas where we had no experience.

    We were not disappointed; Mr Novak led us through the entire process, working confidently behind the scenes, keeping us on track and informed. When the time came to make decisions, he informed us of our choices, his advice and then allowed us to make our own decisions.

    While this experience is something I do not wish to repeat, it has most definitely been an educational process for all of us. A very sincere thank you to Tony Novak for his guidance, expertise and a good outcome in an unfortunate situation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Professional, Positive, and Successful

    I needed Tony Novak for a criminal defense problem a short time ago. It was my first time in trouble and a very harrowing experience. Simply, the title of this short comment typifies Tony's mantra when it it comes to his business: Professional, Positive, and Successful.

    First, he took his time during all my meetings with him. I asked many questions, voiced all my concerns, and he answered each question thoughtfully, with care and consideration.

    He is positive. I had good and bad facts in my case, but at no time did I ever feel like a strong outcome was out of reach. Even though at times I was utterly devastated, Tony found a way to bolster my spirits. Not in a showy or insincere way, but as a caring friend would try and help you through a tough time. He is a perfect blend of empathy, sympathy, and toughness that one needs in a lawyer.

    Tony is successful. Lawyers aren't magicians, they're problem solvers. Tony took the problem I had, rationally explained to me its strengths/weaknesses, and put forth the strategies and options we could choose moving forward.

    I sincerely mean this: If you have the misfortune of needing an attorney, take a strong step in the right direction with Tony Novak.