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Possession of Child Porn on Computer

Practice Area: Criminal Defense


Description: Child Porn Found on Computer- Not Guilty Defendant took computer to Frankfort computer repair shop for repairs. Will County Sheriff notified by shop of suspect kiddie porn on hard drive. Defendant charged with felony Possession of Child Pornography in the Circuit Court of Will County. Defendant facing 2-5 years in prison and lifetime sex offender registration upon conviction. Defendant gave a video taped statement admitting to surfing the internet for child porn. Law Offices of Rayomnd G. Wigell, Ltd. retained internationally renowned forensic computer expert to examine computer hard drive and assist in defense. At trial, the Defense Team successfully argue that most images were downloaded while computer was in possession of repair shop. Additionally, through expert testimony it was established that the other images of child pornography which were on the hard drive were contained in unallocated, temporary internet, and recycle bin files, negating Defendant's intent and knowledge of possession. Defendant Not Guilty of all charges and lifetime registration as sex offender avoided

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